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How did US involvement change the course of the war? 7 2/23/2019
How many Italian aircraft and aircrews were destroyed and lost defending France and the Low Countries in the Battle of Britain and Blitz against Allie... 0 12/29/2018
“Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be.” -from *The Present* 0 4/5/2018
Who was the presedint during world war two???? 4 4/10/2017
Black RAF Aircrew in WW2 0 3/18/2017
Hi there! I'm new in this forum and super interested in knowing more about the World War II...this has always been a topic of great interest to me and... 2 2/13/2017
Research in to Canadian Red Cross Quilts sent to the UK in thousands due WW2 0 1/20/2017
What are social,political &economic problems caused by ww2 0 10/23/2016
This war enter nigeria 2? 1 10/11/2016
World War II in China 1 9/24/2016
The invasion of Tarawa, I've read a number of books on the battle and would like to hear of first hand accounts of the fighting there. I know I will ... 0 3/28/2016
As I understand it, my paternal grandfather was a member (out of Liverpool) in the ealy part of the 20th Century. He travelled to Australia on the Suv... 1 2/24/2016
Why did the grat war ever began in the first place it lasted four years like in the presint iraq lasted at least two years so what happin thin and now... 2 2/21/2016
My father was in the 36th Combat Engineers, participated in the invasions of North Africa, Sicily, Anzio and Southern France. Is anyone outthere know... 2 1/14/2016
I have planted spring flowering bulbs do I still have to protect them from frost the buds are just showing through now and I don,t want the frost to k... 0 1/14/2016
I have an uncle and pappaw that was in world war 2 and one of them has a Batery C 68th Field Art. (Mecz) badge and i was wondering what it was for if ... 0 1/10/2016
How did realism play a role in the world war 2 0 1/5/2016
San Gabriel Arcangel 0 12/27/2015
The first bomber to complete 25 missions in the Pacific Theater of Operation in WWII 1 11/25/2015
Can a person be appointed as a captain if the person is not a full member of a church? 2 11/21/2015
I live in hazleton pa and there is a war memorial that i been trying to get info on.the miner's bank and war memorial in west haazleton pa.i found a p... 0 11/18/2015
What did henderson ky do during this war? please help. 0 11/10/2015
I am looking for any livig survivors, or survivor's families, who an tell me amything about a radio man named Joe Brandt who was assigned to the S>S> ... 0 10/29/2015
What is one thing that Henderson, KY did special during World War II 0 10/24/2015
My mother, Elizabeth Lavinia Clarke, was one of the two nurses assigned to care for Sir Winston Churchill when he was taken ill in Marrakesh in World ... 0 10/12/2015
Aftermath of the war 4 9/22/2015
Who coined wars of 1914 and 1939 as "world warI" and "world warII"? and why? 1 8/14/2015
My daddy was a member of the 504th in WW2 Col Tucker was his co.Daddy was in Head quarters an head quarters company. He had two parachute assaults an ... 0 8/4/2015
What type fire control director did the USS Wedderburn DD-685,have during WW2.She was a Fletcher class. 3 7/26/2015
Bletchley Park. BP. Enigma. Code breakers.British. Translation.. The German Enigma Code machine.A team of British mathematicians,and scientists bas... 1 7/25/2015
Accepted war criminals 1 7/21/2015
Aviation asbestos researcher 0 7/18/2015
I am looking for the name of a Liberty Ship that left Portsmouth, England on July 10, 1944 arriving at Normandy on July 11, 1944, my father is a WWII ... 1 7/9/2015
What standing in the World today would America have,had Britain agreed to give Germany (as Hitler had pleaded)a free hand in the East. Keep in mind a... 9 7/4/2015
Were there any houses in hermit park used during world war 2 0 6/25/2015
Was thailand an ally of Japan during ww2. 2 6/24/2015
War relocation authority confusion 0 6/23/2015
Sammy 0 6/20/2015
