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In late Medieval and early Renaissance dance music, a transition was sometimes made in 6/8 time between two groups of 3 beats to 3 groups of 2 beats. ... 0 9/13/2015
What was the difference between the renaissance and the middle ages? 0 5/9/2015
What ever happened to Steven Dee Harris??? He was the most awsome musician on any string instrument I ever saw. I saw him at a number of RenFests and ... 0 5/8/2015
How did Renaissance composers write music that would hold together throughout Mass? 0 12/28/2014
May i please have 15 facts on Renaissance music 0 5/2/2014
What are those particular music used during the rennaisance period?please give the lyrics also 0 9/23/2013
What are important developments in text setting in Renaissance secular music 0 9/20/2013