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Radha Soami Satsang Beas

Radha Soami Satsang Beas

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  Subject Replies Date
Tension 0 07/09/17
What is the correct location for Babaji's Satsang, to be held for 3 days in November 2017, in New Delhi? Is there any accommodation availability in/... 1 06/12/17
Buying a House near Beas 1 09/11/16
Can i get permanent accommodation in beas. I want to stay there with my wife and children. If yes then please let me know what's the procedure and wha... 3 09/10/16
I m not a follower of santmat. I just want to clear some doubts of mine. There is a family in our society who strictly follows you. Head of that famil... 4 07/25/16
Baba ji tusi sab jande ho apni is dasi te mehar karo. Mai tuhade kolo Nam daan Lita hoya hai aj lgbhag 20 sal hon wale ne. Baba ji mai pura Nam simran... 4 06/14/16
In the quran , Muhammad is considered a perfect man. even in satsang his name is taken .but in some hadith it is written that he hurted his wife, he t... 1 06/01/16
My mother age is 56 years. From previous one and half years she has kidney problem then paralysis then stomach ulcer then rashes then automaticaly mus... 2 05/03/16
Baba ji is bajurg bande te mehar karo mehar karo. Aj is dukhi atma di pukar sun lo baba ji. Mera iko ik Munda hai Jo ki tuhada namdan le ke tuhade pic... 1 03/12/16
Kelly Fisher’s Appearance at GBE2016 0 11/30/15
Five must-stop by exhibitors at GBE2016 0 11/15/15
Asi chlday firday sim kis trah kr sakday hsy jad ki khyal sada bshar hunda hsy pl 1 11/14/15
Some questions from baba g:- 1-Dusro ko moksh dilwanwe wale apke swami shiv dyal g khud mar ke bhoot kyu bane. 2-Bukki devi koun thi jisme wo bhoot ... 4 10/05/15
Quetion 1 09/26/15
Baba g jai mata di.Humare pados me ek family hai unke shadishuda bete me aapse naamdaan liya hua hai. Usey apne ghar pariwar biwi bacho se koi matlab ... 3 09/13/15
Whatever is asked from baba ji..Do they give to us???? 1 09/11/15
Should we believe in Horoscopes/ Rashi..... my almost horoscope are correct... 2 05/08/15
Radhaswami ji pls confirm namdan prog. timing pillar no. etc. for delhi .. 5th april beas satsang prog..... pls reply.... i m waiting for a long t... 0 03/18/15
Please as soon as possible give me the guidelines because i realized that i am unlucky person on this earth.no job,no money,no house,no relationship. ... 2 02/04/15
Baba g tell me one thing ,now I lost everything.nothing I have with my self, even though i lost my self confidence. As you know I don't have house,pa... 1 02/04/15
Where is Kajee???? ask him about his bullshit Rampal ...bahut gyan ki batei karta tha...ab kaha gaya uska gyan...pichle kuch posts mei mene uske conve... 3 11/20/14
What was the date of Namdan in March 2010 at Bhatti Delhi? 0 10/05/14
Hello I want to take Naam from RSSB..Can anybody tell me is their any requirement of marriage certificate to take naam for couples? 0 09/24/14
Naam Daan 0 09/24/14
I am moving to Oslo,Norway in few months and would like to know about Radha Soami Satsang venues in Oslo. Also it would be great if I could get contac... 0 08/12/14
Radha Soami Ji Plz help me out ,i m in a very awkward situation. I have a friend he is a muslim, i knew him from past 7 years. We started liking eac... 1 08/08/14
Jab aatma kä pramatma se milap hota h...to aatma kya usi waqt body chhod deti h? ya kuch time baad? 1 08/05/14
Request 2 08/01/14
Job 0 08/01/14
I have developed some problem in my knees. Please tell me the name of the aid/equipment that Babaji shows during naam daan for bhajan position. Where ... 1 07/29/14
i am very tried of my life so please tell me solution 1 07/28/14
how come out this problem 1 07/28/14
I want to job in dera Beas 0 07/25/14
Radha Swami Ji: I heard that Maharaj ji will held Satsang at the following address in Canda on 30th and 31st of July 2014. Can some please confirm.... 2 07/24/14
Radha Soami ji, Is there any satsang in Canada for july and August 2014? If yes, please provide address and timings. Thanks 9 07/23/14
I have send letter for hostel accommodation for September programme my id no is 139671 my mobile no 9428411505 kindly inform me as early as possible ... 0 07/23/14
Medical job in beas 0 07/16/14
Sewa in beas 3 07/13/14
Radhasoami Ji, Does anyone know if Babaji are coming to U.S this year? If yes please provide details about the center address, dates and time. 4 07/04/14
Rdaha soami My sweet Baba jeee Love u <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 nd ol baba je sweet familyzzzz 0 06/12/14
Radha soami my sweet baba jee tuhade ko ek gal pushna chahna baba jee mere kol galtiya bahut hundiya te main joth v bahut bol dena par badh vich main... 1 06/11/14
Prince Arora 0 06/11/14
Radha soami baba ji, main IT field job kar raha hoon pichle 3 saal se main ek software engineer hoon .main abhi Microsoft technologies par kam ka... 1 06/05/14
Dear Sir Radha Soami Ji. I am Mechanical Engineer having experience of 9years in Project/operation/Maintenance. I want to Settle as Permanent Se... 1 06/02/14
Me kafi pareshan hu .mene apni life me jo kuch chaha wo kbi ni mila bt me ro e bot par fir b mene sabar kia .ki sayd kuch achha ho , mene har pal kbi ... 2 06/01/14
Babaji I am a network engineer & I am only 23 years old..Muje Beas me kbi computer ya networking related sewa krne ka mauka mile to i will be very gra... 0 05/31/14
Paheli jindgi ki 3 05/31/14
Radha swami ji ... me 22 year old girl hu ... me wese to dil ki saaf hu .. mtlb ki mere dil me jo hota h wai juban pe hota h .. me wese nature wise sh... 2 05/31/14
Kya sarai ki online booking ho sakte hai? 0 05/08/14
I am 21 year old unmarried student. I am craving about taking NaamDaan from satguru. May i get it. 0 05/08/14
Baba g baksh lo plz tusi jani jan ho baba tihadi beti shivani di zindagi jida ruk gayi a baba khucj pta ni lagda ki banuga plz show me the rite path b... 1 05/06/14
To find the way of god. 0 05/06/14
Radha Soami babaji, Mein poocna chahti thi ki mujhe naamdan kab milega babaji mein apne iss jiven kis tarah paar lagungi kya aap mujhe koi raasta b... 1 05/06/14
My is nancy I and my boyfriend were seriously in love for six years and we were planning to get married but one day he came to my house and told ... 1 05/03/14
Money drawing talisman and other spiritual works 2 05/03/14
Question about Meain' I have meet number of Satsangi including in my family relative and their friend circle number of them are also called Sewadar... 2 05/02/14
Relief from disease 0 04/28/14
Baba ji radha soami, baba ji kya simran se body ke dukh bhi door hote hain 0 04/28/14
Baba Ji mein puchna chahti hun ki kya jadoo tona ya hawain hoti hain. 1 04/28/14
Radha soami maraji baba m satsagi family cho a fir meta viah ho geya 2010 ch baba g meri shaadi nu 4 sal ho geye meri beti a baba g m m bht dukhi a ba... 0 04/23/14
Radha soami babaji . I am 23 years old now .i used to drink and eat meat when I was at college.i was also relationship with a girl for alm... 1 04/21/14
Radha soami babaji ..baba ji maaf karna mjhe mai aap se aise sawal kr ri hu par babaji mai bahut pareshan hu. mere parents ne mera roka karwa diya h e... 0 04/16/14
Dear BABAJI, We have constructed hotel premises in partnership. other partners are not satsangies. from last one year we are searching a person w... 1 04/06/14
Actual I want to know that radha soami sat sang ghar is situated in the state Georgia usa 0 04/03/14
1.why do we see dreams? 2.does god exits? 3.before the creation of humans and animals there is only god exits so how the kaal is there and how does ... 1 04/03/14
Plz tell me some description about the 5 stages of simran! ! And also about how kaal interrupts us and about bhavar gufa and of course sachkhand!! Plz... 0 03/31/14
Naamdan 0 03/25/14
Radhasoamiji... Babaji apki tabiyt keysi hei. 0 03/03/14
Baba ji me ek shaddishuda haan te meri life which 2 person ne te dono hi manu jaan to wad ke pyar kerde ne te manu meri zindagi di sari khusyiaan dena... 2 03/01/14
Baba ji kirpa kerke meri jindagi di sab to waddi samsya da hal kero manu tuhade marg dershan di bahut jaroort hai 0 03/01/14
Radha Soami Ji, I am Mechanical engg having 9years of experience. I am married and having one daughter 3months old. My parents are retired Govt Tea... 0 02/24/14
Radha soami ji... babaji aap kese ho. 4 02/22/14
Agar mujhe naamdan ke panch shabad pata lag jaye toh mein kya kru 1 02/14/14
Castism. 4 02/05/14
Radha Soami Ji Mere Papa ko guzre 27 din hi hue, jab wo gae mere maan mei babaji aur papa dono ke lie kai buri soch aae. Mai dono ke bare mei itna ... 5 02/04/14
Radha soami ji.....can anyone tell me address of satsang ghar at Etobicoke or Brampton 1 02/01/14
For Nindak 0 01/20/14
Kayoki jaisa mai karungi waise hi mere bache karange maine to itni umer nikal di kam se kam bache to apna same waste na karke prabhu ka simran same se... 1 01/20/14
Radha Saomi ji, Baba ji meri age 40 years hai. Mere pati ka sawargwas 9 sal pahele ho chukka hai tab se lekar 5-6 sal tak mera man bahut bhataka hai m... 1 01/20/14
Radha Swami.... I want to meet Baba ji... i am very happy k baba ji ab sab se interact hote hain...n wo sab ki proble sunte hain n solution bhi det... 5 01/14/14
Radhaswami ji main 57 years ka hu main badi duvidha m hu ji meri dharam patni ka swargvaas last year ho gaya tha mere ghar k bade mere pita ji kehte h... 2 01/14/14
Radha Saomi ji, Main baba g se milna chahti hoon to kya kroon. Main kaphi same se tadap rahi hoo. kisi kisi same to bahut pareshan ho jati hoon . m... 2 01/13/14
Main baba g se milna chahta hoon to kya kroon 2 01/13/14
Radhaswomi babji... radhaswomi naam ka matlab kya hai babaji....? or jin logo ko namdan nhi mila hai ese m to wo bas radhaswomi radhaswomi naam ka... 4 01/08/14
Radhaswomi babaji kya satsangi logo ko daan krna chahiye? agr unke gahr par koi garib kuch mangne aye to esa hai kya agar us grib ko kuch diya h to wo... 6 12/26/13
Radhaswomi babji m aapse yeh puchna chati hun k naamdani or satsangiyon ko kundli m manna chahiye kas kr jb sadi k liye kundli milayi jati hai pls ans... 4 12/26/13
For Job in RSSB 1 12/21/13
What is the real name of God ? 3 12/09/13
Sex and the Spiritual Connection ............ 0 12/09/13
"Jyot Niranjan On Kaar Rarankar So Hung Sat Naam" Meaning of these words 5 12/06/13
BABA ji 1 12/06/13
There is need to councel all the radha somi satsanges 2 12/06/13
Siddh Gosht - Conversations with the Siddhas By Guru Nanak Dev Ji 6 12/06/13
This is a request to baba ji 1 12/04/13
Radha Soami’s Who Wont Use Utensils Used To Cook Meat 1 12/04/13
Freedom From Bharams 1 12/04/13
Is it ok to eat meat or eggs ? can it effect meditation? 0 12/04/13
Meaning of 5 Words Of RSSB Devotees are : 4 12/04/13
RSSB Devotees' False Views 2 12/03/13
********** Waho Waho Bani Nirankaar Hai Tes Jewad Aawar Na Koe !! ********** 0 12/03/13
Non One is Proper Vegiterian ........... Kyo Dusro ko Pagal Bara Rahe Ho?? 2 12/03/13
Questions of RSSB 7 12/02/13
Nanaksar is house of Bhagati 0 11/29/13
Kon kehta hai ki RSSB devotee proper vegiterian hai ?? 6 11/29/13
Ram Ram Ji mera naam Sunny hai main Delhi se meri Email Id : balapritam25@gmail.com hai muchhe aap jese devotees hai bahut ruchi hai mere kuchh que... 0 11/29/13
Baba ji apki tabiyat kasi h 0 11/27/13
Baba ji mai janna chati hu ki meri life ase hi rhegi ya koi tharav bhi ayega 0 11/27/13
Baba g mere man me 1 que h bt ye b pta h jha pyar hota h vha que ni hota bt aj m stsng me gai to vha stsng sunne k bd 1 que man me aya que ye h ki jai... 6 11/17/13
Radha soami ji...baba ji ki tbiyt kaisi h ab plz gve ans m in tntn I wanna 9 abt my father 1 11/17/13
How is babaji's health now? 1 11/17/13
How is babaji's health now? 0 11/17/13
Mba in International Business 0 11/16/13
I've just heard that babaji isn't feeling well and has been admitted into the hospital. I just wanted to enquire about his health and how he is feeli... 1 11/15/13
Dear Baba g, Radha swami, baba g main apse ek question puchna chahta hu,,main ek ldki se bhot pyar krta hu but wo mjse 4-5 saal badi hai or mang... 1 11/12/13
Respected Guruji, I am not a naamdari or follower of Radhasoami, but many people around me are your followers. My question is that people who ta... 4 11/05/13
Radhasoami to all dear babaji, i have got naamdaan from beas.main raat ko 12.30 k baad hi so pata hu fir sansarik kaam shuru h... 3 11/04/13
Looking for satsangi girl for marriage 1 10/28/13
Baba ji aap to sb jaante h.fir bhi main aapse ek baat share krna chahti hu pls aap mujhe iska solution btaao.baba ji main ek ladke ko 5saal se jaanti ... 2 10/24/13
Radha soami ji...baba ji m ye pucchna chahti hu ki aaj bhi log jaat paat ka bhed bhaav kyun krte hain?parmatma ne to bas insaan bnaaye hain or sb us... 1 10/24/13
Radhasoamiji, Anyone please help me. I can't controll my attraction towards sex . And i masterbud many times. I think such things are against RSSB t... 2 10/18/13
Ager sabh kuch God kee merzee se hota he , jaise hum kehte hein ke uski merzi ke bina PUTTA bhee nhee hilta, to kya insaan paap bhee God kee merzi s... 3 10/16/13
RSSB bans sex after having two kids. Does it mean RSSB forces divorce after having two kids? 6 10/14/13
The wigs 0 10/10/13
Baba Jee ke 29,30 November aur 1 December ke Delhi Programe me Waha Naamdaan mil payega ya nahi? 4 December ko Election ke Karan Naamdaan milega ya n... 0 10/07/13
Mixed color lace wigs for sale 0 10/07/13
Kya apni wife ya husband ka siva kisi or sa relation bnana glat hai baba g kya ya pap hai iski sza hma malik deta hai 9 10/07/13
Baba ji main bina naamdan liye kaise bhajan main baithu,or kya jpun,mera husband to aapke naam se bhut chidta hai.main kuvari se hi aapki taraf lgn rk... 1 10/06/13
I was married 2 years back, I was aware that my hubby is Radhasaomi however after my marriage I saw regular Non veg Drinking which was shocking for me... 1 10/05/13
Radhasoamiji mai bhajan karne ko chahte hue bi bhajan nahi kar pata hu. Kavi to babaji ki itni yaad aati hai ki rona aa jata hai or kbi bilkul sansar ... 1 09/25/13
If one wants to send a cheque to Dera Beas, in whose name should the cheque be? 0 09/23/13
RADHASOAMI BABAJI.bin naam dan liyen hum bacche us malik ko kase yad karen or usse kase baat karen 2 09/22/13
Radha Soami Ji,jab hum bhajan simran par badhte hai or ager hume kharichh or jese machher katee hai to kya hume os time bhajan simran chhor dene chahi... 0 09/18/13
I am claustrophobic, and am scared of large crowds, and I am visiting Beas in this month, so I want to know, that are u allowed to stand outside the p... 0 09/06/13
How far is the satsang pandal from the main gate, at Beas. 1 09/05/13
Is there a separate gate at Beas Dera, for going to listen only to satsang, or do u have to enter through the main gate. 0 09/05/13
Radhasoami ji, please somebody tell me rssb main next naam daan ke liye parchi kab kategi..... Please i wants to get naam daan i am 26 years old, Give... 1 08/28/13
How get nam dan parchi my age is 30 years old and my wife age is 29 years old 0 08/27/13
Nam dan kirpa 1 08/27/13
Radha somi ji baba ji mai bahut pareshan hu.plz aap mujhe margdharshan karye .baba ji mai computer opertor ki job krti hu .mai 21 years ki hu .mai un... 2 08/26/13
Where is Radha Soami satsang ghar beas situated in morena(madhya pradesh)? 0 08/22/13
Radhasoami Ji What is the Actual date for namdaan for any individual (male). My D.O.B. Is 21/09/1988,Am I Eligible For Naam Daan? Thanks In A... 0 08/18/13
RadhaSoami to All I m newly married and my wife is very much younger than me. If i want to keep my married relationships up to a limit my wife is n... 4 08/16/13
