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  Subject Replies Date
Trương Tấn Sang 0 6/23/2017
Catholic church should not involve in politics 0 4/9/2017
Tougher sentence to the Đoàn Văn Vương 's family 0 4/8/2017
This summer thousands of people in Vietnam will face starvation due to drought? Such an irony when Vietnamese in America are losing millions of dolla... 0 3/20/2017
Laotian building dam on Mekong causing drought 0 3/19/2017
Why did society allow the Vietnamese to grow cocaine in the house? need to call all the Vietnamese people to snitch to help their local government SEE... 0 1/24/2017
Saigon high crime rates? Why not apply zero tolerance rule? like tokyo? Apply strict rule like the Japanese works. 0 1/6/2017
Vietnam less girls than boys 0 12/5/2016
How did Vietnam get involved in the Vietnam War? 2 10/27/2016
For how long did Vietnam run its own affairs? 2 10/26/2016
Should release activist and political prisoner ?? 1 10/21/2016
Buddism, Money and Property 0 10/20/2016
Vietnam ! a 4 thousand years civilization !! what ?? 2 10/14/2016
Karl Marx & Lenin taught you wrong, we will teach you right. 0 10/10/2016
Vietnamese is drinking too much, such a disaster !!! 0 10/4/2016
Nguyễn Phú Trọng is chinese's puppet. 0 10/1/2016
DALAI LAMA IS A HOAX 0 9/28/2016
Obama should not be involved in this Việt Khang rat 0 2/20/2016
More Vietnamese should move to new land: North,South,Central America, Australia 0 2/20/2016
58 provinces and 5 cities leaders shoud at least visit U.S.A once 0 2/12/2016
Nguyễn Tấn Dũng need to lock Đoàn Văn Vương away. 0 2/11/2016
Protest agaisnt Trúc Hồ supporting release of Việt Khang !!! 0 2/10/2016
How are some basic guidelines on procedures for granting visas with tourists enter Vietnam? Where do I apply for Vietnam visa on arrival procedure on... 1 2/9/2016
ASEAN should help FOOD to Phillipines 0 2/8/2016
The Vietnamese wants to buy weapons from U.S 1 2/7/2016
Việt Khang who ?? 0 2/7/2016
ASEAN should accept BURMA into union asap 0 2/3/2016
The South should take control of the manufacturing/business sector. 0 1/31/2016
Protest against VietNam buying fighter jet and submarine from Russian. 2 1/26/2016
Against Viet Nam buying more weapon........... 0 1/25/2016
What are the major ethnic groups of Vietnam? 3 8/20/2015
Is the government is authoritarian or is it more Democratic? 2 8/20/2015
Is there anybody outthere that was assigned to the 528th maintenance company in cha rang valley in 1970. i need to talk to you or e-mail. 2 10/20/2013
Is Vietnam an environmentally rich country? 1 5/12/2013
I have two questions right now about Vietnam. 1. How long does it take for letters to get to you in Vietnam? 2. Did you ever get letters when you... 0 12/26/2012