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I have in mind my first encounter with the word "matter".... MATTER CANNOT BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED. Is this in the present state of science compl... 33 2/13/2019
Travelling in the past 0 4/5/2017
What contributions has Hawking made in his fields? 2 10/27/2016
Illness 1 9/24/2016
I do understand your theory of the "big bang", but have you ever thought that there may have been many "big bangs"? and that they may be the product ... 0 6/6/2015
Given the action and reaction laws of physics, what is the reaction to the Big Bang ( or Big Balloon)? 0 10/29/2014
Temperture 0 10/8/2014
Is the fact that your new thesis states that the universe might not be god created due to laws, such as gravity, mean that you feel a. there is no go... 0 9/25/2014
Hawhings remarks about aliens being aggressive 1 4/25/2014
The Highest Triumph of Human Knowledge 2 1/30/2013
Popular works 1 1/1/2011