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Time travel

Time travel

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  Subject Replies Date
Buy valid IELTS,TOEIC,TOEFL(inforieltsvalid2014@gmail.com)SAT,GRE Certificates 0 03/12/16
What do you think of James Kitchum? Real or fake? 0 01/24/15
Are black holes a way to time travel? 0 05/15/14
A time traveling ant, on a log, floating on a river. 1 04/26/13
If time travel is possible than traveling back in time wouldn't that erase your future? Even if you go back forward wouldn't you being in the past cau... 3 04/11/13
Our Time Travel Project Culminates on Dec 21 1 12/05/12
What does it really mean???''Time travel''...for entrance exam connect http://www.entranceindia.com/ 0 09/28/12
Capturing a past image 0 09/16/12
I wonder if anyone can time travel back to the 19th century period before i or anyone was even born when i sleep at night alot of times i see the 19th... 1 08/22/12
Benefits of Yantram 3D architectural visualization and rendering. 0 03/27/12
V=M - E may fit for equation of antigravity,will it be possible? 0 03/18/12
Were was time gote from please members? 0 03/11/12
The only way to travel back in time would be to exceed the speed of light. If we were to travel toward a star at speeds faster than light, we would th... 0 02/29/12
Time- what is it? 5 02/29/12
If you go underground is time travel possible. 1 02/28/12
What fills in the space between atoms? 2 02/12/12
If practice makes perfect, and nobodys perfect, why practice? 0 02/12/12
TIME TRAVEL - a complete discussion 3 01/19/12
Time Travel 2 01/17/12
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Is there any information regarding tests or research simulation being conducted at cerns large hadron collider for possible time travelling ? 0 01/01/12
Is time travel possible into the future even though the future has not been made? 0 12/28/11
Time Travel Reading Material 0 12/08/11
Avagadro and time travel 0 11/13/11
What rights do we have as persons to have a higher power help us in the U.S. 0 10/31/11
Time travel 1 10/21/11
If somehow I create a closed timelike curve, thus allowing matter (let's say a person) to move from a point in the timeline to another, what will that... 1 10/02/11
Can we go back in time? 4 09/20/11
Why time traveling into the past is impossible 1 07/24/11
Well, I'm not really well educated in this kind of thing, but I'd really like to learn. That being said, I have a couple of questions that I hope some... 1 06/28/11
Can anyone please help me find a good book or link to learn about ion array's? please and thankyou.Ricky Peace 1 05/16/11
What is the time travel for the 1800 hundred all the way to 1900's? if you know answer the question please i need to that anwer? 4 04/29/11
On the subject of Stephen Hawking's comment about time travel before creation of a time machine 2 03/10/11
What's hapeen actual in twins paradox , how does a person get older and at same interval of time another person not have much age as comared to the t... 2 03/03/11
I am a gay barber who wishes time could go back to fix me.. I look for others like me..sorry..I wish i could fimd some amswers.. I am sorry.. please g... 1 02/18/11
How does the existence of time explain and be proven that it exist? Does time really exist? or it is just a phenomenon 1 01/14/11
Is speed faster than light speed possible? 5 01/12/11
My time travel experement 0 12/21/10
Travel 2 12/06/10
Fiction becomes fact when scientist realize they made an trouble mistake 0 11/30/10
Time travel is possible as long as you are alive after that time stops and you just rot 0 11/30/10
What is the difference between time stopping and nothing happening? 0 10/07/10
Absolute stop 4 09/15/10
Time travel to future is possible with the help of "Spandan Mudra" or Vibration posture. There's a book written by Mr.N.P.Shinde on this topic. Can an... 2 08/26/10
Can we time travel through wormholes or if we travel at the speed of light can we time travel? 2 08/23/10
Time and space. 1 08/07/10
Did the anicient people of malaysia time travel? 2 07/14/10
Time 1 07/12/10
IS time a function of existence? If there were nothing, what would time be? 3 07/07/10
Bring back the Sweetness in a Relationship 9 07/07/10
I met my future self...... 1 07/07/10
Partial eclipse 0 06/02/10
Can time travel be pruveied 2 06/02/10
Anyone singal and ready 2 mingle in bristol ct 4grade? 1 05/26/10
On Into the Univers with stephen hawking he uses a traint to illustrate a way that it posible to travel forward into time. A train traveling 99 percen... 1 05/23/10
Time-machine? What do you mean with it? 0 05/08/10
Is time travel possible when everywhere you are, is now within Creation? 1 04/27/10
Looking for users to take a brief survey on time travel for my English course! 1 04/18/10
What are the pros and cons between MapInfo 10 and ERIS GIS? I need input asap as I am presenting to a group of people early next week. Any informati... 0 04/14/10
Starting from time independent Schrodinger’s equation, obtain the energy levels of a particle in a box. 0 04/07/10
Starting from time independent Schrodinger’s equation, obtain the energy levels of a particle in a box. 0 04/07/10
A different viewpoint about Time Travel 1 04/04/10
The effects of trying to kill yourself after traveling back in time. 3 03/23/10
In terms of the chaos theory small events affect an event in the long run... what would happen if it were possible to manipulate these smaller events ... 1 03/19/10
Is PTSD the umbrella of the worlds's leading causes of Mental Health diseases. 0 03/17/10
Time Travel & Life Death Cycle Mystery 1 03/11/10
Time travel is possible 1 03/08/10
Why I think time travel is impossible as we think it. 3 03/01/10
There was somebody who said we are hardly more than animals (something like that) and he posted this really long, intelligent comment. Is he trying to... 4 02/25/10
Polarity of light gas 0 02/17/10
has anyone ever observed a time line outside the perspective of their own? It seems to me that would be the only way to know if time ever slowed dow... 1 02/12/10
The nature of time and travelling in it 1 02/10/10
Please help with finding older book set in England in 1950-1960, man rents house finds bottle of liquid, drinks walks about seeing past time, even tho... 2 02/08/10
How big the universe is. 2 02/06/10
Is time travel really necessary? 3 02/02/10
Of course time travel is posible. 4 01/08/10
Time Travel 1 12/23/09
Time travel or not? 0 12/16/09
Enough about theory which is just unproven possible fact.Let us discuss actual anomolies that happened and recorded by private and government agencies... 2 12/13/09
Is time travel ethically or morally responsible? 1 12/08/09
If you travel in time to the past, wouldn't you be necessarily traveling to an alternate past, since the instant you arrive there (wherever "there" is... 10 11/28/09
Why does an independent observor , with a stop watch , timing the event of supposidly time travel come up with a different reality than the equasions ... 2 11/23/09
Vietnam Leader Travel ? 0 10/20/09
How is time travel related to Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein? 3 09/05/09
What is at the edge of the universe? 2 07/30/09
Time travel via wormholes 7 04/02/09
Time tourism 3 04/02/09
Theory of time travel 1 04/02/09
Origins of time travel 1 04/02/09
Simple question here. Say, hypothetically, someone managed to travel back in time, 4 years. What would happent to his past self? For example if ... 11 10/19/08
where is the most commonly seen place to find an oxbow lake? 1 09/18/08
how big is the universe 11 09/21/07
Is time travel possible? 743 02/01/09