Douse any body no were i can find out about my greatgrandpa he came out of the war alive and his name is Elmer G. Raymond thanks for your help im 14 y... 1 5/25/2015
Why did World War II occur? 5 5/25/2015
Why does world warII have lot of gun 2 5/16/2015
Hey 1 5/10/2015
How many tanks destroyed in the World War II East African Campaign on both sides? 0 5/6/2015
Does anyone know what a Webley & Scott flare gun is worth? I also have a knife that matches the gun. The only history I can pull up is that they we... 0 5/4/2015
Was the 2nd U.S. Marine Division awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for the battle of Tinian Island 24 July-10 August 1944 and if so, does a membe... 0 4/29/2015
Can anyone tell me where i can get info or pics of my grandad douglas arthur foster who was in 35 squadron (pathfinders)until 1944? 3 4/25/2015
1871st and 1874th Army Aviation Engineers, Pacific Theater 27 4/17/2015
World war ll 7 4/15/2015
How many Marines had their active duty status extended involuntarily since the US invasion of Iraq? 1 3/15/2015
What is State's rights and what did it serve during, before, and after the Civil War? I would love all the help and thanks a lot. 1 3/1/2015
I have being trying to find out where the first atomic bomb was created that was dropped in hiroshima.... Was it created or developed in chicago...? 2 2/28/2015
Im am looking for information on my grandfather in-law..i just recently have been able to find one existing picture that is dated august 2/1946 follow... 2 2/25/2015
What started the war 8 2/25/2015
Does anybody know if all type 99 arisakas have the same length stock, i know the handguards can come with a short or long one but what about the botto... 1 2/6/2015
I have a sauer and son model 38h pistol with original holster and 2 clips as well as 5 original bullets. the only thing that i dont understand about t... 1 2/6/2015
World war 2 12 1/22/2015
WWII - largest bank robbery in history. Reichsbank, US450Mil. Safehaven, X-2. 1 1/15/2015
Why was World War 2 started in the first place. 2 1/14/2015
Have there ever been any rumors that Jean Claude Killy's father was an american soldier serving in France during the war. I have proof that we share t... 0 1/1/2015
What were the main reason why world war II occured? 12 12/19/2014
Where to I find a roster of personnel for Operation Varsity during WWII 2 12/6/2014
Births at Folly Farm during WW2 0 12/5/2014
I found this site during the course of researching the USS Savannah, CL 42. I am about to start a model of her in 1/8 scale and I have some question... 0 12/1/2014
My father was involved in World War 2 as an officer that met at times with some of the general staff mainly in the european theater. There was a quest... 4 12/1/2014
Japanese internment 3 12/1/2014
Airgun shooting and restoration 6 11/20/2014
My father was an instrument man in the Army in WWII, can someone tell me what that is? Please, i was told he was a scout. 1 11/18/2014
What extent did the Suez Crisis of 1956 mark the end of British influence in Middle Eastern affairs? 1 11/12/2014
What was the cause of WW2 2 11/8/2014
Staff Sargent Bennie Johnson served in the Eighth Air Force stationed in Halesworth RAF near Suffolk,England in WWII. He was a instrument man with B-2... 1 11/5/2014
HMS Liverpool in world war 2 4 11/3/2014
Battery D 199th Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion information 1 10/30/2014
Which were thn 100 largest corporations in the United States during World War II? 0 10/29/2014
Was there (American) collateral damage at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? 8 10/28/2014
Why did they have to war in the first place. 2 10/27/2014
How does carrie feel when nickis angry with her 1 10/26/2014
When did hitler die? 1 10/26/2014
I would like pictures of the interior and exterior of castle class corvettes? 1 10/24/2014
how did hitler died 3 10/24/2014
My grandfather was an SS officer 1 10/18/2014
Does anyone know "how the twenties should be remembered?" 2 10/11/2014
at second world war the economic condition in germany. 1 10/9/2014