Main apne husband se koi baat khulke nhi kr paati.7saal ho gye marrige ko.fir bhi drti hoon.or to or satsang jaate huye bhi drti hoon k khi mujhe kuch... 2 08/14/13
I seriously need a job in beas dera... i just want stay there.. i am a MBA with finance specialisation. i can any kind of job. even a choti si job w... 2 08/13/13
I seriously need a job in beas dera... i just want stay there.. i am a MBA with finance specialisation. i can any kind of job. even a choti si job w... 0 08/13/13
Baba ji muje nam dan lena tha.but my eag 21 h .namdan ni mila to me beth b ni pati bhajan pe 2 08/10/13
Death of a cat 3 08/09/13
Next visit OF BABA JI 0 08/08/13
What about the marriage of rssb guy who have already taken naam dan from babaji plz ? should we be aware about this ? should we search for rssb follow... 2 08/08/13
Radha soamiji. Can u pls send me babaji grandson birthday party video. At my email id. My email id is padamsadhu@gmail.com 1 08/05/13
I was waiting for Babaji's satsang since 1 yr in us n when I got an opportunity to visit on Babajis birthday I was so excited but I want to ask him wh... 8 08/01/13
Wedding related question 8 08/01/13
Radha soami ji... i have only one question.. Question : baba ji jaise kaha jata hai k ye jo parmatma k (allah, waheguru, radha soami, ram, etc) ... 3 07/30/13
Radha Soami! Does anyone know where I can find the Hostel 6 - Foreign Guest House Meeting Dates for Late Oct. - December 2013? 0 07/29/13
Radha soami ji. Kya in dinon beas main naam daan mil raha hai...? 0 07/29/13
Is egg a veg or non veg 4 07/28/13
FAMILY MATTER 8 07/24/13
Naam lene ke bavajood bhi peena 2 07/21/13
I’m a 19yo girl in university for a B.Sc. I don't know if anyone will answer my Q, or understand me, but I will try+hope to receive insight… I’ve been... 4 07/18/13
Dovida main padh gya ho 1 07/16/13
Dovida main padh gya ho 0 07/16/13
I am Bcom graduate and also doing CA Internship....mujhe job chahiye beas dera main how can I apply for job? 2 07/14/13
Radha Soami Ji,Maan lo hamne koi bura karm kiya hai,or hume esa lagta hai ke hume fir janum lena hoga.iske bavjood ager hum pure suchee man se bhajan ... 1 07/12/13
Mosquito net 0 07/12/13
Kya sadh sangat ji aap ye bta sakte h ki baba ji oct m bhati center kb ane wale h 0 07/12/13
Kya is site per koi esa guru bhakt bi h jise aantrik guru k darsshan ho chuke h to pls replt m aapse baat krna chati hu 4 07/10/13
All ur followers only listen u but not follow the path told by u , my mother-in lw is one of that 3 07/10/13
Radha saomiji esa kyu naam dan 22 years m kyu nhi milta 26years m hi kyu 2 07/09/13
Babaji m chati hu ki mere papa bi aapka namdan l plz help 4 07/09/13
Help save two lives babaji for the sake of humanity HELP US!!!! 4 07/08/13
Baba ji m aapke dere m rahna chati hu kya aap muje jagah denge dere m or m in sab questions k reply kb milenge 2 07/08/13
Babaji m ab or koi janam nahi chati ab koi icha or aasha nahi bs yahi ki muje aantarik darshan ho jae or muje ishwar n beja hi kyu yaha muje apne s al... 0 07/08/13
Babaji m aapko apne bhut pas rkhna chati hu m bhut hi akela or pareshan mehsus krti hu na jane m kb s apne ishwar s alag yaha bhatak rhi hu aap kb mu... 2 07/08/13
Baba ji m aapka namdaan lena chati hu pr meri age 22 years h or pta ni shadi k bad jo log muje milenge wo kaise honge m to ye chati hu ki aap muje ham... 1 07/08/13
Radha Soami Ji ager hum koi bure karm karte hain or hame pata hi na ho ke humse koi bure karm ho gae hai.kis tara pata lag sakta hai k hamse j bura ka... 2 07/06/13
My mother-law is currently on a very high designation of PATHI But NOT A HUMAN BEING. 3 07/06/13
Namskar Ji Aaap se ye he prathana hi ki joo log aap ke satsang mee aate hai. aap pls unko ye message de ki ki behave like a human being. aas... 1 07/05/13
Radha Soami Babaji, Myself and my mom had consulted a panditji for my janam kundali and he asked me to do Shringar to Parvati Maataji twice in a we... 5 07/04/13
Beti ke liye puchna hai 1 07/03/13
Babaji Mere uper apne buhut daya mehar ki hai fir bhi me apne karmo ka bhuktan karte karte tak gayi hoo. babaji muj par tori aur mehar karo please muj... 0 07/01/13
RADHASOAMI 0 06/30/13
I m in roma italy with one betta betti,want permanent stay in beas,for sewa. 0 06/30/13
Radha soami ji.jis manusya ne naamdan le rakha ho satguru ji se use chhod kar baaki kin kin logo ko manusya janam dobara milta hai..kya jo log devi- d... 0 06/27/13
I need u help babaji 0 06/26/13
Rs ji , baba ji main chahti hu ki aap jo bhati mains me agla satsang kare to aap usme hak hallal ki kamai, or naam matar ka satsangi nahi balki real... 0 06/24/13
Radha Soami Ji Babaji Mana Apka Kafi Satsang Atan Kiya. Sab Satsango Me Mana Ak Bath Not Ke Ka Satsang Ma Sabi Saman Ha Par (VIPs)ko Satsang Pandal Ma... 0 06/24/13
Baba ji meine asa paap kiya he jisko main bta nahi sakta,agar main naamdan le kar simran karu tu kya vo paap mitsakte hai or mera parda khul sakta ha... 7 06/20/13
Baba ji main naadan lena chahta hun 2 06/20/13
Radha Soami Satsang beas 1 06/20/13
Baba Ji mera man hamesa bhatkta rehta hai kya kru? 1 06/20/13
Radhasoami Ji, Baba Ji aap mujhe darshan de do. 3 06/19/13
Simran 0 06/19/13
Mujhe aapse baat karni hai apni life ke baare mein please help me babaji 1 06/19/13
How Can I get chair pass on line to hear the Satsang of Baba ji at Bias. since I have operated two times my Hip Replacement at PGI and I can not sit ... 0 06/17/13
Radhasoamiji, agar koi jeev naamdaan ki bakshish lene ke baad kabhi bhi alcohol ka sewan karne ki ichha hoti yaa alcohol le leta hai uska... 0 06/16/13
Myself jayesh adwani.mene aapse naam daan liya hua hai.me abhi depression me hu.me ra jo trust tha vo tutse gaya hai 1 06/16/13
Radha soami ji ..I m Amandeep Dhillon from Australia. Meri ik beti hai oh two month old hai ohda birth aus da hai bilkul theek hai oh but aus de docto... 0 06/15/13
Radha soami ji ..I m Amandeep Dhillon from Australia. Meri ik beti hai oh two month old hai ohda birth aus da hai bilkul theek hai oh but aus de docto... 0 06/15/13
How i could accomodation in beas dera 0 06/12/13
Can I feed my pet dog meat? 5 06/11/13
Radha Soami ji , If a person is initiated can he ask a question at the question answer session at the dera beas 1 06/11/13
Radha swami g to all Mg name is gurdeep kaur (25) I have 100% faith in Baba g . My whole family is Radha swami I would say don't even eat or drink ... 6 06/10/13
Request for puppies 0 06/08/13
Radhasoami ji... babag me ek ldki se pyar kar betha..bht jada hmne kha hum shadi b kreg set ho jaege to..usi ldki k vjh se mene stsng n sewa shuru k ... 1 06/08/13
Radhasoami ji.. today only i came to chennai..i want to know is there any radhasoami satsang ghar near kalpakkam chennai..plz rep urgently..wrlcome t... 0 06/08/13
Radha soami ji i want to ask that if i hug my partner whose i love but abhi tak hmari shadi nhi hui kya ye bura krm hoga apne hone wale partner ko hu... 0 06/08/13
rajeevanand1 06/05/13RADHA SOAMI JI (1) Agar hum kisi bhi satsangi ya non satsangi ke yahan chaye pete hai ya kuchh bhi khate hain,to kya uska ham... 49 06/06/13
RADHA SOAMI JI (1) Agar hum kisi bhi satsangi ya non satsangi ke yahan chaye pete hai ya kuchh bhi khate hain,to kya uska hamara karam banega,wo humn... 2 06/05/13
Rs ji 1 06/03/13
China (Guangzhou) International Industrial Profile Expo 2013 0 06/03/13
Radha Soami ji agar namdan lene ke bad,simran & bhajan karne ke bad bhi pure jiwankal mein parda na khul saka to, to kya mukti sambhav hogi ra... 1 06/03/13
Radhasoami g, thanking for give me guideline, u r asking about website name. Website name is as follow:- www.satnaam.info/index.php?option=com 0 06/01/13
Radhasoami g, thanking for give me guideline, u r asking about website name. Website name is as follow:- www.satnaam.info/index.php?option=com 0 06/01/13
Can u explain how life divided in 84 lac. yoni, as per our hindu culture & also satsang teaching. 1 05/31/13
Can anyone please tell me how to post a spiritual letter to beas? and is it necessary to send it by post only or can I send it by courier as well? and... 0 05/30/13
Babaji jagadhri kab aaoge 1 05/29/13
Radha Soami .....First of all i would like to thanks that person who hv created this forum..I am giving you a small intro of myself,I am Saurabh Kumar... 2 05/28/13
Baba ji radha swami, baba ji meri mother ne naam daan liya tha, unki aap per vishesh lagan, aastha thi, itni aastha thi ki unki death bhi satsang ghar... 1 05/28/13
About God (as per Radhasoami Teaching) 2 05/27/13
Radhaswamiji. Kya sapne sach hote...hai.... 1 05/26/13
Radhaswami ji,baba ji aapke charan kamlo mei mera pranam,babaji agar aapki izazat ho to mei aapke aage 1 baat rakhna chahti hu..baba ji mere exams jun... 1 05/24/13
Babaji...mujhe job chahiye beas mi agar koi bhi post mil jaye.... Name- Baljinder singh 10th pass basic computer cou... 2 05/23/13
If we got naam-daan from baba ji & we do Bhajan Simran as per teaching by baba ji & we completely follow honest life & try to do every karma which wil... 2 05/23/13
Naam dan 2 05/19/13
Self Styled Godman Sant Rampal 1 05/19/13
Mera maan baichan h mani do do naam leya h mujh se ghalti ho gai h plz plz rasta batao? 1 05/16/13
Naam shabad 4 05/08/13
M confused kya mai namdaan ke baad porn dekh sakta hu..kyuki guru log kahte hai ki prai orat ko maa bahan ki nazar se dekhna...ok kya apne pc ya tv pe... 1 05/04/13
Radha soami ji main devi devtaon ke bare main janena chahta hoon ki devi devta kese bhegwan hotein hain. Jebki beghwan toham us parmeshwer ko bhi keh... 0 05/03/13
I want to take homeopathic medicine as treatment. I am disciple of Radha Swamy. Some say homeopathic medicine has got alcohol and it should not be tak... 3 05/01/13
Why RSSB BABAJI maintains distance from devotees and from electronic media by keeping himself 1 04/24/13
About naam 1 04/24/13
NINDA 9 04/24/13
Kajee reveals his real image,first he said "Main nya hu pls batyan radha soami " now he is saying radha soami satsang beas from 1976 to 2011 namdan in... 16 04/22/13
Facts about all the five gurus of RSSB 1. Who initiated each of five RSSB GURUS and on what date? 2. Who nominated each of five RSSB GURUS and on wh... 5 04/22/13
Hello there palyal81, resonable, udipt123 and fellow active radha saomi members. 20 04/21/13
Request to block fake ID'S LIKE ..reasonable,palyal,starspeeed,(note triple E),mohanIaI 3 04/20/13
Laloo lal, tere maa baap, tatti khana, rampal ke chele and many more jewels of so called satsangi 16 04/20/13
Media 21 04/18/13
RELATION 12 04/18/13
Unconditional Love of a Perfect Living Master 40 04/16/13
Radha soami ji!!! Me 25 sal ki hu.me ab shadike bareme soch rai hu lekin jis ladkese shadi karna chahti wo manglik he aur hamare kundali me nadi dos... 31 04/14/13
My discussion on FAKE ID has been removed 1 04/13/13
Barbad sab kuch barbad 33 04/13/13
PERSONAL LIFE 7 04/12/13
Hello 1 04/11/13
Sum gentleman mohanlal was saying in 1 post that to becom satsangi we hav to do sex wid wife only one tym in month. Is tis true? 40 04/11/13
I just want to ask that can I invent in fixed deposit for 1 or 10 years. as it is said interest in Islam is not good. i am not investing in outside pe... 8 04/08/13
Bhajn simren kiase kiya jata hi.mera puchne ka mutlaba yoh he ki mathe ke beech ma kese dhyan lagae g. sahayta kijiye.how can i overcome this problem.... 7 04/08/13
Radhasoami Babajji, My name is Kushal babaji i am not radhasoami follower. babaji, nowadays i am in very confusing situation... 11 04/08/13
Tambaku 121 04/07/13
Radha swami ji..Baba ji aap ko to sub pta h..please bataiye na ! ki hum kya kre? Jise pasand karta hu vo bhi satasangi h.but uske family wale achhi no... 1 04/06/13
Question 16 04/05/13
Radhasoami ji 2 04/02/13
Radha soami Ji I want book a hostel for four person from 18th may to 26th may 2013. So requested to you kindly arrange provide the process and addr... 10 04/01/13
Nam dan 9 04/01/13
Radhasoami babaji... Babaji mere se ek bahut bada galati hogaya hai. muje tention ho raha hai roj. mai us galati ko bhul nahi pa raha mai koshish... 1 03/30/13
I want to write books for RSSB.Please help me know the address or id where I can corresspond. thanks rosy 39 03/27/13
Confused- Satsang/Marriage 18 03/25/13
I accept we Radha soami are selfish. 17 03/22/13
Is Babaji Gurinder dhillon a Perfect Master? 25 03/21/13
Radhaswami ji, Sir, Agar ek satsangi ka jivansathi namdaan lene me interested na ho to aisi situation me kya karna chahiye. kindly reply. thank yo... 5 03/20/13
Baba ji' my name is vaibhav what is the meaning of naam daan 4 03/20/13
Radhsaomi babaji.. babaji meere se ek galati hogayi hai.. muje kisini ssahre kiya bat kisiko bata diya. kya mai use dhoka diya jaisa lag raha. u... 2 03/20/13
Internet in radha soami news 3 03/20/13
Radha soami ji babaji main regular sewa mein jati hoon par mujhe dere ke mahaul ke karan kai bar sewa mein jane ke iccha hone ke baad bhi main jaa ... 3 03/19/13
Can u kindly tell me in which months Babji is going to give Satsang in Beas? 2 03/19/13
Radha Swami Ji, I want to take naam daan, kindly guide me what type of book i have to read. Radha Swami Ji. 4 03/19/13
Radha Swami Ji, Kindly give me the address of Baba Ji for correspondence with Baba Ji, regarding writing letter to Baba Ji, please. Radha Swami ... 1 03/19/13
Radhasoami ji. muje adress chahiye babaji ko letter likhne .plz bata sakenge.? 1 03/19/13
Baba ji muje shanti ki jarurat hai kripya bataye me kya karu.. 2 03/19/13
Baba ji muje shanti ki jarurat hai kripya bataye me kya karu.. 2 03/19/13
Babaji Radhasaami, babaji mere gharwale satasangi nahi hai mai mere friend k sat ap ka pahchan mila mai pahale har weak satasng attend karatata sa... 7 03/19/13
Radha swami ji. Baba ji main humesha tension me rahta hu. Meri shadi hone wali hai. Baba ji main bikul kush ni hu. Kripa kr k baba ji meri shadi life ... 4 03/18/13
Radha swami baba ji kaise ho Baba ji you are very late to coming up in my simran bhazan kyo. Mana muzse mistake hot I hai per aap ho naa ek baar m... 2 03/18/13
My husband a strong radha soami follower (satsungi) left me one week after our marriage. 27 03/17/13
Radha Swami Ji, who is entitled for naam daan 1 03/16/13
Who is entitled for naam daan 2 03/16/13
Hi, I am seeker, I have been attending Radha Swami satsang from my child hood. I understand most of what has been said, but there is a point where I g... 32 03/13/13
RSSB HISTORY 10 03/12/13
Radha swami baba ji...mein 23 yrs ki hu...or maine apne study complete kr le hai maine apne study k bad 3month job bhi ki bt ghr valo ki private job n... 4 03/12/13
Baba ji radha soami 1 03/11/13
Simarn-de-barre-plz-ans-me 2 03/09/13
Read the selfishness expressed by true satsangi on a post raised on 27th Feb. 2013 for kala zadu 5 03/08/13
Ego, selfishness, anger, cowardness, Is this are the jewels of satsangi? 4 03/08/13
Please upload babaji's satsang as those who can't go for satsang at least listen to it , as babaji's words gives motivation for doing Simran and Baj... 5 03/07/13
Does anyone know some thing common in Sikh Religion and RSSB GURUS? 27 03/06/13
Baba ji kya beas dere me sewa k liye jatthe me hi aana zaruri hai ya fir alag se bhi aa sakte hai ? or kya waha raat me teherne k liye jagha milegi ?... 3 03/05/13
Babaji, My age is 26 year, I had married last year. I want to know that can i get Naamdan with a 6 month baby without any problem. Further it is m... 4 03/04/13
Baba ji kya sewa karne k liye beas dere me kabhi bhi aa sakte hai ? 2 03/04/13
