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Mount bromo 0 12/5/2015
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Causes and effects of Volcanic Eruptions 9 2/14/2015
Compare the formation of Hawwaii with that of Paricutin. 1 8/20/2013
I collected an interesting rock near San Simeon beach in California.It appears to have either incredible external sand striations or various layers of... 0 2/20/2013
How does a dormant volcano become active again? 0 1/2/2013
what type of volcanic material should citizens be most worried about? - aa lava flows. - pyroclastic flows. - pahoehoe lava flows. - magma rising ... 0 10/3/2012
What is volcano made of? 2 9/25/2012
what is the most active volcano in the world 3 7/6/2012