My grand father died in the french indichina war with the french legion. does any one know how i can get info about him? 1 10/3/2014
How did a section egit discharge effect a soldiers future 0 9/15/2014
Did the Eagle Land? 3 9/11/2014
Japanese Hospital Ship hit & sunk by unknown submarine 0 9/9/2014
My dad was in the Army fr. 1943-1945.He was in the Battle of the Bulge.I have done research but am still confused about his division.I've even been to... 4 9/7/2014
My father Harry Warner was a member of the 15th Air Force. He was a crew member of a B24 Liberator. His Pilot's name was Bob Laux. Does anyone know mo... 1 9/6/2014
What U.S. Army Ranger units were located on the Moselle River(French side)? Is there anyone reading these posts who knows how to find out what unit a ... 0 8/23/2014
World war ll 5 8/22/2014
How did the British government lose their control over Singapore? 5 8/19/2014
Trying to locate list of crewmembers for the USS Concord(CL-10). Have document for Domain the Neptunus Rex, trying to locate info on person listed. ... 3 8/16/2014
German Instincts 1 8/14/2014
I think, when I was ten, I got to Sheffield with my Grandma on one of the December 12 -14 1940 days of the Blitz when Sheffield had been hit so hard. ... 0 8/7/2014
A record of the flooding of the rur {roer} river in germany for 1930 to 1940 1 7/23/2014
About the product of your company that we found in the mountainous part of Philippines. A nickel bar. how come that a bar of a nickel came here in our... 0 7/14/2014
What are the crew locarions in a heinkel 111?thx prtty 0 7/4/2014
A quote often attributed to General George S. Patton (with several variations) "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by makin... 2 6/20/2014
How tall is a v2 rocket? 3 5/26/2014
I wonder if anyone could tell me about the RAF role in Malta in WWII? My Uncle died last year and I found out he flew for coastal command and that the... 1 5/23/2014
I am tracing the Leser family for a memoir. Does anyone have info on a man named Itche Leser, who was murdered in 1941 in a pogrom along with Ra... 2 5/22/2014
My uncle was one of less than 200 that received the Merchant Marine Distinguished Service Medal. Upon his death, the actual award could not be locate... 0 5/22/2014
Was the collapse of the German army at Cherbourg an nindication of their lack of military preparedness or was it a matter of the degree that West Poin... 1 5/20/2014
What did Itzak do to help save more people during WW2 0 5/13/2014
Infomation on the Libyan Arab Force particularly its role in the defence of Tobruk 1 5/11/2014
Who led allied invasion? 5 5/9/2014
Where might I find the history of the 10th Air Drone Squadron. 1 5/9/2014
How to find a soviet soldier killed February 1945 at Oder? 0 5/2/2014
Was 8th infantry divison a part of the big red one during wwii in the eto? 1 4/30/2014
Hello Folks, I have a Scammell Pioneer tank transporter that is nearing the end of its restoration, would anyone know of any records so I can trace... 0 4/30/2014
I am trying to research the battle for biak . what japanese units where thier regiment etc i have a battle flag and sword which i am traceing i h... 0 4/29/2014
Do you think that Adolf had a narcissitic personality disorder? 6 4/26/2014
Adm Yamamoto's opinion about the war 1 4/26/2014
What were some obstacle Dwight D Eisenhower faced planning operation overlord 3 4/25/2014
Why did the world war2 ? 2 4/23/2014
Wat was a major role of the Jewish Resistance and did they have a key part in the war 1 4/23/2014
Is anybody knows about role of German architect Alfred Mensebach in destruction of Warsaw? What happen to him after WW II? Thank you 3 4/17/2014
I am seeking information regarding actions of 2/1 hvy battery RAA in the Battle for Timor 19 Feb 1942 - 23 Feb 1942. Unit was part of Sparrow Force an... 0 4/11/2014
Is there any help with canadian history exam on world war 2? 2 4/8/2014
Which one of the following expressions was coined by Marshall McLuhan in the 1960's? a) generation gap b)flower power c)global village d)countercultur... 1 4/8/2014