I want to know how to get accomodation for 6 persons for June bhandara(2nd june 2013) 3 03/03/13
Babaji i want to ask whether there is sewa for computer science engineer in your dera? 3 03/03/13
Pleae let me know about Radha soami martimonial site or marriage bureau. 2 03/03/13
Santmat me sewa ka kya faida hai 4 03/03/13
Radha Soami Satsang Ghar in Edmonton , Canada 1 03/01/13
How did a topic, Respected gurumaharajji, I had taken namdan since 1990.I am vegetarian sin...” raised by some GEETAB1B, on 17.02.2013, having 23 post... 15 02/28/13
Baba ji tuhanu mera sat sri akal. baba ji mera hun teesra vyah hai but same thing is happening. mera waseba nahi ho pa reha. my husband has left me. w... 2 02/28/13
Radha soami ji, main is forum ke members se ye janna chata hu ki kya koi admi black magic se kis ki bhi jaan le sakta hain . baba ji toh kahte hain k... 8 02/27/13
Radha soami baba ji sab to pehale mera hath jod ke namaskar pata hai baba ji mere dil vich bot sare sawal hai jo me tuhade to pucchne hai sab to pehal... 9 02/27/13
Radha soami ji mein ak uljhan mein hoon yahi ki maine pehle baale babaji se naamdaan le rakha hai kaafi saalo se or meri or meri umar 50 saal hai ... 4 02/26/13
Please tell me, have I done something wrong? Why is this happening with me? 3 02/25/13
Maharaj, Mujhe do baar bulaya gaya par naam nahi diya. yeh matter clear nahi ho raha hai ki kab milaga. kyon mujhe bulateho aur nahi dete. khud bhi... 12 02/25/13
Baba ji radha swami mai beas me rehna chahti hun ap mujhe wahan pe koi bhi lob de do jiske kabil mai hun 5 02/23/13
Baba ji......kya love marrige karani galat gal hai....?parents kio nhi smjde k asi jis person nu pasand karde haa ohde nl rhna chande haa......baba ji... 1 02/22/13
Baba ji main ye janna chata hu k karam kiss hadd tak bure ho sakte hai? Kehte hai malik k ghar der hai ander nahi par kya wo der itni jayada hai k jis... 3 02/22/13
Radhaswami ji, Baba ji Delhi bhati satsang m 15th, 16th and 17th march 2013 ko aa rhe h kya namdan ki slip bhi bnegi. ... 0 02/22/13
Related to namdan 2 02/22/13
Suggestion 3 02/21/13
Suggestion 1 02/21/13
Prmatma ek hai, sab jaante hai, sare dhrmo mein likha hai, phr b log samjhte nahi, jaat-paat k naam par jhagrte hai, sab paise k phiche hai, pathar di... 2 02/20/13
Plz suggest me websites for downloading rahaswami shabad! 2 02/20/13
Radha soami ji Kya mujhe beas me computer oprator ka job mil sakta hai 3 02/20/13
Babaji radha soami!, I don't eat non veg ,egg or anything that contain these thing or gelatin like in jam and curd. I read the ingredient before eat... 2 02/19/13
Barbad ho rahe hai g tere apne sehar wale 1 02/18/13
When ever I meditate , I am not able to concentrate on my forehead.I see only darkness inside. I want to ask in darkness where to concentrate???? even... 55 02/16/13
Radha soami g mera ques yeh h ki kya sarai ki booking online ho sakti h agar ha to kaise pls mujhe bataye? 1 02/16/13
Radhasoami ji, 2 02/15/13
Radha soami babaji,sache patshah ji,mainu reply milea tuhada boht khushi hoi,pr babaji meri o problm da jwab ni pta lg rea mainu hle v.babaji tusi ta ... 2 02/15/13
Shabad 0 02/14/13
Radha soami babaji,mai eh qus likh rahi ha eh pta hon de bawjud k tusi hr jagah ho,pr tuhadi ki rja hai,ki hukam hai,o janan lai isda sahara lena pai ... 13 02/13/13
i want to know if my husband now leave that second woman realizing his faults that he has committed a big sin,and want to make everything right no... 7 02/12/13
Radhaswomi 1 02/11/13
Plz can anyone who is initiated by babaji to reply to my question meri zindagi ka saval hai,soch rahi hu ki iss zindagi ko hi khatam karu mein bho... 17 02/11/13
kehte hai ki jo bhi hota hai babaji ki marji se hota hai,mere pati dusri country ja kar dusri shadi ki kisi aur ladki se mujse chupa kar,ab jab muje... 2 02/11/13
Cite if anyone has succeeded to merge his soul in GOD by following rigid RSSB philosophy 1 02/10/13
For person having account named STARSPEED. Plz reply on our last discussion onTEACHING OF KABIR 0 02/09/13
For person having account named STARSPEED. Plz reply on our last discussion onTEACHING OF KABIR 1 02/09/13
Does anyone know anything regarding stray animals and RS? I fed some stray cats--this is done quite frequently in the U.S. I was trying to tame one, a... 0 02/09/13
Regarding JOB 2 02/07/13
RSSB SATSANGIS to offer their comments on plight of parents please. 0 02/06/13
Meri health theek nhi rehti bahut ilaz karva chuki hun or maine naam daan liya hua h par mere husband ka kehna h ki mujhe upari kasar h par mai nhi ma... 1 02/04/13
Teaching of kabir 6 02/03/13
Radhasoami ji..,,, will you plz tell me what is age limit for unmarried male to get naam daan..? 3 02/03/13
Can I visit beas dera when there is no satsang by baba ji ? 7 02/02/13
Is red bull energy dring vegetarian? 2 01/30/13
Is being lesbian sin in sant mat? 7 01/28/13
Sivay parmatma ke sabka sthan barabar hai. 7 01/28/13
I am new in brampton ,can you tell me about satsang place in brampton 1 01/27/13
A question related to radha soami 11 01/26/13
What do you believe happens to us after we die? 5 01/26/13
RADHA SWOMI 1 01/25/13
Is it right? 13 01/25/13
Can correct debit or credit entries be made in one's KARMA A/C without defining GOOD OR BAD KARMAS? 11 01/24/13
Ek insan ko kya chahiye? 1 01/21/13
Mujhe mere sawalo ka jabab nahi milta hai to bahut nirasha hota hai lagta hai ke sara sansar ek jhoot ki pudia hai sab kuch samajh nahi aata akhir dun... 1 01/20/13
About parmatma 1 01/20/13
Mai janna chahta hu ki parmatma ka swaroop kaisa hai 1 01/20/13
Radhasoami baba g 8 01/18/13
RAJATKWATRA : A persistent Non-follower 14 01/16/13
1. RSSB was set up way back in 1890 by Sant Jaimal Singh Maharaj (1884-1903) and since then it is not beyond any doubt that all the five GURUS of RSSB... 8 01/16/13
I have just 2 months back shifted to lowa, near Chicago . Firstly Radha soami, I just want to ask when and where do maharajahgy visit, as I am eagerly... 1 01/16/13
Rastha dekaho 3 01/16/13
Our present age is 22 0 01/15/13
Radha soami ji i loved a boy from the 5 years he loved me and tell me now he is satsangi and iam also satsangi par hme ye nhi samajh aata ke hum apne ... 2 01/14/13
Is it ethical to think of merger of one’s soul in GOD without looking GOD in mankind? 1 01/11/13
I and my SATSANGI spouse! JAB we met for a trip to life struggle? 0 01/10/13
Why stay in dera? 1 01/09/13
Baba g Radha soami kyo nahi kehte? 1 01/08/13
Parmatma ko paane ke liye kya shaadi nahi karni chahiye. 2 01/08/13
Kya 10% RSSB donation ka use garibo ko langar karane me kar sakte hai. 1 01/08/13
Radha Soami Ji , my question is , ki duniya main jo kuch bhi hota hai , uss GOD ki marji se hota hai, magar mujhe kaisey pata chale ki vo mujhe kis rz... 2 01/07/13
RADHA SOAMI JI 5 01/07/13
Is there Research wing in Science of the Soul to update its achievements to present modern level? 4 01/06/13
Kya sab rssb follower selfish hai? 5 01/04/13
Let us visit RSSB's AJNABI SHEHR through its AJNABI RAASTE 0 01/03/13
Nothing but lot of stress around RSSB SATSANGIS is going to be in his kARMAS' debit account! 0 01/03/13
Radha soami 1 01/03/13
Radha soami 0 01/03/13
Kya kre nam dan se pehle buks se to utalva pn aata hai 1 01/03/13
Kya kre nam dan se pehle buks se to utalva pn aata hai 1 01/03/13
I just want to know how can i meet with Babaji 7 01/03/13
I just want to know how can i meet with Babaji 2 01/03/13
Questions arising out of contradictory information available on different websites. 1 01/02/13
I want to take naam Daan from Maharaj Gurinder Singh ji , please tell me how i can 7 12/31/12
Happy New Year 1 12/31/12
Babaji, Your present beautiful swarup is different from ur photograph. I am unable to remember sometimes & wanna to see u. Please release ur present p... 2 12/29/12
I want to visit Deara Baba Jaimal Singh during March, 2013 alongwith my family members in total 11 persons consisting my daughters, son-in law, sons, ... 1 12/29/12
Radha Soami ji, I want a job in dera beas 2 12/29/12
Radha soami, baba ji mujhe dera beas mein job chahiye hai toh plz mujhe kaise resume submit karna hoga. maine apna M.B.A complete kiya ha... 1 12/29/12
Communication when travels, does leave communication gaps unless addressed immediately by RSSB GURU 0 12/28/12
Radhasoami to all mujhe babaji se naam daan ki bakshish hui hai. mera app se sawal hai ki kya hum bhajan simran raat mein sone se pehle kar sakte h... 1 12/28/12
What are conditions to take naamdaan 2 12/28/12
I want to.take naamdaan bt mere gharvvalon ne khi aur se naamdaan liya hai mere liye sirf tv ya cd pr satsang sunna mumkin hai kya mujhe naam ki bakhs... 3 12/28/12
RSSB V/S other Religions 2 12/27/12
Karu benanti dou kar jodi : MERA NUMBER KAB BYEGA. 1 12/26/12
Baba ji radhasoami ji, babaji mein apni life se bahut zyada depressed rehti hoon babaji aap to sab kuch jante ho ki bachpan mein hi mere papa hume cho... 5 12/26/12
How i get accomodation in dera guesthouse for my family during bhandara 1 12/26/12
Radha swomi 1 12/26/12
Outcome of Sikh Movements and Sects including (RSSB) 0 12/25/12
Biased behavior of SATSANGIS with their family, kids as also parents! 1 12/24/12
DRINK 7 12/24/12
Majhab nahi sikhata apas me bair rakhna 1 12/24/12
Is there any GURU other than that of (SCIENCE OF SOUL) having reservations to use electronic media 1 12/23/12
Radha swami g, meri age 35 yr hai. Ta mera naal 6yr di gudiya hai , kya muja dera m rahna ka liya jindagi bhar ka liya jagah mil sakti hai kya baba g... 4 12/22/12
Could someone plz tell how many devotees visit Dera Beas during Baba Ji's satsang, on an average? 6 12/20/12
Could someone plz tell how many devotees visit Dera Beas during Baba Ji's satsang, on an average? 4 12/20/12
Radhaswomi ji 1 12/20/12
Dear Babaji Radha Swomi aapkhi krupa se meri dost mujhse bhaat karne lagi hai aur hum milthe bhi hai par uskhe son kho paat nahi hai Babaji itani krup... 1 12/20/12
A non radha soami should not marry radha soami girl 5 12/19/12
Dear babaji radha swomi babaji aap khi krupa se meri frd mujhse bhat karane lagi hai par uskhe son kho nahi paat hai mei chahthi hu khi woh mujhse sab... 0 12/19/12
Radha swomi ji babaji aap khi kripa se meri dost mujhse bhat tho karathi hai per uskhe son kho nahi paata .babaji itani kripa kare khi meri ... 0 12/19/12
How could i get librarian job in dear satsang beas i m widow i have two kids 1 12/19/12
Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya ho gayi bhagwan? 10 12/18/12
Lack of conclusion even in very Valuable/Important Topics in RSSB Discussion Forum 3 12/17/12
Baba ji radha swami baba ji kai bar samne wala aise treata krta h itna gussa aata h ki hm unhe kuch kh b ni skte or khud hi us bare me soch soch k pre... 1 12/16/12
Hi baba ji radha swami ji . at the moment i am in sydney as a student .i always live in stress because here living for 4 years. i want to get permanen... 1 12/15/12
Hi baba ji radha swami ji . at the moment i am in sydney as a student .i always live in stress because here living for 4 years. i want to get permanen... 0 12/15/12
Funds 1 12/15/12
RSSB Did any one kwnow whether? 1. The receipt of donations is provided in RSSB. 2. The use of funds is provided in RSSB. 3. Is it right to sp... 0 12/15/12
RSSB Did any one kwnow whether? 1. The receipt of donations is provided in RSSB. 2. The use of funds is provided in RSSB. 3. Is it right to sp... 0 12/15/12
Mere pass babaji ke samne hans raj hans ka gaya hua sufi bhajan hai.babaji ke pote ke janam din pe gaya hua.kisi ko chaiye to apna email bhejo mei sen... 29 12/14/12
Radha soami m an 18 year old girl from sikh family..my dad is against satsang and my mum is a beliejueqg..due to dis there relati0ns have got bitter.... 0 12/14/12
Ask for sant mat 0 12/13/12
Many satsangies says that babaji's satsang should be live telecast on tv channels or through other m 11 12/13/12
Radha soami, today i want to ask a question why an honest person has to face more difficulties than other people in his life. rply pls. 2 12/12/12
Radha Soami G....I m looking For RAdha Soami Satsang Gher In Sacramento Calefornia Usa 0 12/11/12
In this whole world there are lot of people .who believe in different religions and customs and they dont know about radha soami . then about their ... 4 12/11/12
right now i have not taken naam . then what should i do i should meditate without any reasons or go to some mandir or gurudawara for bhajans 8 12/11/12
Radhaswomi,babaji Q1) mei naam dhaari nahi hu tho kiya aap mujshe pyaar nahi karthe ho? Q2)meri friend naam dhari hai aur mei uske saath beas mei aap... 5 12/11/12
Pls help me in locating Radha Soami Satsang ghar in greater london. 1 12/10/12
Babaji itni pareshaniya,itni taklifye ab to tried ho gaya hu.koi rah nazar nahi aa rahi 3 12/09/12
I m a Naamdani here in CA, can we take flushots? 8 12/08/12
Has any RSSB devotee to bear the wrath of BABAJI/GURU/MASTER due to slackness in his devotion to teachings of the GURUJI in any manner after having ta... 2 12/08/12
Which KAAR SEWA is and can be spiritually more valuable than the KAAR SEWA at any RSSB SATSANG campus i.e. KAAR SEWA of downtrodden/needy people as ... 0 12/08/12
Conflict in the family or with parents about teachings of BABAJI/GURU/MASTER? 3 12/08/12
Radhasoami, i want to know that is there any job vacency for the computer students doing MCA. RADHA SOAMI 1 12/07/12
Concept of Teachings of a living Master can be achieved only through live telecast as also DVD/CD-- 1 12/07/12
Radha swami babaji ...meri job ni lg ri bhut preshan hu kya kru ... 2 12/07/12
Three persons to be obeyed 4 12/06/12
Radha swami, i want to ask what is the actual meaning of a true guru.? 1 12/06/12
Radhasoami ji, i want to ask you how i can i write a letter to baba ji. reply pls becos i hav no idea about that.radha soami ji 1 12/06/12
Anhad dhun de bare 1 12/05/12
Radha soami Ji, Recently i came across a blog which contained many defamatory information about our babaji. I want to reply them with valid facts a... 2 12/04/12
Radha saomi Ji, I have a question that why are we not allowed to discuss our inner experiences with someone else? 6 12/04/12
Does Radha Soami Satsang believe in MURTI POOJA? If not, why pictures of MASTERS/GURUS are sold in every SATSANG center as also are released on intern... 13 12/02/12
Why are contents of present RADHA SOAMI Master's SATSANG not released on TV or through DVD/CD as is done by other GURUS like BABA RAM DEV, MURARI BABU... 2 12/02/12
Babaji mai ek student hoo mai abhi 20 year ka hoo kya mujhhe nam dan mil sakta ............. 3 12/02/12
Pyar 8 12/01/12
Please provide me email id of BABA/MASTER GURINDER SINGH ji Dhillon. 1 11/30/12
As per Medical Science, meditation is an exercise for stress management apart from its religious requirements. Further as per yoga science, many exerc... 6 11/30/12
Radha soami g...kya is duniya ch tuna means jadu wgera hunda hai...jida loki kehnde hai ki kisi ne iste tuna karta...or diwali wale din ta bot tune hu... 5 11/30/12
Agar beas mein satsang hai or hamari collage ki holidays nahi hai but hum satsang sunna chahte hai to kya hme satsang mein jana chahiye ya collage mei... 1 11/30/12
Radha Soami Ji. satsang mein kehte hai ki if we pluck tree leaf then it became your karam but why you cut trees in beas 2 11/30/12
Radha sowami ji me 21 saal ki hu mere ghar me mere jiju radha sowami ha lekin jiju ne abhi naamdaan nai liya ha. Lekin me ek book padhi thi jo ki baba... 36 11/29/12
BABA JI mere parents apko bhut mante hai but jo ap kehte ho unpe koi dhyan nhi deta ! APNE bhut bar kaha hai ki castes ka bhed bhav ni krna chahiye bu... 4 11/28/12
