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  Subject Replies Date
Jim Corbett National Park 0 3/6/2016
Thay should make a 15% of the tiger populaton to one part of africa and have some one os patrol every day and minit 0 2/21/2016
Hunting on Sundays 1 2/15/2016
Tigers 1 1/27/2016
Tigers size 5 1/26/2016
Why do people hunt them they should be free not used as fur that should be agianst the law 2 1/4/2016
Why would anyone want to hunt down such a beautiful creature? I would rather have a bunch of living tigers than a bunch of tiger fur coats. 1 12/15/2015
Show types of tigers with video. 0 12/6/2015
Can we clone tgers, especially the bengal tigers to save them from extinction? 3 11/25/2015
Extinction 1 11/23/2015
This is not about a tiger but how tall is a texas evergreenoak tree 2 11/17/2015
Tigers 0 9/26/2015
What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze? 2 7/11/2015
Tigers 0 6/8/2015
Why don't they just breed female tigers like crazy? I don't mean make a tiger mill (puppy mills), because thats just wrong. but couldn't they just mak... 2 3/21/2015
How many tigers are left in the wild nd how endangered are d species 0 3/20/2015
Tiger 2 3/10/2015
How much tiger in a india and also type of tiger 1 3/1/2015
What r the sientific name for a tigerrrr!!! 2 2/11/2015
What is the tigers scientific name 1 12/27/2014
Where does the sumatran tiger come from ? 1 11/5/2014
Why do people have to kill tigers? I mean thats just plain old mean, man. So mean. GOD MADE THEM FOR A R-E-S-O-N!!!!!!!!!!! 6 10/28/2014
Wild life parks 0 10/17/2014
How many tigers all over the world ? 4 7/23/2014
In some cases,tigers are herbivores or not? 2 7/18/2014
Its climatic habitat 1 7/12/2014
Are there any features to a tiger apart from its stripes and fur? 2 6/16/2014
Who many tiger are there in the world? 3 4/22/2014
In what part of china do tigers lives 1 4/15/2014
On what continent do tigers live 2 4/15/2014
Why r tigers striped 8 4/11/2014
What is the protection status on a malayan tiger 1 4/8/2014
Why are tigers fat but run fast? 1 3/28/2014
Why do people want 2 kill tigers? 8 3/27/2014
Where do white tigers live? 1 3/27/2014
Can u get a baby tiger from a baby and train it? 3 3/27/2014
People must be dumb. 2 3/22/2014
What is a tigers favorite food 1 3/9/2014
Do tigers have boobs? 1 3/2/2014
How well is the captive breeding of bengal tigers is going to save them? 1 2/28/2014
Is it a reptile 4 2/19/2014
Where do tigers live? what continent? 2 2/5/2014
What would happen to surrounding wildlife if tigers were to go extinct. What can we do to help? I have always liked tigers. I would be devastated if t... 6 1/17/2014
Why do tiger have stripes? 6 1/15/2014
Where can I get a picture of black tiger 5 1/2/2014
What onganism live on cow dung 2 12/21/2013
What is their size and weight? 1 12/14/2013
wats the biggest tiger ever recorded 4 12/3/2013
Who wins the fight lion or tiger 9 11/4/2013
Tigers- Killers or Hunted 15 10/8/2013
Why do peopel kill tigers? I mean why dont they just kill the people and see how they like it?? 5 10/8/2013
Where did the name - tiger - come from? 2 5/14/2013
What are the other three big cats which the tiger is a part of? 9 5/14/2013
Is a sabertooth related to a tiger? Please reply. 7 4/26/2013
How many sub species are there of the tiger? 3 1/1/2011
How old is the tiger species? 6 1/1/2011