I am interested in the SSB part of the 6th South African Armoured Division who served under Papa Britz in Italy. Does anyone know what the rank TPR... 1 4/7/2014
How can i find out the year of a japanese t38 carbine through the serial #,and what site do i need to go to? 0 4/3/2014
When did the axis members surrender 2 4/2/2014
The film Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) 0 4/2/2014
I am writing a paper on world war 1 and trying to find out a good resource to get information on it what do i do and where do i start? 3 3/29/2014
Does anyone know of a video interview with Adolf Galland in color where he is wearing a gray suit and tie? I have been searching for after I saw it o... 2 3/26/2014
Flying a historic Canadian flag 0 3/25/2014
When did italy surrender? 1 3/23/2014
Who flew the supermarine spitfire in world war 2? 1 3/19/2014
Did lee lue go in that war or was it in world war 1 1 3/16/2014
How many Virginia Army National Guard members were awarded the CIB? 0 3/15/2014
Would there be any reason why in pre WWII would a german flee to France other than they had a Jewish background? 1 3/14/2014
My father was wounded in Normandy on June 10th, 1944. He was hidden in a wine cellar for a while until he could be sent to England to the hospital. I ... 2 3/10/2014
Do you think that somthing the U.S.A. did in the war could be changed into somthing less harmfull? why? 0 3/10/2014
Which new tactics did germany use in his assault on poland 2 3/10/2014
I am seeking information about SGT. Paul W. Glee. He grew up in Rochelle and left to fight in Europe in WWII. He never returned. He was born in 191... 0 3/9/2014
What is the name of the U.S. and British generals who led their troops into battle in Europe? 5 3/8/2014
I have a A2 type bomber jacket with a colored drawing on the back showing Flying Tigers at the top in red and below that is the image of John Wayne an... 1 3/7/2014
Who developed the multiple rocket launcher? 1 3/4/2014
Who killed michael wittmann ? 2 3/4/2014
I'm trying to find blueprints of a(generic)WWII contact mine - the type with the Hertz Horns.. from which I can build a scale model for display - perh... 0 3/4/2014
World of Tanks and other WWII games 0 3/3/2014
I have no idea how I am on this site . Was trying to research an original photo of a Hawker Hurricane test flight from the Port Arthur/ Fort William O... 6 3/1/2014
Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any info,pics,etc on Hmcs Saskatchewan during the D-Day time frame. My grandfather was part of the crew from 1943 ... 0 2/27/2014
I would like to know if anyone knows the value of a Sauer & Sohn 7.65mm hand gun from Germany.From 1939 to probably 1945.My Dad brought it back from G... 0 2/23/2014
World War 1- I need Help! 2 2/18/2014
John r. fox 0 2/16/2014
Does there exist a record of names of allied service personnel who were aided by the French Resistance during WWll - I am attempting to discover which... 1 2/16/2014
What were the the consequences of second world war and is the war is a solution of problems or creation of problems??? 1 2/15/2014
I'm looking for information about the work that Dr. Kurt Eulau did to help local Manilla residents during WWII during the Japanese occupation. Thanks ... 0 2/13/2014
625 Squadron RAF. Can anybody advise please details of operational missions this squadron undertook between its formation on 1 October 1943 and 21 ... 3 2/4/2014
Nazi secret 1 2/3/2014
There were 6 Luftwaffe Field Marshals - were any of them captured by the British? 0 2/1/2014
Does anyone know the aims of George Clemenceau + Woodrow Wilson in the paris peace conferance in 1919? 0 1/18/2014
Camp polk, la secret units 0 1/15/2014
Why would there be WWIII? 14 1/12/2014
Does anyone know where I can search German WW2 reconosense photographs of South Wales, UK. 1 1/11/2014
Where can I find detailed information about USS Wake Island (CVE 65) in WWII? 1 1/8/2014
Does anyone know much about the ULTRA secret? I know my Grand father was involved (Robert Henry Humphreys) RAF but I can't find anything on line. His ... 7 1/7/2014