Radhasoami babaji we want your blessings as earlyas possible 2 11/26/12
But mera mn krta hai ki mai subha roj jot jgau..or hnuman chalisa b pdu...bt devi devta hi itne sare hai smj ni aata kis ki puja kru mai...agr ek nam ... 10 11/25/12
Radha swami g...kya mandir msjid jana chahida hai ?agr jana chahida hai ta kyu?kehnde hai devi devta kol shkti hundi hai mnt mngde hai sukh sukhde ne.... 3 11/25/12
Dear babaji as you know it, my didis husband is fighting between life and death, please unki koi galti ki ho to maaf karo and bless him with jeevandaa... 0 11/24/12
Radhasoamiji.. Iam 27yrs old but not married aur mein is december me naamdan lene beas ja rhi hu. so, as an girl mujhe kya documents leke jane chahiye... 4 11/24/12
Is watchin porn probihited in sant mat? 1 11/23/12
Plz help 5 11/22/12
Radha soami baba je mera nam jyoti agarwal hai aur west bengal sa hu baba je meri shadi 4 sal pahala hui hai aur mera pati ke pariwar wala bhagwan ko ... 3 11/20/12
Many people rely so much on terrot card readings, palmistry, etc.. can things like that really predict past, present and future? or is it only destiny... 1 11/18/12
Want to know inner progress 1 11/17/12
QUE. N ANS. 0 11/17/12
Radha swami Baba ji Hamare ghar mein sab ne naam daan liya hua hai. mere papa ki death ho gayi hai. ab hamare ghar mein kuch log khrabi kar rahe hai... 2 11/17/12
Radha swami g...one more quetion is...kyi bolte hai ki is bhgwan ko mano sb thik hoga..jaise shivji ka nam lo to ye thik hoga..hnuman chalisa pdo..ya ... 2 11/16/12
RADHA SWAMI G..mai 19 year ki hu...muje kuch pta nhi chlta kya shi kya glt....muje dr rehta hai khi kisi ko mai glti se bi heart na krdu....muje nhi p... 8 11/16/12
Radha swami g...kya mandir msjid jana chahida hai ?agr jana chahida hai ta kyu?kehnde hai devi devta kol shkti hundi hai mnt mngde hai sukh sukhde ne.... 0 11/16/12
Baba ji 2 saal phele meri mummy ki death ho gayi...i just want to know is she with u???mera bhai sirf 10 years ka hai and i m worried about him ....af... 1 11/15/12
Satguru ji, hum par apni daya mehar karo. aap jani-jaan hain.kripa karo aur hame is vipatti se bachaao.hame kewal apka hi adhaar hai. 0 11/12/12
Radha swami ji. meri problem ya hai ki kisi third person ki wajah sa meri married life spoll ho rai hai muja help ya moral sort ki jarrrort hai plz pr... 1 11/09/12
Respected babaji, radhasoami, i want to why a satsangi have to suffer more than any normal human being. Any person after having a ... 0 11/07/12
Can i know, when would die shree beas baba ji? 1 11/07/12
Hi Friends, I am a wayward satsangi initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh shortly before he died. Would just like to talk with other satsangis about gene... 1 11/04/12
Lot of tension in life 2 11/02/12
I have wrote 3 letters to Babaji but I did not received any reply. Its my personal problem, but very serious. I dont know what to do. Even I have vis... 8 10/30/12
Main radha swami ko apna nahi pa raha. karan ye hai ki kahten hai ki radha swami naam daan vo le sakta hai jo chal kapat na kare apne bujurgo ka dhyan... 1 10/30/12
Guru ji, mujhe naam daan liye huye 2 saal ho gye, now i see bright light, bt i dn't know how i enter in this light, or karma konsi stage par jakar kha... 0 10/28/12
Accommodation at Dera Beas 0 10/28/12
Radha Soami Ji, I live in Etobicoke, toronto area in ontario Canada, near woodbine mall, can some one pl tell me where is the Satsung held on sundays ... 1 10/28/12
Radha Soami Ji, I live in Etobicoke on, near woodbine mall, can some one pl tell me where is the Satsung held on sundays or other days. 0 10/27/12
Radhasowami i m 19 years old girl.I do go for satsang every sunday i believe in babaji a lot and had sum knowledge that life is becoz of all karma eve... 1 10/27/12
I wish to take Naam, but I dont know the step, how to proceed. whom to contact for the same. Pls guide. 1 10/25/12
Radhaswami. My problem is that My elder sister has lot of ego and attitude and she has emotionally hurt our Mother several times, by her attitude. Des... 3 10/25/12
Meri Shaadi ko kuch hi mahne hue hai...mere pati bahar kaam karte .2 mahine main sirf ek hi baar aate hai..unhone naamdaan liya hai..maine nahi..jab s... 1 10/25/12
Radha soami ji kya shadi ho jane per naam daan mil sakta hai phir chahe uski age 26 saal na ho 2 10/24/12
Kya sukh sa dukh bda hai????????????????????????????? 1 10/23/12
Hi i am 24 male and mom n dad are both blessed with His holiness maharaja charanjeet singh ji, i also want to be blessed with the NAAMDAAN , so please... 0 10/21/12
How can i stay in dera permanently 1 10/19/12
Kaya mere pati ko satsang ghar main kisi ladki ka saath shaadi karne k planning karne ka hak hai 6 10/18/12
Radhasoami Ji, main apne pati k saath rahna chahti hun. 0 10/18/12
Radha soami ji, I am 22 year old and i love to practice the meditation, one night i was ... 4 10/18/12
Radha swami ji,babaji 0 10/17/12
Radha Swami Ji, Babaji ki daya mehar se hmare complete family ko naam daan ki bakshesh hue hue hai or mere wife ko naam daan mile hue 7 years hone ... 5 10/17/12
Baba Ji which Shabd 0 10/17/12
Namdan & satguru sdwaroop 0 10/17/12
Humanresourcedissertation.blogspot.com , free mba thesis download, free mba thesis finance 0 10/17/12
Radha soami ji !! i just want to confirm can i try for naamdaan in pregnancy period? 4 10/17/12
I want to know dates of question answer of children with BABAJI in october-2012 2 10/16/12
What is deffirance betwen god and satguru? "RADHA SWAMI JIIII" 4 10/16/12
Radha soami ji 5 10/15/12
Radhasoami ji when i start bhajan my right leg sleeps and nothing happens to the left leg is th... 3 10/13/12
Mai apne ghar me akeli radha swami hu mujhe apne pure parivar ko rhadha swami banana hai to kaise banao. 10 10/11/12
Radha soami ji meri re sitting ki parchi 2005 me bani thi mujhe resitting me kab tak baitne ki anumati ho sakti hai kya iske loiye mai on line reqwest... 1 10/11/12
Radha soami mujhe namdan mile hue 25 saal ho gaye hai babaji aisi daya mehar kare ki mera bhajan simran me man lagne lage 0 10/11/12
FOR Naamdaan 1 10/10/12
Radha soami g i am afraid of death. because i saw my mother in law in this way first time in my life. So i am scared in going alone anywhere and live ... 4 10/10/12
babaji radhasoami mai ek hi pareshani se 30 saal se sagharsh kar raha hoo aur abb bahut thak chuka hoo aapke bha... 5 10/08/12
Brother's problem 3 10/08/12
Rada soami ji app ne muje simran karne ko kha hi mane abi tak naam nhi liya ha 0 10/08/12
Rada soami baba ji muje rasta dekho me bhot preshan ho 4 10/06/12
My self robina i lived in jalandhar five years baCK I M MARRIED BUT AFTER 2 MONTHS MY HUSBAND LEFT ME AFTER 2 MONTH AS I CANTS ABLE TO GIVE BIRTH TO A... 2 10/06/12
Radha swami baba ji mera one questin hai ki ju satsang ghar sewa karne jathe hai baha MANY people kush aashe hote kosh bure people bolthe hi rahte a... 3 10/05/12
Plz apna personal baatien is page per mat share kra 5 10/03/12
Radha swami maharaj, my mother in law has taken your name...i want to take naam daan too.I dont want to spoil my life in following illogical ritu... 1 09/27/12
Radha Swami ji I belong to pathankot and am follower of radha swami from child hood.my parents my brother has got nam dan but i have tried three time... 2 09/27/12
Radha soami ji, i need help n support to face things in my life Meri problem ye hai k meri mrg abhi 6 month phle hui hai eventhough ye love mrg hai ... 13 09/26/12
Radhasoami Babaji, Babaji kya age gap marriages theek nahin hoti.Je munda kudi to umar ch wada hoye ta te theek hai par je kudi munde to wadi hoye ..... 7 09/25/12
I am 37 year old who has had babaji's kripa of naamdaaan about 10 years back. By his grace I can say that i do not have dearth of anything in this... 2 09/23/12
Radha Soami Babaji Babaji mujhe gyat hai ki jis insaan ko aapki kripya meher se anmol naamdaan milta h,aap usske samhaal her waqt kerte h.Babaji mein... 2 09/23/12
Baba ji rada soami i am rada soami boy age is 21 year main love marriage karvuna chunda ha kude de nanke mere pind hai kudi di mom vi rada soami hai t... 2 09/17/12
Baba ji rada soami i am rada soami boy age is 21 year main love marriage karvuna chunda ha kude de nanke mere pind hai kudi di mom vi rada soami hai t... 2 09/17/12
The Radha Swami's are asked not to eat eggs, meat..etc... As they have a belief that Vegeterain diet acknowledges that there is a debt to be paid for... 6 09/14/12
Radha Soami ji, sir i recently join Sat-sang beas as a sewadar & i recently attend Baba g sat-sang at bangalore, i got so much influenced by Baba g... 1 09/10/12
Radha Soami ji, I'm a Chartered Accountant. Can I get a job Dera related 2 my qualification...Plz reply. 2 09/08/12
Job in dera beas 1 09/08/12
I believe in sai baba.he is simple guru and showed the path of salvation. i dont know the reason, why i am not able to accept radha soomi as my guru? ... 4 09/07/12
Radha soami 4 09/05/12
Radha soami baba ji , baba ji maine (saroj) bade maharaj ji se naam dan liya tha par baba ji mera bhajan nhi banta . mai aapki beti bahut dukhi ho gy... 2 09/02/12
Babaji i am in difficult situation jisse mujhe pyar h wo b radha soami bnda hai and hum marig krna chahte hai par wo abi baat nai krna chahta hai gh... 10 09/01/12
I want to visit at beas in october 2012 i send the letter but dont fine any answer can i do online accommodation booking 2 08/29/12
I want to ask a personal question for spritual help from beas dera. where can i write? can i post it here? who will reply? 1 08/29/12
Radha soami Babaji, i am in a very difficult situation being clashes in relation between my wife and mother. - My mother is of a dominating natu... 1 08/26/12
This is a fake id. 1 08/26/12
For mail id 1 08/25/12
divorce 1 08/25/12
Ebreuil Auvergne 0 08/24/12
Request for hostel accommodation for six persons for eight days [16 to 23 oct 2012] 0 08/24/12
I have written a letter for the accomodation but i want in hostel because i want to come with my mother and she is 76 yrs old. she cannot manage in sa... 0 08/24/12
Info. About Acomundation in Beas For Hostels Room 1 08/23/12
Radha swami, babaji mujhe apne antar main kuchh salon se ruhani anubha ho rahe hain par mujhe namdaan nahi mila hai kyonki mere sasural ke ghar main k... 5 08/23/12
Babaji ki kra 3 08/21/12
Why are reports coming up on TV of land being seized from poor people and Sikh temples being destroyed by RSSB? 1 08/20/12
Aurillac France 0 08/19/12
Kya mai dera mai settle ho sakta ho 1 08/19/12
Mera ab is dunia mai jeene ka dil nhi karta mai pyar ki talash mai bhatakta rha per muje kisi se pyar nhoi mila. Muje jindgi bojh si lagti hai mai is ... 3 08/19/12
Bhai ka bag kaha ha 0 08/19/12
What is the position of the gurus of RSSB regarding feeding meat to pets (cats) that need meat to be really healthy? Van C. 1 08/17/12
I want an accommodation in hostel for 2 days i.e 3nov nd 4nov 2012...kindly tel me what documents r required nd how to get hostel booked for NRI's....... 0 08/16/12
I wana settele in dera beas with my family we are four people me my husband and two children .Presently i am working with international BPO but after ... 1 08/16/12
Babaji mein family ke sath october me aa paungaa 0 08/14/12
Pls don't take part in any discussion regards Radha soami matt, as it could lead some one wrong way. Have question ? Ask some one at your local centre... 0 08/07/12
Baba ji i have big problems in dhun can i write a letter to u 0 08/01/12
Babaji namdan mil jaiga september main mannu 0 07/29/12
Babaji vyan na krava te chalega? dere vichh jagah milegi rahan di? umar bhar leyi? 0 07/28/12
Can anybody tell me where is satsang ghar in Florida(Near Tampa or St.peterburg)? Also is there any satsangi living nearby areas of Tampa or St.peter... 0 07/27/12
Radha swami baba Ji 0 07/25/12
Radha swami baba Ji . Baba Ji jo mai tuhanu qus karagi .kye tusi Manu os da ans jaroor damoge .... 3 07/25/12
Do we really get the reply 1 07/25/12
Baba Ji radha soami Baba ji admi marne ke baad kahan jata hai. Kya hum apne priy logo ko kabhi mil sakte hain. Neelam 0 07/24/12
Radha Soami Baba Ji Baba Ji mein puchna chahti hun ki kya jadoo tona ya hawain ho hain. Neelam 0 07/24/12
Radha swami ji Babaji You are aware of all what I am going through . I am really thankful to you for taking me out of this situation , Babaji pl... 0 07/24/12
Pls. Koi b na use kare yeh site. 4 07/23/12
Naam dan tu prabhu ki baksheh hai na 0 07/20/12
Mar ke adami kite janda hai 0 07/19/12
Naam daan 0 07/19/12
Radha soami baba ji,my life is full of sadness.baba ji plz help karo you know everything ,plzzz baba ji help karo.waiting for your reply baba ji.thx 0 07/18/12
How I can raserve a beas cheritable hostel? 0 07/18/12
Resarvation 0 07/18/12
Seva ghar se ya sirf satsang mein 0 07/17/12
Radhasoami ji kuch din pahla tak shabad sunana ko har samy mann karata tha bhajan mai bhi bhut mann lagta tha ab mann bilkul is taraf nahi jata kaya v... 0 07/15/12
Radha soami baba ji 1 07/13/12
Radhasoami ji mere ek friend bhramkumari hai vahh mugha kahna lagi ki ma tujha god sa milva sakti hau toh mana kha ki mujha god sa milana ki responsib... 2 07/12/12
Baba g plsss agar naam daan ke baad koi galti ho jaaye or kya us galti ki maafi milegi galti ke karan mein dere mein bhi nahi aa paarahi 4 07/11/12
Could anyone one let tell me where is radha swami satsang ghar at london ?pls...i will be grateful if anyone could let me know abt it and pls if possi... 1 07/10/12
Radha soami every one, can anybody answer me this question why babaji gives all the sorrows to a person who have full faith upon him. m worshipping... 2 07/09/12
HI, Could anyone please let me know when is the next satsang by babaji in sydney? Kind Regards, 0 07/08/12
Sir we r in sydney now adays ,plz tellus on which date n place babaji ji will give parvachan 0 07/08/12
Radhasoami Baba ji....I want to shift permanently to beas with my parents...all three of us want to indulge in ur sewa till we r alive...kindly let us... 1 07/07/12
Radha swami baba ji ki haal ne aap ji de baba ji main beas dere ch parmantly rhna chundi ha ki main rh skdi ha apni family de nal dere vich 0 07/05/12
Hi, My Mother has taken Naamdaan many years back somewhere around 1985 .since new batches are being created ,my mom does not know the exact date of... 0 07/05/12
I want to become a sewadar at beas. I am working as asstt. professor in textile research institute at ghaziabad.My age is 56 years. I am an initiate a... 0 07/03/12
I want to fill the form of Sarai accommodation plz tell me procrdure of Sarai accommodation 0 07/03/12
Radha swami babaji namdaan lene ke baad se jeevan mein pareshaniyaan badh gayi hain iska kya karan hai 3 06/29/12
Radha swami babaji kabhi kabhi aapki bahut daya mehar hoti hai humare upar simran bhajan mein bahut man lagta hai aur kabhi kabhi bilkul man nahi lagt... 2 06/29/12
When it will be Radhaswami sat sang by baba Ji in sydney 0 06/27/12
When it will be next radhaswami sat sang by baba ji 2 06/26/12
Everytime my discussion breaks..please help me. 0 06/25/12
How i get guest hostel at beas. i m from london. i want to came here in weekends 1 06/22/12
May i know what the schedule of babaji programme in us.... 0 06/22/12
Do Babaji give Naam-daan when he comes to bangalore.? 0 06/22/12
Pls is site ka use na kare ji radha soami ji 1 06/21/12
Request from all dear sangat jio 0 06/21/12
Radha Soami Ji,, Kya Hume Naamdaan Ki Bakshish Ke Pehle Bhajan Pe Bethna Chahiye ? 0 06/20/12
