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The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man

1. Title. What purpose(s) does the title serve? Suggest a possible title of y...
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The Quiet Man discussion
1. Title. What purpose(s) does the title serve? Suggest a possible title of your own.

2. Point of view. What is the point of view? Does the point of view shift? If it does, why does it? If it doesn't, how does it help hold the story together?

3. Conflict. What is the basic conflict in the story? Is the conflict settled? how? what part of the story shows this?

4. Theme. Is the theme hinted at or suggested at some point in the story? where? what is the theme?

5. Plot. Is the story probable as a whole? are there any improbable incidents? what are the inciting forces? Point them out. At what point is the climax ( or turning point )? Is it a closed plot or open plot?

6. Characterization. Who is the 'hero'? What are his chief traits of character? For what may he be admired? Who is the 'villain'? What are some of his characteristics? Does he have any good points?

7. Situation. (setting of place and time). What is the location of the story? And what is the time of the story? Can we as readers identify with the place and time? How or why? point out a particularly good passage of description from the story. Show how it serves as more than simple description. (that is, show how it creates suspense or mood.). Point out examples of description as dramatic background, whethe it harmonize or contrasts with the action.

8. Style. Do the dialogue seem natural? Or are they stiff and awkward? Do the characters seem to be talking at the level we expect of them? Does the author mention some remote historical or mythological persons or events? If he does, cite some examples and tell how they add to the total effect of the story. Does the author use unfamiliar words? What they mean?

9. Do you get entertained by the story? That is, do you get emotional and intellectual pleasure out of this story? Give an elaborate answer!

10. What moral do you get out of this story?

Wish you could answer them!