When was the gatling gun first produced 1 1/7/2014
Is there a comprehensive list of Presidential Unit Citations awarded to the 36th (Texas) Division in WWII? 0 1/7/2014
Tobruk Medal 1 1/6/2014
During the occupation of the Czech provinces of Bohemia and Moravia, Czechoslovaki, during 1939-45, did Nazi German decree to the citizens that there ... 1 12/26/2013
"Der 36m hohe Aussichtsturm" and WWII 0 12/17/2013
D-day 0 12/16/2013
A triple questions: Is it true a that the side Altars in the Basilica di San Bartolomeo all'Isola in Rome are each dedicated to the new Martyrs fro... 0 12/10/2013
What happen to military motorcycle's left by british after the war 1 12/6/2013
wats the dill with hitler still hes dead get over hitler 5 12/3/2013
How many people are still remaining. my grand fether served in 1 and 2.... 0 12/3/2013
Question about Russian tanks in WWII, Poland...? 0 11/24/2013
It is my understanding that the village of Molodycz,Poland was razed by forces unknown in the spring of 1945.I am assuming that this was done due to t... 1 11/23/2013
Australian Red Ensign 0 11/17/2013
Who was the French and Canadain dictators during world warII 2 11/16/2013
Please what was the starting date of world war 2 and what are the names of the heros 3 11/11/2013
Does anyone know anything about the "Hedge Hoppers" of WWII? These were Spitfire pilots that flew low to the ground over the hedges, to get enemy pos... 0 10/30/2013
How to locate military records of an ancestor that served in the U.S. Army, 11th Airborne Division 2 10/25/2013
Hitler: A Great Leader 11 10/16/2013
Alabama airfields 0 9/29/2013
2568057 Sgt Robert Hunter Henderson 0 9/25/2013
Egypt, and the sinai peninsular during world war 2 0 9/23/2013
Hello, I have been searching for plans/drawings of the British 18/25pdr (25pdr Mk1)field gun that are detailed enough to work from in building... 0 8/24/2013
The Royal Indian Navy mutiny (also called the Bombay Mutiny) encompasses a total strike and subsequent mutiny by Indian sailors of the Royal Indian Na... 0 8/13/2013
93rd Bomber group squadron 409 0 7/30/2013
My Father(deceased) told a story about,his part in Hitler's downfall. In Cairo in 1942 he was the,Green Howard's driver given the task of taking Gene... 1 7/22/2013
I have a black hatband from Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spree for sale. Where can I sell it? Thank you and kind regards Christiane 1 7/9/2013
What were the total number of U.S. troops who served in the pacific theater during world war II, by branch of military service (army, navy, marines, a... 0 7/4/2013
Why did the russians attack poland 1 6/23/2013
What were some of the affects and results of world war 2? 3 4/14/2013
My Grandfather was stationed in Blackpool during World War 2 responsible for the barrage balloons. I believe he was a civilian instructor and the R.A.... 2 4/12/2013
What is the meaning of the 'V' insignia on the right sleeve of SS officer uniforms? It resembles the chevrons worn by non-commissioned officers, but ... 0 4/5/2013
I also urgently need to know about where ist btln of Suffolks went towards the end of 1945 and until nearly end of 1947. Anyone who has any info abou... 1 4/3/2013
I am writing a war memoirs and need to know as much as possible about Toulon (when war was over) - apparently 1st Battalion of Suffolks went overto Pa... 0 4/3/2013
PEARL HARBOR & D-DAY 2 2/10/2013
When You Become A P.O.W. 0 2/10/2013
Was Japan state ownership op property Japan constitutional monarchy military rules 0 2/6/2013
How many Italian Aircraft were destroyed in the Battle of Britain Oct. 1940-April 1941? 1 1/19/2013
I am looking for information on the 40 and 8 soldiers of the american legion during WWII. There was something about there being 40 men and 8 horses on... 2 9/2/2012
What were some of the consequences of Nazism? 5 1/3/2011
International response to German remilitarization 2 1/2/2011
What key historical events led up to WW II? 5 1/2/2011