RadhaSoami babaji mere mann me pichle 10 saalo se 1 sawaal ha. Babaji aap satwang me kehte ha simran karo. Jab Maine apne dadaji se pucha ki simran ka... 0 06/19/12
Babaji radha soami maine apse study ka pucha tha.tabse m sirf sunday ko sewa par jati hun lekin, mujhe gussa ane lag gaya hai pahle m itna gusa nah... 7 06/18/12
Radha swami ji plz mujhe btayie ki jo b kuch hota h babaji ki mrji se hota h nd agr koi babaji pe itna vishwas krta h to unke sath hi hmesha glt kyu h... 2 06/18/12
Kya mujhe mere question ka ans melega 0 06/17/12
Radha soami ji, mujhe naam daan mile hue ek saal ho chuka hai, par sab kuch jaante hue bhi mujhse ek bahut badi galti hue hai, kya mujhe iski bahut ba... 1 06/17/12
Babaji myself Monika i m 18 yrs. Old nd i m doing BDS 1st yr and my partner has complete his BDS and he want job in beas so wat he should do to get th... 0 06/16/12
Babaji myself Monika i m 18 yrs. Old nd i m doing BDS 1st yr and my partner has complete his BDS and he want job in beas so wat he should do to get th... 0 06/16/12
Babaji myself monika i m 18yrs. Old and i m doing BDS 1st yr. Actualy my partner has comleted BDS and he want job in beas, so what he should do to get... 1 06/16/12
Radha swami 0 06/16/12
Need a help 0 06/15/12
Where is center in malaysia. 0 06/14/12
Babaji kisko darshan dete h ? radha soami ji 0 06/13/12
Maine suna h ki babaji ki koi bhi site ya discussion forum net par nahi h 0 06/12/12
Can i get a special help 5 06/11/12
Baba ji radhasoami ji aap bhahut sundar ho or aap bhahut acche ho sub satsangi ki laaj rak na ... 0 06/11/12
Tttt 0 06/11/12
Radha soami ji i m 25 year old... kya mujhe naam mil skta h plz reply? 0 06/10/12
Sitting in early morning 1 06/09/12
Baba ji radhaswami, I got married 5 months back and i got initiation on 3 months back in Eeb 2012. My married life is not doing well I tried to cal... 0 06/08/12
Pls Ap logo se meri ek Request hai ji...... 0 06/08/12
Babaji kya hum app se fash to fash mil sakate he 0 06/08/12
Babaji man karta simran aur bajan karne ka par aalas aajata ha aalas ko kaise door kare 1 06/08/12
Accommodation 1 06/08/12
Kya babaji me Beas dere me sewa kar sakti hu me unmarried hu age 30 he namdan liya hu hai accounting and computer ka kam karti hu pgdca,tally ,B.a, B.... 0 06/07/12
Babaji jab simaran me par sum hote hai uske bad bhajan me kese bethe 2 06/07/12
RADHASWAMI BABAJI muje apne liye kuch nahi chaiye.Me apne parents ke liye khuch chahti hu vo har bar move karte rehte ha.kabhi yeh city chod kar kahi... 0 06/07/12
Radha soami ji m babaji se milna chahti hu. m janti hu babaji har jagah h phir m unse kaise mil sakti hun 0 06/07/12
Radha soami baba ji.... meri abi shadi hui h... n mere husband drink karte h n non vegetarian h.... mje ye sab acha ni lgta .... wht shd i do??/ help ... 0 06/07/12
Radha soami baba ji .... hme agar lgta h ki hmse koi bht pyar krta h... aur in any case hme koi prb h ki hm agar uske sath rahenge toh wo khush ni ra... 0 06/07/12
Radha soami ji babaji hum jealousy ku krte h?????????? 0 06/07/12
Mere satguru ji.... 1 06/07/12
Dear Baba Ji 0 06/06/12
Baba ji please giv me reply of my question . m very disturb baba ji ..... kya mar jana ek solution hoga..... 7 06/05/12
Radha soami to all of you babaji ne bacho ke sath jo question answer kiye, kya mujhe mil sakte h ? 0 06/04/12
RS Ji....main 22yrs ka hu maon satsang ghr jaata hu sewa krta hu.babaji kehte hai ki sewa karoge to ego khatam hogee ....jukaw aayega......mujhe bhagw... 1 06/04/12
RS Baba ji mujhe naam dan mila hai per mein bahut paresan hu meri choti bahan ne cort marriage kiya hai meri badi bahan ke devar se.eska pata na meri ... 0 06/04/12
KYA babaji ko apne parivar ke liye samay mil jata h?? 1 06/04/12
Plz suggest me 1 06/04/12
Radhaswami ji; mera sawl ye h ki maine swami ji maharaj shiv dyal ji ki jeevni padi usme likha h ki baba ji hukka peete the per kabirdas ji to kehte h... 2 06/04/12
Radha swami g mera pehla swal ye h k is site pr questions k jwab kon deta h? or dusra swal un sbke liye h jinhe naamdaan ki bkshish nhi hui kya wo ... 2 06/03/12
Babaji if we go out of India and over there if person could not understand the veg food so @ time what shall we do if v r Nama dari 1 06/02/12
Could a variable in univariates analysis which is protective factor be a risk factor during multivariate logistic regression having clean data? 0 06/01/12
I started a discussion on 28.5.2012 why i got a kiddish reply.can i ask for help.can anybody answer me. 8 06/01/12
Babaji m apna ek decesion apko bata rahi hu ab jab tak mujhe job nahi milti m seva p nahi aungi , m apne exam ki tyari karugi............... kya m... 0 06/01/12
Baba G Radha Swami Baba G mere brother ke office mein sabhi officers use bhut tang karte hai. uski new job hai vo kisi ko kuch kah nahi sakta. vo ky... 0 06/01/12
Radha soami ji 0 05/31/12
Agar kisi satsangi ki bat buri lag jaye to kaya kare 1 05/31/12
Hamara man bhajan simran me kyon nahi lagta 2 05/30/12
Blabaji ko hath joor kr radha swami. Kya mrityu ka safar itna hi mushikal hota ha jitna ki jeevan ka , 1 05/29/12
Babaji kya mujhe beas me job mil sakti h radha soami "sry babaji m sewa nahi puch rahi " 3 05/29/12
Zindgi ene baba g zo insaan apne han ohi ena dukh dinde hn..... 1 05/29/12
Chinta ku hoti h?????????? 0 05/29/12
Radha soami ji. I creat this id today so First of all i want to ask this. Pls. Dont mind.. Aap koun ho or kya yea sab answars baba ji dwara deeye jaa... 0 05/28/12
Kya parmatma is crime ko rok nahi sakta ............. 2 05/28/12
Mujhe apni gandi adato pe control karna sikhao ,me ada sewa me hu ada buri adato me apne se frustrate ho chuka hu ,self confidence bhut kam ho chuka h... 1 05/28/12
About my difficult life and no solution 3 05/28/12
Radha soami ji, baba ji you have said number of times in satsang that aatma is a part of parmathma , then what was the aatma's fault that it separate... 1 05/27/12
Radha swami ji. Hame langar m bataya jata h ki plate m juth nahi chorna h pura khana finish karke h uthna h.ye langar babaji ka parshad h magar ye to... 1 05/26/12
Babaji me bhut pereshan hu smj nhi aata me kya kru. or me bhut gnda bhi hu. me kese ki baat nhi maanta seway aapki jo aap khetey vhi krta hu. me su... 2 05/25/12
Is dunia me crime kab khatm hoga radha soami ji 1 05/25/12
Babaji kya ap kisi se naraj hote ho 0 05/25/12
Can I get letter reply from babaji or authorised person for personal serious matter, if yes what is procedure. Please help me, I am very tense. 1 05/24/12
Satsang 1 05/24/12
Mannat kisko kahte h 1 05/24/12
Mera discussion aj kapdo ke bare m h 1 05/24/12
Babaji kya ap apne kam se khush ho 0 05/24/12
About babaji pics 4 05/24/12
Babaji m mehnat nahi karti hu plz ap ashirvad de do radha soami ji 2 05/24/12
May i send my words to babaji through this page? 1 05/24/12
In Deep trouble - Pls help 1 05/24/12
Sachkhand 1 05/23/12
Radha swami babaji muje name ki bakshish ho chuki he use 3 years ho chuke he me simran karne beathta hu thoda hota he. me apke bataye huwe 2.30 hours ... 4 05/23/12
Agar m koi discussion ya question delete karna chahu to kaise karoo 2 05/23/12
Radha soami ji m ye puchna chahti hu ki agar mujhe koi bat buri lage to us situation me m kya karoo......... m gussa nahi karna chahti plz... 1 05/23/12
Radhasoami ji ....mera naam pulkit hai....main qestion poochna chaata hu ji ki agar hume babaji ke sapne me darshan ho......babaji mujhse koi baat kre... 2 05/22/12
Mera Frnd Perry hai .....uski age 25 hai......wo poochna chata hai ki maine naamdaan ni liya hai.......main satsang ghar me sewa kartu hu......mujhme ... 3 05/22/12
On which date and month satsang will be held at Sydney by Baba Ji 0 05/22/12
Iska answer jaroor dena . radha soami 1 05/22/12
Meri ek kami h m batana nahi chahti ......... sorry puchne ke liye . mujhe attraction bahut jaldi hota h kya karoo? 0 05/22/12
My question 1 05/22/12
Aisa kyu h ki hme apni tarif achi lagti h aur dant buri lagti h 1 05/22/12
Radha soami ji ... Mujhe Baba ji se milna ho tou mein kya karu ..kuch aisi paresani hai mere sath jo mein sirf baba ji ko hi bata sakta hu aur mujhe b... 1 05/22/12
Radha soami ji ek question ka answer aur poochna chata hu ji......ki maine naamdaan ni liya hua hai meri age 22 hai....aur mujhe babaji pe poora belie... 2 05/21/12
Radha soami ji.......M Pulkit.....main poochna chata hu ki agar koi insaan naamdaani ni hai to kya wo galat karam kar sakta hai?......aur jo naamdaan... 1 05/21/12
Kya beas me just ghumne ke liye ana sahi h plz reply 1 05/21/12
Want to meet babaji 1 05/21/12
Jab koi jeev aatma satsangi k ghar peda (birth ) hui ho or har parkar ki us jeev ne saad sangad ki sewa bhi ki ho kya baba g use galat rasta chun ne d... 3 05/20/12
Agar koi bhi kam hum bahut time se kar rahe h ,par usme hme nirasha mil rahi h to hme us kam ko chod dena chahiye ya nahi ya usi kam ko karte rahn... 3 05/20/12
Kya babaji ko kisi bat ka bura lagta hoga 1 05/20/12
Hum bure vicharo ko kaise chode 1 05/20/12
Radha soami ji .Mera naam deepak hai mein abhi kuch din pehle hi radha soami ji beas aaya tha aur mein ek ladki ko bahut pasand krta hu ussne hi mujh... 3 05/19/12
Discussion 1 05/18/12
Kya apko marne se dar lagta h 1 05/18/12
Agar ap kabhi babaji se mile h to plz apka experience mere sath shayer kijiye 0 05/18/12
Babaji,satsangike jeevan mei hi itni pareshania ko aati hai 1 05/18/12
Radha swami, mera dukha da ant kdo hovaga 1 05/18/12
Agar babaji apke pas aye aur bole m tumhe tumhari marji ki ek chij dena chahta hu 3 05/17/12
Ap baba ji ko kitna pyar karte ho plz answer every one who loves babaji 3 05/17/12
Radha swaomi ji I Shweta, am 24 years and 8 months old. I wanted to inquire if i can be given naamdaan right away at this age itself. cant even wai... 2 05/16/12
Babaji manu sayana bana deyonge plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz radha soami ji 0 05/16/12
Babaji 0 05/15/12
Rs g,hum do sisters hain,hamare x father hain,vo hamein ghar nahi aane dete, mere mother expire ho chuki hai,vo pehle hamesha yehi kehti thi ki agar m... 1 05/14/12
Baba g Radha Soami Baba g ene dukh kyun ande ae ki bnda ro ro ke jindgi ktte te rab nu responsible thehrave????????????? Baba g answer kreo 1 05/11/12
Radha swami , i m very tensed coz ghar m bhut problem chal rai hai 1 05/10/12
Radhasoami ji i have completed 26 yrs(male). i am married. we both want to take naam daan in couple and want to know the all conditions for naam da... 3 05/10/12
Gussa ana 3 05/10/12
Polite request 0 05/08/12
Dy Manager (Admn) 2 05/08/12
On my sis's marriage 1 05/07/12
Baba g kayi baar maan preshan ho janda hai phr ki karna chahida hai. 0 05/07/12
Radhasoami ji I want accomodation in dera from 29 june to 2/july/12 to attend bhandara 1 july 2012 for six members . so you are requested to grant ... 1 05/07/12
Risposta hey ragazzo è tornato 8 05/07/12
Jeev per guru ki dya 0 05/07/12
Jeev per guru ki dya 0 05/07/12
Radha sovmi g Meri fri ka husband usa divorce dena chahta hai kya usa da dena chayia. 0 05/07/12
Radha soami ji,humein professionaly kuchh aise kaam karne padte hain jo mann ko thokar marte hain jaise teacher ka bache ko punishment dena kya santma... 1 05/07/12
Radha soami ji 1 05/06/12
Radha soami ji kya esa ho sakta h ki hme kisi ki koi bat buri hi na lage kafi bar esa hota h ki mujhe koi bat buri lagti h and i get angry what i ... 2 05/06/12
My request to all the people using this discussion form 1 05/02/12
What is the goal of our life 2 05/02/12
M kya karoo 1 05/01/12
Babaji is not doctor but a teacher 1 04/30/12
Radha soami ji,agar local satsant par na jayein aur ghar baith kar hi us time bhajan simran kar lein to theek hai.becoz baba ji satsangon me bhajan si... 7 04/28/12
Radha Swami Ji, I want accomodation in dera from 12th May 2012 to attend bhandara 13th May 2012 so you are requested to grant me accomodation fo... 1 04/28/12
Radhasoami Babaji Meri beti ko kab naam daan denge? 2 04/26/12
Apne in laws ko beas mein aane ke liye kaise manana chahiye 2 04/25/12
Radha Soami Ji!! kisi ne muj se yeah swaal kia thaa Family mein Sabi ko Naamdaan mila hua hai except for one person who is non-veg too. Ghar mein ... 3 04/24/12
Baba ji kab miloge 0 04/23/12
Baba g bina naam ke hum simran kaise kar sakte hain 2 04/23/12
Jo apna dil nu galat lga 1 04/23/12
Radha sovmi , baba g main ek musibat main fass gayi hu muja rasta dikha. Ek kaam esa hai jisa karna ka dil nahi manta meri nazaro main wo galat hai p... 1 04/22/12
Why crime 2 04/22/12
Kya satguru namdaan ka baad apna sewak ki help karta hai simran karna ka liya. 1 04/22/12
baba ji kya mujhe ashirwad de sakte ho 1 04/21/12
Parmatama ki yad 1 04/21/12
Baba ji apki mail id de do plzzzzzzzzzzz 0 04/21/12
baba ji m apse roj milna chahti hu m chahti ki roj mujhe apka asirvad mile plz agar m apko radha soami bhejo to ap reply kar dena radha soami 0 04/21/12
Radha soami baba ji kya ap is discussion form me ho 4 04/21/12
Kya may main beas m namdaan milaga 2 04/20/12
Naam simran nahi ho pa raha mann bhut bhtakta hai 5 04/19/12
Married and naamdaan!! 2 04/19/12
Let's say I have some disease and I will in less than a year. Can I get a naam daan before I die? 0 04/19/12
Baba g radha swami. Maina 7year pehla chattarpur main namdaan liya tha us ka baad sa main bhut pershan hu.last oneyear sa main apna mayka main hu. Mer... 4 04/19/12
Baba jee bahut parishan hoo daya karo 0 04/19/12
Baba ji hamari life kya hai kyun hum apni is life ko achi mankar unlogo se pyar karne lagte hai jo matlabi hote hai halaki wo log apne apko sant mat p... 4 04/18/12
Rs g baba ji me bahut badi musibat me hu.madat karo baba g.meri patni ne mujh par dahej ka kesh kar diya hai or fir me mere sabhi pariwar ke naam de r... 1 04/18/12
Radha Soami Ji!!! I had someone asked me this question and my answer was NO. Please correct me if i am wrong. Family mein Sabi ko Naamdaan mila hua... 0 04/17/12
We cant mail babaji directly but we can write a letter to him .....does babaji reply if we ask something to him regarding worldly matters? if one need... 0 04/17/12
Radhasoami everyone! 2 04/17/12
I am here in Connecticut, USA. Is there any satsang ghar in connecticut? Please Help.... 0 04/17/12
Which is the greatest sin in dis world? 7 04/16/12
Abt naam dan 1 04/16/12
Blessings 0 04/16/12
From where the parmatma(god) came 2 04/16/12
But without hardwork in study do you think babaji will happy don't think it as critisizing you . and thanks for reply 0 04/15/12
Radha Soami Ji 0 04/14/12
Radha Soami Ji, Just 1 month back I relocated to Irving, TX. Any one have any idea when babaji is coming to Houston, Texas or anywhere nearby Irving.... 0 04/13/12
I wondered if there was a group in Ohio? And also, Babaji shows up in the USA, and I usually know about it 1 day before. Can I get information from so... 0 04/13/12
Can Hostel accommodation be booked through E mail 1 04/12/12
Radha Soami ji... Baba ji tell me one thing if there is God or some power who is the almighty, who punishes you when you do wrong and rewards you i... 5 04/09/12
Can Anyone inform me the email address at which we can put our request or ask our doubts to baba ji directly? Kindly reply soon at rohit.24oct@gmail.c... 1 04/09/12
Babaji namastein naam dan tu prabhu ki baksheh hai na! aap he ne kaha tha. to phir ek community kyun isse bekhar rahe. jee ha babaji, vo community h... 4 04/09/12
Baba ji sewa aur study me se jyada kya important h 2 04/09/12
Babaji radhasoami I like you and I want to follow what you say i want to feel as you with me all the time but i cann't I want to talk y... 3 04/09/12
I want to know the meaning of seva that is done at satsang ghar. 2 04/09/12
I m find job maney time but my fined it job tell me whaT A PROMB. AND NO IDEA FOR Biussnes 4 04/08/12
If you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Would you like it if someone said the same 2 04/08/12
If you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Would you like it if someone said the same thing to your family or you ? You need to learn ... 0 04/08/12
Please respect every one 2 04/08/12
If you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Would you like it if someone said the same 0 04/08/12
Please respect every one 2 04/08/12
Aaj kal Shayad hum ” Santmant “ Ka matlab bhi yahi smaj rahe hai. Ki Dunyavi jarurto ko pura karne ka mat hi “Santmant” hai. hum wada ek se kar ke ... 0 04/08/12
About naam daan 1 04/07/12
Radhasoami ji babaji meri mother ko naam daan apse mila hai 1990 me. Mujhe naam daan 2000 mai apse mila hai malik aap janni jaan hai Maa pichhale ek m... 0 04/07/12
Radha Soami ji. Mera naam deepak hai aur mein ek ladhki se bahut prem krta hu aur wo bhi .hum dono jaldi hi shadi k pavitra bandhan mein bandna chaha... 7 04/05/12
Dheyan lagan de bare 0 04/02/12
Me ekali rahti hoo koi jimmedari nahi hai or 53 sal ke graduate lady hoo kya mujhe byas dere me ya hospital me job mill sakta hai me bahut icchuk hoo ... 1 04/02/12
I am 53 year old lady . i am divorce from the last 23 years and have no issue. I am graduate and working lady . I want to work in Byas Hospital . wha... 3 03/31/12
The Sewadar In-charge, Radhasoami Satsant Beas, Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, Beas Dear Sir, Sub : Request for Hostel Accommodation. We would li... 0 03/28/12
guy came to c me....iwas not ready for marraige..but i dont know i took a bad decision n said yes to him....we were engaged n but i kept on telling h... 6 03/26/12
I have heard that land of RSSB, Ahmedabad has been sold out. I want to know, address on new satsang premises. Whether next programme of Babaji will be... 0 03/26/12
In radha soami mat is it not right to do any kind of puja when you believe in this mat and also listen to satsang?Is Babaji against puja paath? 1 03/25/12
Radha soami ji.i want a hostel booking of july satsang only friday&saturday.kaya mil sakti hai. 0 03/24/12
I m 25 yrs old female,unmarried and i m homoeopathic doctor want namdan plz can u tell me that mujhe nam mil sakta hai? 6 03/23/12
Radha soami g my age is 25 yrs and i m homoeopathic doctor i want namdan .kya mujhe mil sakta hai 1 03/23/12
RS babaji, i hav a lil confusion. me and my wife want to take naam daan. i attech to rssb last 7 year back. but i dont stop to eat non veg. now sudnel... 1 03/23/12
Can we do simran before taking naam daan from baba ji? Because some people says without guru's permission we can't do simran Please open my mind... ... 1 03/22/12
Radha Soami Babaji,My mother was an ardent devotee of Radha Soami (had taken NAAM DAAN from babaji) & had instilled the similar affection for Babaji i... 12 03/21/12
ABOUT THE WORLD 5 03/20/12
M 27 years old and unmarried? can i take naam daan or what is age limit for girls for naam daan? 2 03/20/12
Radha Soami Ji, As I am new in Pune. Can someone please tell me how can I reach for Babaji's Satsang on 7th & 8th April in Pune? As of now I am st... 5 03/19/12
Address for 7th & 8th april's satsang 1 03/19/12
Babaji radhasoami ji.babaji ap mere man ki sari baat jante ho ki main apse kya kehna chahti hu .plz babaji mujhe is problem se bahar nikalo or batao k... 2 03/18/12
Baba ji radha soami.babaji ap sab kuch jante ho ki mere main apse kya puchna chahti hu.plz baba ji mujhe batao ki mere maam ki ye baat puri hogi ya na... 1 03/18/12
Relationship between the soul and lord. 1 03/17/12
Baba ji radha soami ji. babaji mere vich ik bahut badi kami hai jo tusi jande ho .bas ini kirpa karo ki main iss kami noo dur kar saka .app ji da hath... 0 03/17/12
I just want to know when baba g coming in melbourne what date 0 03/17/12
My name is anita. i want to talk with baba g only.can i talk with him.can u provide me his no 0 03/17/12
Radha Swami ji. Mera sare parivar ne baba ji se naam dan liya hai aur main bhi lena chahta hoon. Galti se maine Hotel Management ki degree kar li hai... 2 03/16/12
We say that Everything happens with God's Wish . God ke bina Putta bhe nahee hilta , to jo hum paap karte hein kya wo bhee God Kee wish se karte hein ... 5 03/15/12
Baba Ji Radha Soami Baba ji arithrities ho gaya hai baba ji 8-9 saal se pareshan hoon ab mera dard bahut badh gaya hai mein jeen nahin chahti hoon bab... 2 03/14/12
Radha soami g I am 25 years old. My husband is non Satsangi and they are non vegetarian and take alchohal. I want that they attend satsang and me ... 3 03/14/12
My Mamaji is staying in Germany for the last 30 years. He is seeking naamdaan. Does he have to come to india to apply for parchi for naamdaan or can h... 0 03/12/12
How do I get naam dan .Is there anyone I can contact? 2 03/11/12
I want to take naam dan .How do I do it?Will Babaji give me .I have been attending his satsangs for the last 11 years.His teachings make sense to me .... 0 03/11/12
Naam daan 0 03/11/12
Radha soami ji meri sister ki shadi 4 year shal pahle hui thi jo ki ek satsangi pariwar hai unhone uske sath saririk ve mansik atyachar kiya hai.s... 0 03/11/12
Radha soami ji meri sister ki shadi 4 year shal pahle hui thi jo ki ek satsangi pariwar hai unhone uske sath saririk ve mansik atyachar kiya hai.s... 5 03/11/12
Radha soami g thanks for the sugestion and giving me a way of right direction. Thats nice that i have to survive and cover my way on independently. ... 0 03/11/12
Radha soami g i am 25 yrs old married girl. I want to take naam daan from the Radha soami satsang beas and i also want that my husband also take the n... 6 03/09/12
Meri patni mujhase talak lena chahti hai kya mei use talak de du. 5 03/09/12
Radha Soami ji Please tell me about NAME DAN Dates 0 03/09/12
Basic rule before taking naam daan 1 03/09/12
Santmat 4 03/07/12
How can i go to radhasoami satsang dera delhi? which station i have to go?nizamuddin or new delhi? pl suggest complete route as how to reach delhi d... 1 03/07/12
Wat happens in life is happens for good... 4 03/07/12
Mere parents ne naamdar leya hua h..v all are vegeterians...jinta egg khane k crime h ,utne he sir pe lgana b??? 1 03/07/12
Raasta dikhayen Baba Ji 1 03/07/12
Raasta dikhayen Baba Ji 0 03/07/12
Radhasoami ji main 25 may 2012 ke naamdaan shedule ke anusar naamdaan prapat karna chahta hu beas se but we need some informations- 1. naamdaan ki... 0 03/06/12
Radha soami ji.. "dhan dara sut raaj kaaj mathe bhar gaheo" yeh quotation kiski wording ha.agar yeh pura shabad kisi k pass ha to please send me.. my ... 0 03/06/12
Radhasoami ji .. i am 26 yr working woman .. i wants and needs to take naam ..i read for woman who are unmarried the age should be 28 yrs and above ..... 1 03/06/12
Radha soami ji.. "dhan dara sut raaj kaaj mathe bhar gaheo" yeh quotation kiski wording ha.agar yeh pura shabad kisi k pass ha to please send me.. my... 2 03/04/12
Radha soami ji main teen saal se aapke paas jaata hoon lekin mujhe naam daan nahi mil raha hai kya main jaan sakta hoon kab tak milega 1 03/03/12
Babaji ka koi email address hai? kya hamare mail ka answer babaji dete hai? 12 03/03/12
Radhasoami ji, I wish to take naam, but i dont know the exact formalities. I am 29 yrs old, married, working and i have been a radhasomai followe... 2 03/02/12
Hello Babaji, I am in a very difficult situation these days... as my wife just got naam daan from you recently... it is not that i oppose this.... ... 2 03/01/12
Some Lines Dedicated to My master 4 03/01/12
Where is satsang ghar in mumbai and how to reach 1 02/29/12
Accommadation dera beas 0 02/28/12
About my difficult married life. 9 02/27/12
Naam 1 02/24/12
Radha Soami ji, I sended a letter for accommodation , but do not get any confirmation letter.Please send me reply of letter so can make my programme.... 1 02/24/12
Radhasoamiji main Naamdaan lena chahti hu lakin kaise lu yeh pata nahi hai maine aap 2-3 satsang sune hai lakin mere husband jaane ke liye ha nahi kar... 2 02/23/12
I want Naamdaan but i dont know what i do for this please help me. 2 02/23/12
I want to know the Mumbai Address as want to send donation. 0 02/23/12
Radha Soami ji like eveybody ,i have same question problem... m not able to concentrate while i do simran. I live in Canada. Soceity is totally dif... 4 02/22/12
Radha soami ji, mera aap se sirf 1 hi question hai ki kya hame kisi bhi tarah ka koi bhi behem karna chahiye jaise ki: tuesday ko hair cutting nahi ... 2 02/16/12
RADHA SOAMI JI 1 02/13/12
Radha Soamiji, Pls give me addresses and contact nos of Satsang Ghars in Hong Kong. I live in Tin Shui Wai in Hong Kong. Also, pls let me know t... 1 02/11/12
I, 34yrs housewife . I have one daughter. I have everying in Life but geting chance of baby boy maakes me negative. We are trying from last 10yrs, but... 1 02/10/12
The Sewadar In-charge Accpmmodation department Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera Baba Jaimal Singh District Amritsar 143204 Sub:- Request for hoste... 2 02/10/12
Radha soami baba ji 0 02/09/12
Me bhut jyada dukhi han samj nai a rhi jis te vishwas kita jede lyi lyi sab nu chad dita une mere nal dhokha kita ki kra me 0 02/09/12
Radha Soami ji, I love a guy truley n he also loves me lot , we hav full plans to do marraige bcoz I m sure dat i wnt get a guy like him, but the m... 13 02/05/12
Radha Soami ji, Recently Babaji had a program to visit Rudrapur satsang ghr , the program was fixed n dere should be satsang on 1st feb.. but baba... 6 02/05/12
Radhasoami to all. I am from Hyderabad. Here we have to my knowledge 3-4 satsang centers where satsang program is held on Wednesdays and Sundays.The s... 0 02/04/12
Pls Help baba ji 4 02/01/12
How long can i live at Dera Radha Soami Satsang Bias? 0 01/31/12
Question for love ? 0 01/31/12
Radha soamiji.. Babaji. Hm 21yrs ke h. Aur net ke through hme 25 yr ke ldke se pyar hogaya h.Vo bhi hme pyar krte h. Hm dusri caste ke h to dar lg rha... 8 01/31/12
Radhaswami ji maan nahi lagta hai bajan simran 0 01/28/12
Kya hame behem karne chahiye? 1 01/27/12
Radha soami ji, main bahut problem main hun please meri problem solve ki jiye, mujhe kisi ne kaha tum apne ghar main rakhe huye dog ko kisi ko free m... 1 01/27/12
Can anyone tell me please...how to I get to work in BABAJI hospital? 0 01/24/12
Does anyone know where my closest Satsangi Sunday meetings would be held? I am in Livermore, CA. 56 miles east of San Francisco I attended in Palo A... 1 01/22/12
Can anyone tell me is satsang still held at,ELMS DRIVEin suthampton England.Im coming to southampton sn and wold like to know if the address is correc... 0 01/21/12
Is babaji to busy to care about even this... 0 01/21/12
THE AA 2 01/21/12
I do not know of any satsangi that has GONE UPin meditation,Even Gurinder says hes just a seeker aswell, 0 01/20/12
Fake photos 0 01/20/12
Radha swamiji, please tell me naam daan dates for 2012 0 01/18/12
Can someone please tell me location of new Satsang building near chicago ? 0 01/14/12
Accomodation req 0 01/13/12
Radaswami ji i want to watch radaswami usa video.which sight provide me radaswami usa satsang video help me 0 01/08/12
Regarding Satsang karta prepration 0 01/02/12
I would like to visit the Dera in Feb. Can you please send me info on what I need to do through the internet so I can get things going here Mitchell 0 12/30/11
Radha soami baba ji , mere man vich bahut bure vichaar utde han plese mere te meher karke simran val lagao.radha soami ji. 0 12/29/11
RADHA SOAMI BABA JI,geetika here,baba ji mein ek ldke se bhut pyar karti hun woh bhi muje bhut pyar krta but baba ji use bhut jyada gussa ata or muje ... 3 12/26/11
Radhasoami.... babaji i want mukti my age 20 running our coundition i folloved i love u ji babaji radhasoami ji... 1 12/20/11
Radha Soami ji 0 12/17/11
Radha soamijee i am 28 yr old i met this guy through net.now i am in love with him and he also says he love me and we both want to get marry but the p... 8 12/13/11
RADHASOAMI JI this is all satsangis feeling please start 21 years age naamdhan please try to understand radhasoami ji.. 3 12/06/11
Regarding room for NRI family 1 11/28/11
Can someone please tell me all the satsung ghars in united States? I would like to know the address and the number. 1 11/27/11
My Dearest Babaji,Radha Soami Ji! I always want to keep my thinking to right side but mind diverted it to wrong side, Please bless me to think positiv... 0 11/26/11
Babaji, i am amandeep from manila philippines iam very disappointed about my married life. its not good at all .. what shoud i do. pls. help me 1 11/24/11
Radha soami ji.I am living in brisbane in australia. I want to take naam, when baba ji will come to australia and i do not wwhere is satsang.Thanks 1 11/21/11
Baba ji pls answer why your followers do all these things? 1 11/18/11
Radha Soami Babaji ab es sansar me man nahi lagta aap se ek hi vinati hai he satguru hame jaldi de jaldi apne pass vyas me jagah de do. 0 11/16/11
Baba ji !! radha swami ji ,,,,,,,,,, baba ji mainu naam daan lite hoye 3 saal ho gaye han ,pehla tah uss satguru de aasre simran ,bhajan ,sewa... 0 11/12/11
Even after 09 years of getting Namdaan ,babaji is not coming in dhyan.please kirpa karo babaji. 3 11/08/11
Radha soami ji i am parminder singh from australia. i am coming to india in this december. i want to get accomodation in beas in nri hostel with my f... 1 11/07/11
Plz tell me 2 10/25/11
Naam daan 0 10/23/11
Respected baba ji, iwant to concentrate during simran but attention is diverted and i have tried to do it in parts morning and evening for two and h... 1 10/22/11
Please babaji apani email id do please..... 4 10/18/11
Babaji 0 09/23/11
What is the date of namdan registration punjab state 0 09/23/11
Is there a Radha Soami Matrimonial Site for the residents of USA? 0 09/18/11
Babaji me jab naam lene bethta hoo tab achanak koi vichar aajate hai is vajah se me naam nahi le parahahoo 2 09/15/11
Babaji jesus ke jaise andho aur bhairo ko naamdan kyo nahi dete kya unka uddhar nahi ho sakta, maine bhi naamdan le liya hai. 0 09/09/11
Parmanent stay in dera beas 0 09/07/11
Radhasoami ji,am from kerala.I got admission for Bhms at salem.Can anyone tell me where is radhasoami satsang center in salem.plz........plz......repl... 0 09/03/11
Naam daan len de bare vich 0 08/31/11
Sprituality 0 08/30/11
No.of days bound to booking the hostelas 31 days 0 08/29/11
Hi i am sandeep from nepal.Actually i have 1.5 months holidays.So i want to visit the beas and want to take the religious holiday spending.And want to... 0 08/29/11
Permanent stay in beas with family take a job 1 08/17/11
BEAS mai jindagi jeena chata hu. 1 08/13/11
major family problem 11 08/03/11
I am very reluctant to ask - but it is better to clear any doubt !! Is watching sex movies and unnatural ways to enjoy sex is prohibitted in Satmat... 2 07/25/11
Baba ji,Radhaswami ji,me &my wife want to com dera for naamdaan,but we can't attend satsangs regularly as we r posted in interior area of uttarakhand ... 1 07/24/11
Radha Somai Gi all, I want to know is there any satsang programme to be held in Canada in near future ? Please let me know if there is . Jas 0 07/17/11
Hi, I am in Waterloo, Kitchener, Canada. Can anyone tell me where is Radha Soami Satsang Beas centre here or is there any place in Waterloo where S... 1 07/17/11
Nothing without babaji 1 07/04/11
Pyare satguru ke charno me pranam .Radha soamiji me 29 year ka hu.our naamdan lena chahta hu.mene radha soami satsang ki bahut sari kitabe(gujrati) ... 1 07/03/11
Naamdan 1 07/02/11
Mere father 8th sep to 20th sep 2011 ko 10 no.hostel me alltement mila hai jise me 1 to 4 me trasfer karana chahta hu 1 07/02/11
Kyon wo gift diya? 4 06/30/11
Main 25 september 2011 wala satsang attend karna chahti hu or naam daan b lena chahti hu par muje naam daan schudle pata nahi hai plz help kare ... 2 06/25/11
Jeth se bahut dukhi hun 7 06/24/11
RADHA SWAMI JI, i am looking for radhaswami satsang house and satsang time in brampton plz send me location on h4winder@yahoo.com.au 3 06/18/11
Address of radha soami satsang center beas in edmonton canada 1 06/16/11
Kuch kijiye BABA ji 5 06/14/11
Radha swami ji 1 06/13/11
Jahan dehko vahan par bus babaji hi dikhe 1 06/13/11
What is the date fornaamdaan registration in sep for j&k 1 06/07/11
Followers 3 06/05/11
Mujhe naamdan lena h babaji kab mehar karenge 3 06/02/11
Radha Swami Ji 3 06/01/11
Naam daan 1 05/30/11
Radha swami ji, Mera prashan yeh hai ki main bahut hi kaam-chor, padai chor hoon lakin mujhe bhajan-simran karna acha lagta hai. ab main kya k... 2 05/30/11
Radha swami ji, mai babaji se ye janana chati hu ki yadi mai beas dera mai permanent rehakar sewa karna chati hu to mujhe kya karna hoga mai ek dam... 3 05/27/11
Anyone living here at malaysia?.. pinoy.. tnx... 0 05/24/11
Does anyone one know any info on Deborah Sampsons early life. project due tomorrow? Please send back to me asap. 0 05/24/11
Bored 1 05/24/11
Help 5 05/24/11
Sir/Mam, I am not going to Radha Soami Satsang Beas. But I have deep belief on them. They have done uncountable noble causes for society. I have a pro... 4 05/24/11
RADHASWAOMI BABAJI, Im vmuch confuse in my lyf im not understanding wat 2do.Im not able 2tak right decisssion at rigth time.pls h... 2 05/21/11
Duniya Ki Sachayi kya hai 5 05/21/11
Promise 2 05/15/11
Baba ji parmatma na ruha kaal nu kyou ditia ? kyoun saanu kaal da dare vich fasaea 1 05/15/11
BABA JI MERA QUESTION HA KE PARMATMA TON KAAL NA VAR LETA ATE PARMATMA NA RUHA DA DETIYA ,parmatma nu saab da bhavish bare pata haa usnu kaal bare saa... 0 05/15/11
Babaji abused 2 05/13/11
Baba Gurinder Singh scandals 4 05/13/11
Hi! where is Radha Soami Satsang in Kampala, Uganda? Please give me address and contact details. 2 05/10/11
Booking for Hostel 3 05/09/11
Babaji turned Gay 7 05/09/11
Attn: sir/madam Sub: information about accomodation i would like to get accomodation in hostel from 1st july 2011 to 4th july .kindly upd... 1 05/08/11
Sadh Sangat Ji RADHAAAA SOAMIIIIII........... Main 15th May 2011 nu Beas ch Satsang attend karan lai aana hai te main Accomodation Department nu 1.5 m... 1 05/07/11
Jindagi se dar lagta hai Baba ji 3 05/06/11
The Sewadar In-charge Accommodation department Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera Baba Jaimal Singh District Amritsar-143204. Subject: Requ... 2 05/02/11
Radhasoami ji, i want to know the naamdaan shedule dates of beas for year 2011 plz send me as soon as possible 1 04/25/11
Babaji UK program in the month of April 2011 please tell me correct date and time 1 04/15/11
Request for hostel booking during babaji's satsang on 3july 2011 at dera beas 0 04/14/11
I have heard that babaji's satsang programme in london is on 23rd of april 2011. but I am new in london and Ido not know the place of satsang ghar whe... 0 04/13/11
Akward situation 8 04/13/11
Me italy wich 4 saal to reh reha han ki me beas aa sakda han 1 04/11/11
When will babaji come to australia?? will they come this year ie 2011 1 04/08/11
I always do my work with full dedication and then too I am always victim of the politics and penalised for other inefficiencies.I am unable to find a... 2 04/04/11
Does chanting the naam during the day or when doing general work benifit us and if we also want to improve our life does this chanting help us? 2 04/03/11
Radha Soami ji, I am a seeker, and have attended Satsang since I was born. Both of my parents are initiated, and I am 23 years old. I need some ... 3 04/01/11
Awesome Satsang by Baba ji 0 03/30/11
About the satsang 1 03/28/11
About accomodation 1 03/28/11
Private satsang - Sant Mat 2 03/27/11
RSSB 0 03/27/11
Satsang on 27 March 2011 1 03/24/11
Radhasoami babaji i m in vry big prblm. i dnt should i call this prblm or aythng else. babaji my in laws hv blindly faith in echadhari babaji. my has... 0 03/24/11
Babaji Gurinder Singh has AIDS 1 03/24/11
Babaji back again 1 03/24/11
I would like to know when is naam dhan in beas in the month of may? 1 03/18/11
Radha swami g, My name is sanjay pajni living in faridabad at present.I have PR Canada till may 2012.Visited canada in 2007 while PR was awarded.Sinc... 1 03/16/11
I would like to know when is naam dhan in beas in the month of may? 1 03/09/11
Radha Soami ji, Can Someone tell me the exact address of Radha Soami Satsang Ghar in Pimpri Chichwad Pune.? 16 03/07/11
Radha swami ji, kabhi-kabhi hum jis insaan se mhobbat karte hai vo kyon understand nahin karta hai aur jane-anjane mein vo dil dukha deta hai. kyon... 1 03/04/11
Radha Soami Kiya Radha Soami Satsang Beas ki koi Matrimonial Site Bhi hai ? 0 03/04/11
Request for Hostel/Sarai accommodation for seven persons for six days [16-21 mar 2011] 0 02/27/11
Radhasoami ji i want to book a hostel in dera beas.please tell me procedure of booking a hostel.i have also written a letter on 15 days before.my prog... 1 02/14/11
BABA JI'S SATSANG 13 FEB 2011 2 02/14/11
Radha soami ji, mujhe aapse ek prashn poochna hai,main bhajan pe nh baith paati mujhe dar lagta hai. chalte phirte toh kabhi kar bhi lu par proper ba... 4 02/11/11
Radha swami ji, aaj mera dil babaji ka bahut-2 shukriya karne ko kar raha hai. mujhe pata nahin tha ki babaji hamara itna dhayan rakh te hain. ... 9 02/10/11
Radha Soami Ji, I am 24 years old (plan to get initiation this yr at 25). I love a guy very deeply, and he loves me very deeply too, but he does not b... 7 02/09/11
A question of love 9 02/09/11
Can I work at RSSB without charging anything for it... 3 02/09/11
How to get dhyan. 4 02/08/11
Radha Soami Ji Baba Ji Ka agla satsang beas me kab hooga,kya aap bata sakte hain please. aur wahan rooms ke liye kya karna padta hai. Nos. of pers... 1 02/06/11
Radhasoami babaji, i believe u r the biggest matchmaker in the world, when is my daughter going to find her match. i am really worried for her. s... 1 02/05/11
Meditation on the physical plane and on the astral plane 0 01/18/11
Radha soami ji, mera naam reena joshi hai me ek baat janana chahti hu mera maan dhayan me nahi lagta aur ek baat jo dimag me aa jae to phir ni... 4 01/17/11
Radhaswami ji. babaji main bhut hi gusse wali hun. mujhse sb nafrat krte hain. bchpan se main roti aai hun . mujhe thori si khushi milti hai phir chin... 1 01/15/11
Are you coming to this Satsang on 13 feb. 5 01/12/11
The Sewadar Incharge, Accomodation Department, Dera Baba Jaimal Singh. Respected Sir/Madam, I, Saru Sachdeva wish to visit Beas Dera for 6 days(... 1 01/11/11
Plz reply 3 01/08/11
Everybody says that now in our present life all good and bad happenings are becouse of the deeds done in our privous birth some say the the deeds ... 3 01/08/11
Where is Satsang Ghar in Chennai and Detroit(Michigan) since I am going there for few months. 1 01/07/11
Sex issue for a NaamDhaari person ?? 3 01/06/11
Radha soami ji, can any one send me all satsang ghar address in USA. if any one can provide me related links also will be great help. i probably wi... 1 12/28/10
I want to attend satsang on 31st dec at mumbai. can i know address & contact details 1 12/26/10
Radha soami baba ji.. baba ji m sunny frm ludhiana. my mom hav taken naamdaan before almost 15 yrs apprx.and she hav much faith on pandits also(veham ... 2 12/26/10
Can anyone tell me please how to contact babaji through emails or anyother way..please 3 12/24/10
Radha soami ji 0 12/24/10
Radha soami ji, can anyone pls let me know the exact address of Bombay satsang Bhavan Where the satsang is going to be held on 31' Dec,1 and 2 Jan. ... 1 12/20/10
Satsang by Baba ji on 19 Dec 2010 2 12/20/10
Radha Soamiji, Can anyone please give me information with regards to the criteria for an initiated person to settle in Beas forever. for example...age... 3 12/19/10
Mere satguru dayal RADHASOAMI JI mujh nachiz ko itna diya hai jiske main layak nahi.koti-koti dhanyavaad.MAHARAJ JI meri shaadi gair-satsangi mein 21 ... 2 12/16/10
Radha swamiji, mere pyare satguru parampita apke charno me sir rakhkar apka papi, neech gulam apse woh ardas fir se kar raha he jo pichle kai saloo se... 4 12/16/10
Naam Daan Dhari 1 12/13/10
Kya namdaan unmarried girls ko mil sakta hai? 3 12/09/10
Radha swami ji meri samasya ye hai ki me bahut hi jaldi kisi par bhi vishvas kar leti hu or emotional bhi ho jati hu even i thinks a lot about that &... 1 12/09/10
Almighty baba ji, meinu tuhade te poora faith hai. Mein aapni jindagi ton bohat dukhi han. mein jee reha han sirf naam daan lain layi. 4 ku saal pehla... 3 12/08/10
Can anyone tell me where is Dera Beas Satsang Ghar in Brisbane(Australia)?i will be thankful to all of u. 3 12/08/10
Radh soami ji, you say me that full belive on the satguru but in the problem god also cannot listen to us . In the problem god also ... 1 12/05/10
Radha Swami Ji 1 11/25/10
Radha Soamiji, Can anyone please give me information with regards to the criteria for an initiated person to settle in Beas forever. for example...age... 1 11/21/10
Radha Soami Ji, Mere Baba Ji ....Mere deen Dayal .......Mehar karo, Sat Guru Ji, I am living in Australia . I am facing health problem a nearly whe... 1 11/17/10
The Sewadar In-charge Accommodation department Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera Baba Jaimal Singh District Amritsar-143204. Subject: Request ... 0 11/15/10
Is this bad to have sex with wife for her sake ?? 4 11/15/10
Radha Saomi Ji, Can MAYA or KAAL's agents stop a person or come in the way to the Dhyaan and Simran if we have taken Naam from BABAJI and continous... 2 11/15/10
At most places like Dubai and Hongkong,the satsang is held in the evening at a convient time. Y in Pune it is held in the morning.we all are working,i... 0 11/13/10
Radha soami babaji, Thankful to you for answer of my question but one confuesion in my mind that what i did for my died husband ... 1 11/10/10
Radha soami baba ji i am a student of 8 class .how can i concentrate on satsang what should i have to concentrate 1 11/07/10
Radha soami baba ji, What is the date of resgisteration mohali namdhan 0 11/03/10
Radha soami baba ji , please tell me that my husband was died before two month in a accident suddenly i feel very alone without him because i have n... 1 11/03/10
What's the date for Namdan registration for punjab Jalandhar 0 10/26/10
Depression 0 10/25/10
Babaji,I've been mentally tortured by my husband ever since we shifted from Cochin to Delhi. I've heard all the abusive and foul words for my parents... 7 10/25/10
I want accomodation from 29october to1october in beas. 0 10/24/10
Radha Swami, Babaji, Aap jani jaan hai aap jante hai phir bhi likh rahi hu.Maummy go guzre 1 saal ho gaya aur aaj bhi sapne mein aati hai aur di... 1 10/24/10
Babji Radha swami Iam staying in Dubai,i went to temple & also Gurdwara but i didnt get those words which iam missing & eagerly waiting to hear th... 0 10/24/10
RADHA SWAMI SATSANG BEAS Radha Swami Baba ji, Baba ji Mann main bhut se question hain jinka answer main apke ... 1 10/21/10
Radha swami ji 1 10/21/10
Im from delhi,india but im studying in italy and i want to know about the satsang ghar in italy.. radha soami 0 10/20/10
Can anyone help me..I have one question..What should a person memorize while simran if one has not got d naam daan yet?? 1 10/08/10
Itna inzaar kyon kar wa rahe ho,babaji Naamdan 25 se phele kyoon nahi milta,kya us se phele jagrookta hona mayne nahi rakhta. Pata chala ke 25 k... 5 10/05/10
Radhasoami ji NaamDaan Kin shabdo se mil kar bana hai ke wo itna powerfull hai. main aapse naam nahi balki uske shabo ki aamiyat aur powers pooc... 1 10/05/10
-------kyonki main under 26 age hoon aur naamdan bhi nahi mila hai,par sanmat parkash bhag-1,2,3,4,5 read karne ke bad mera maan simran karne aur bhag... 0 10/05/10
Please reply calmly after read full question. agar koi chahe to naam dan se phele meditation ke liye bhed sakta hai ya nahi, agar haan to kya uski ro... 1 10/05/10
Radhasoami ji, Babji mera mann bahut bhatakta rehta hai mann mein bahut bure vichar bhi aate hai, bahut baar mann ko samjhaya hai but k... 13 10/04/10
Radhasoami Ji 0 10/01/10
Hii my name is nishant ,i jst waana to know when baba gurinder singh g come to melbourne .plz inform me if he is coming to melbourne .my mob num is 04... 1 09/30/10
Can I get a room reserved for me and my wife on any bhandar day during october 2010? 0 09/28/10
RADHA SOAMI JI MAIN OR MERI MUMMY 1 bandara beas main hostal nomber 10 MAIN RAH KAR KERNA CHAHTE HAI HAM DONO KO 1 ROOM MIL SAKTA HAI 9729330166 R... 0 09/25/10
RADHA SOAMI JI MAIN OR MERI MUMMY 1 bandara beas main hostal nomber 10 MAIN RAH KAR KERNA CHAHTE HAI HAM DONO KO 1 ROOM MIL SAKTA HAI 9729330166 R... 0 09/25/10
Ishan gogia 1 09/10/10
Radha soami ji 0 09/10/10
Radha Soami Ji, Kuch to kijiye Baba ji, ab bahut ho gaya hai..intezzar kab tak hum karenge bhala..from last 2 months se main wait hi kar rahi hu..... 1 09/09/10
Hey babaji mujhe please iss office mein chal rahi controversey se bacha lo 3 09/07/10
Require e mail id of New Zeland Satsang Center 0 09/05/10
Radha swami ji 1. I am seeker of Sant Mat one question always struck me that why it is saying in the sant mat that the Kaal is in our left side an... 1 08/31/10
Namaskar ji. main jaanna chahta hoon ki naam daan kya hai aur ise lene ki kya jaroorat hai. 6 08/28/10
Radha Soami Ji agar ek ladka jiske age under 25 years hai, aur usko naamdan ki baksheesh nahee milee hai to usko kya karna chaiye at the time of me... 3 08/18/10
Satsang meetings in Athens - Greece 0 08/17/10
Baba ji mare mom in law ji ne bauth saal pehla naam daan liya se and kai saal sewa ve kiti c par hun oh kisi hor nu apna guru mande har jithe oh apne ... 5 08/05/10
Baba ji radha swami ji...am going to complete of 28 and am married and also a son of 2 and half year. mane naam daan nahi liya hai but now wana to tak... 1 08/05/10
Radha soami ji 1 08/04/10
Tell me any thing related baba ji, for learn something so i can do medetation 1 08/04/10
Radha Soami to all of you. I am new in Guelph ( Canada) and i want to know address and timings of Satsang in Kitchener (Canada) 1 08/01/10
Radha Swomi Ji Can I take hostel accomodation threw internet on line in Beas, If yes, Please given me the site link. Thanks with best regards ... 1 07/25/10
Babaji heartly 'RADHASOAMI' life is full of tensions ,troubelsome, hard, how can I meditate in that situation? as i sit for meditation but my mind is... 1 07/25/10
When radha sowmi baba ji will come in sy 0 07/25/10
Plss tell me where is satsang of baba ji in germany ? plssssssss tell me as soon as possible plsssss it is humbble request 0 07/23/10
Dear sir when i create the request i wrote not correct id please help how to change this information jairamdas motwani 0 07/23/10
Myself Sureshreddy.Yavatmal Maharashtra.I have read two holy books of Santmat. wants to know more about Santmat.I am eager to take darshan,blessings a... 1 07/23/10
Myself Sureshreddy.Yavatmal Maharashtra.I have read two holy books of Santmat. wants to know more about Santmat.I am eager to take darshan,blessings a... 0 07/23/10
Request for hostel accomodation for two persons 0 07/22/10
Radhaswami ji, Sir, My parents Mr.Gulshan Rai Kumar and Mrs.Kusum Lata Kumar wants to visit Radha swami satsang Beas on 2nd August 2010 for 3-4 ... 0 07/22/10
Mere question da reply karo baba g. 1 07/11/10
Baba ji dubai kab aaenge 2010 mein 0 07/11/10
Baba ji mainu ah daso ki tuhde to dur han,main kini der to beas aan bare soch rehi han bt main ku nahi aa pa rehi plz baba g tell me 2 07/10/10
Radha Swami Ji I am going to 25 next year and as this is the age for marriage as well as for naamdan. My father is pathi in home town satsang ghar ... 8 07/07/10
Radha soami baba ji mera naam satinder hai baba ji main australia ch rehan waali ek indian student haa , mere dadi ji thodde sewadaar ne , dady... 1 07/06/10
Plz tell me baba ji visit in dubai bcoz i m new in dubai 0 07/04/10
Radha swami ji 0 07/04/10
Request for Hostel Accomodation Dated(22 Oct to 24 Oct 2010) 0 07/02/10
I am in love with my guy so much that i dont want to merge with God without him. i am scared that once we merge we will forget each other. it is so co... 5 06/06/10
For accommodation during satsang at beas in july 0 06/05/10
Radha Soami Ji Please explain these lines of Benti jeev kaj Soami jag mein aaye - bhausagar se par lgaye . teen chod chautha pad deenha - satna... 3 06/03/10
Believe 3 06/03/10
Babaji App ji ke darshan ke liye man betaab hein.... 4 06/02/10
Radhaswami!what should I do to get naamdan? 6 05/30/10
Radha swami ji, i am a resident of east delhi .i am a house wife and i dont have much work at home so i was thinking of utilizing my time in doing ... 1 05/25/10
Radha soami ji. naam daan mai baba ji kya bolne ke liye batate hai? aur kya ye mantra sab logo ke liye ek sa hota hai? plz reply i want to take naa... 1 05/23/10
Meri family me sabne Naamdaan liya hua hai aur main bhi lena chahti hoon par mujhe doubt hai ki kya ma sachmuch naam lena chahti hoo. naam daan lene ... 11 05/19/10
Q. for Naamdaan 1 05/19/10
Saheb bandgi, I have meet many Radhaswami's and found that many people eat eggs and meat. why they are not improve their food.? which is the first s... 1 05/14/10
RADHA soami ji sir this hemant jog from ddelhi sir i have sent already 3 letters bfore 3 months ago but we dont have any kind of response f... 1 05/12/10
Requesting for accomodation saraye 0 05/12/10
Life 4 05/11/10
Please do not misuse this blog (Babaji is god and he has come on earth to protect us from people lik 4 05/11/10
Where i can go for satsang in brampton near fresh meadow street?? 6 05/10/10
How we are use accmodation in beas 1 05/08/10
Please who think that radha soami is a con please comment here.. 2 05/07/10
Radhasoami ji, i m 20 yrs old boy ,mein regularly satsang jaya karta hu , par har baar 1 hi baat kahi jati hai ki ye duniya me jo ku6 hai wo sab galat... 9 05/05/10
Radha Soami Satsang Beas 4 05/02/10
I would like to know if once you are initiated are there instances that one may lose it? Please inform because i experienced something like huge wind... 1 05/01/10
Me janna chahta hu ki ranthambore abhyaran ke sandarbh me kendra sarkar ne kab-kya order nikale hai. 1 04/29/10
RSBB - for fools 9 04/29/10
Love sex aur babji 14 04/29/10
Facts about Baba Gurinder Singh 2 04/29/10
Love babaji 1 04/29/10
Gurinder singh a liar ?? 2 04/29/10
Babaji fools people 2 04/29/10
Babaji in US 1 04/29/10
Gurinder Singh - a PIMP 4 04/29/10
Babajis' porn video 1 04/29/10
Gurinder Singh in Spain 1 04/29/10
Gurinder singh a rapist 2 04/29/10
RSBB - a place for people without brains 2 04/29/10
Gurinders wife a slut ? 6 04/29/10
Gurinder starts a family business 1 04/29/10
Gurinder singh on a role 1 04/29/10
Babaji molests satsangis 2 04/29/10
Baabji I want to screw you 2 04/29/10
Love Babaji ? 1 04/29/10
RSBB 1 04/29/10
Babaji 1 04/29/10
VIRUS ALERT "Dont reply to anybody who tries to provoke you by writing bad about Baba ji," 5 04/29/10
Babaji when he was 16 1 04/29/10
Hidden Cam | Baba Gurinder Singh eating a chicken 2 04/29/10
Babaji Gurinder Singh eating PORK 2 04/29/10
Gurinder Singh a saint or a demon? 2 04/29/10
Gurinder Singh 1 04/29/10
A 0 04/29/10
Write Radha Soami here People who hate the bastard Gurinder singh here write Radha Soami 20 04/29/10
Why do you hate babaji 8 04/29/10
Gurinder Singh caught naked on camera 6 04/29/10
Baba Gurinder Singh a Fraud? 4 04/29/10
Facts about Baba Gurinder Singh 1 04/29/10
Radhasoami ji, Last week I was in spain for babaji's satsang and i am still feeling babaji's presence with me. This is all i want. My soul is askin... 34 04/27/10
Thanks 2 04/26/10
Thanks 4 04/26/10
Radha soami satsang in chennai 5 04/24/10
Radha Soami Ji i want to know where is satsang ghar in Surat (Gujrat) and what is the timings of same. plaese reply as soon as you can. Radha So... 1 04/24/10
Can any one tell me is there any radha swoami satsang in chicago.And wen is Babaji coming to US? please help me in this..... 2 04/23/10
Hello i am teeba Babaji me apki book padti hu or mere mmamy papa fi satsag me jate he or apka name liya he me 2 yearki tabse... 3 04/21/10
Radhasoami Ji, I am Gurpreet(female) 26,B.Com , M.A. (Eng)& now pursuing MBA in HR. living in Delhi NCR and working as an executive in a project En... 6 04/20/10
Radha Soami Satgur Ji 2 04/18/10
Satguru ji 2 04/17/10
There is no publicity by the dera or Babaji Himself regarding santmat. My parental family is that of satsangis. but my in-laws, particularly my husban... 7 04/15/10
Radha soami. Can someone please tell me the schedule of babaji's in UK. Will they be visiting in UK in near future. If yes, when? 1 04/14/10
I want to know about the naam daan schedule of dera beas? 1 04/13/10
RadhaSoami pyaray Satgur ji,We miss you a lot. Does anyone know that when baba ji's coming to USA? 1 04/13/10
Radha Soamiji,i attend satsang regularly..i am a gujarati guy and i love a girl who is sindhi and they too are in satsang from a long long time..we he... 3 04/12/10
Radha soami ji bias rhne ke liya sray me kese bok krate hai 2 04/10/10
Babaji Radhasoamiji, Babaji, iam from agra aap kese ho,i have just started attending satsang before that i was ind... 4 04/09/10
Radhasoami ji , i am 20 yrs old boy.I don't know ki mujhe ye puchna chahiye ki nhi? But , ye problem solve nhi ho rhi. Mein guruji ko bahut manta hu... 11 04/08/10
Radha Swami Babaji Aaj achanak apne frnd se aap ke naam ko le baat hui to google per search kiya naam to confirm hua sath mein or bhi bahut kuch pa... 4 04/08/10
I really don't understand why egss are not allowed. Eggs are not life yet.. Can anybody explain this to me please? love and light 4 04/05/10
I have written a letter on this site for booking a room to the accomodation department,so i want to know that how you will send me the reply and when?... 1 04/04/10
I have written a letter on this site for booking a room to the accomodation department,so i want to know that how you will send me the reply nd when? ... 1 04/04/10
RADHA SWAMI JI, i am looking for radhaswami satsang house in toronto and any friend who took naamdan. 7 04/02/10
I want to know about the process to get a pass for my mother for attending the satsang at Bhatti mines in delhi. As she is a patient its inconvinient... 1 04/01/10
Baba ji insaan ko gussa kab or kiun aata hai? kiya ek paapi insaan namdan le sakta hai? 1 03/31/10
About namdan, 2 03/30/10
Mere pyar satguru babji ke charno me radha soami ji me yeh puchna chahti hun ki me 29 year ki unmarried girl hun, or babaji me apki book padti hun ... 4 03/30/10
RadhaSoami Ji 4 03/29/10
Guru ji mujhy gussa bahut aata. har var kehta hun k gussa nahi karunga par pata nahi kiun itna gussa aata hai? main bahut bura insaan ban giya hun. m... 4 03/29/10
Iwana know about meditation 3 03/27/10
Babaji radha soami please ciculate recent and latest photographs to your satsangies your recent personality is very charming and radiant which reflect... 2 03/26/10
Radha swami ji i just want to know what is the adress of sydney satsang ghar bcos i live in australia 8 03/20/10
RadhasoamiJi,I work for a call center and I have a night shift. My son is 12 years old and he in class 7th. As I am working in a night shift I dont... 4 03/18/10
Radha soami ;- well i m a girl an i love one girl an we want to live our life with each other as we cant think of being departed from each other will... 2 03/15/10
Someone left a blog that a indian is not allowed to attend a satsang in foreign nation is it really a rule set by beas management bcoz i personally fe... 2 03/11/10
Radha swami ji when baba ji will come in sydney 0 03/11/10
The Sewadar In-charge Accommodation department Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera Baba Jaimal Singh District Amritsar-143204. Subject: Request ... 6 03/10/10
What is procedure to become an nri in beas bcos i live in melbourne how to make nri card in beas 4 03/10/10
I live in melbourne when the baba ji will come to melbourne or sydney 4 03/10/10
WHAT IS IN BIAS 1 03/05/10
Cf 3 03/05/10
Cf 0 03/05/10
I want accomodation in dera baba jaimal singh's hostel from 24-5-2010 to 30-5-2010 for four person and two children. my email is jayesh.lalwani@yaho... 2 03/04/10
When is Babaji's Satsang Programme in Pune and can someone guide me to reach there from Pune Central, Bundgarden? Are weekly satsangs held in Pune? 1 03/01/10
Baba ji satsang in melbourne? baba ji kado aaoge i m reaally missing u akhan taras giyan tuhanu dekhan layi........ 4 02/27/10
Whatis the facilities of nris 1 02/27/10
Radha swami 0 02/27/10
Radhaswami ji, i have read so many santmat books.i got naam daan last year in october.somewhere in my heart i feel that everything happens for a re... 5 02/18/10
Radha Soami ji ......can anyone please tell that where can I go for rahda soami satsang in Toronto especially in Brampton & Missisauga via email - ja... 3 02/16/10
Hello, I currently have 24 hardcover books from Radha Soami Beas that I would like to give away. If there is anyone interested they may contact me... 2 02/07/10
Kya sabhi jeev ko apni hakhaal ki kami karni zaroori hai? 3 02/06/10
Radha Swomi I am coming to Beas Satsang in March Last Week I want 8 beds. Please provide me 8 beds. Thanks, Sunil Miglani 9896146007 2 02/06/10
Mera ek question h ki agar hum job ko pane k liye hardwork kiya jaye to job mil sakti h ya fir jo babaji ne kismat m likha h wani hoga? ... 3 02/04/10
How can i write to Baba Ji. Is there a email address for him please. 5 01/31/10
Kya naam daan lene ke baad brhamchrya ka palan total life karna hai please guide me. Main aisa kuchh bhi nahi karna chahungi jis se satsangi maryada k... 3 01/30/10
My family are Radha Soami. I was abused as a child and the family have always protected the abusers. Now that i have reported my abusers to police f... 6 01/29/10
I am located at Troy MI Detroit. I know santsang place can you tell me when it will happen and time. thanks, Padma 0 01/22/10
Address of satsang ghar in pune 2 01/22/10
My name is pradeep age 25 and wife name is jiya age 22 mere wife ke tabiyat thek nhai raheti hai.and my planing new business or new sarvice pls send ... 1 01/18/10
Mere mumumy bahut parashan rahti hai maumy 3 01/11/10
Muje naam daan mile hoa 14years hoa hai aapjee ki daya se mere pati ke sansanskar badal gai aur aap ne unhe bhi naam daan ki bakhshish 2009 me mumbai... 5 01/08/10
Radha Soamiji, My mother and father want to attan a satsang for march , He wants to stay for 19/03/2010 to 29/03/2010 ,so pls conform accomodation... 7 01/08/10
Why in Babaji's schedule, Chennai city is missing? 3 01/06/10
Naamdhan in Chennai 0 01/06/10
Ask a question 2 01/05/10
When did i got naam daan? 5 01/05/10
Booking for hostel 10-11 number 0 01/05/10
Who is god?....how can i meditate as i have not got the naam daan. 1 01/02/10
Radha Soami ji to evrey one 4 12/29/09
Radha Soami ji 1 12/29/09
Radha soami ji please tell me abought baba ji(present sant satguru at beas) satsang recording or baba ji satsang book etc with regard sanjeev 2 12/29/09
Radha Soami, I want to know is that, Is naamdan given to Pregnent ladies? or after taking naamdaan can a female get pregnent immediately? Life is ... 1 12/28/09
Radha Soami, I want to know when babaji comes in dubai. Is naamdaan given in dubai? If yes then what are the dates? Basically i want to know the sche... 4 12/28/09
RADHA SWAMI.after engagement i came to know that my fiance is suffering from chronic mental disorder.he is normal but he is suffering from delusions.w... 3 12/27/09
Radhasoami ji, I wish to take naam daan, but i dont know the dates when dates are allocated. I live in england, so if any of you can please tell me... 4 12/22/09
RADHA SWAMI. my fiance is suffering from mental illness.doctors say that it can be a sign of mental disorder which is chronic.they also say it can be ... 5 12/22/09
Hum beas ana chate hai .online accomodation form available hai toplease khoch jankari dijia 4 12/21/09
Mujae baba ji ka satsang videos dekhnae k lia kon si site per jana chahia plzzzz jald sae jald is bat ka anawer dae dejiae 3 12/18/09
Radha Swami Ji There is a question in my mind. I believe in Baba jee v. much, and always try to be fair in any enviornment. I am working as a... 8 12/17/09
Radha soami ji babaji aap mujhe bakhsh leo.i knw u can read my messages whether inside or outside.plz help me concentrate. kya mujhe aapka jawaab mi... 7 12/15/09
Radh Swami Ji Please Till Me abought reservation of saray (i.e. how many day before and prosiser of apllication) 3 12/15/09
Hi , was wondering if you accepted volunteers at the ashram, am from south africa, Thanks shaznel@yahoo.co.uk 3 12/15/09
Radh-Swami ji please tell me abought satsang sehdule 2010 4 12/14/09
radhaswamiji i just want to know where is satsang ghar in melbourne 3 12/05/09
Radha Swami Please let me know the dera in Jaipur with complete address. babajee is coming there in December,09 Radha Swami 3 12/05/09
Please could you send me the RSSB centre addresses in doha & dubai? 2 12/04/09
Radha Soami ji when i get the naam daan from baba ji. 1 12/04/09
Radhasoami ji, Can some one furnish satsang given by Babaj in Bhatti mines New Delhi on 29th November. Radhasoami ji 1 12/02/09
my wife before maariage she was ready to beptised with amrit.she was just pointing that first understand sikhism then she must come to this stream.she... 4 12/01/09
As per Sant Mat shiksha we should not involve in the 5 evils like - kaam, krodh, lobh, moh & ahankar. I cannot understand while leading a married lif... 3 12/01/09
Radha Swami My Parents wants to relocate in Beas permanently after getting my sister marriage as they will free from their responsibiities. So... 3 11/29/09
Radhaswami Baba Jee- You are my Best Friend!! 4 11/24/09
Radha Swami ji, I am a babji follower since my chilhood. Now i am a married girl with good carrer, well educated but the problem is my husband and ... 3 11/24/09
Radhasoami, satsangi cheat karte hai shaadi ke baad?? main aaj yeh likh rahi hun kyunki maine khud naam to nahi liya..lekin meri didi aur jijaji ne ... 8 11/24/09
I am married but not happy 3 11/24/09
Radha soami, i have requested for the accomodation for the satsang in december'09 . i have sent the request letter in august'09 but till date i ha... 1 11/22/09
Radha Soami i have requested for the accomodation for the August'10 but till the date i have not received any reply. kindly consider my request and r... 3 11/22/09
Radha Soami, I am based in Dubai and planning to visit Beas in March-April 2010, can anyone please let me know when will we be getting the parchee for... 6 11/19/09
Mujhe aapse yeh puchni hai ki kisi ne agar naam daan k waqt jhut kaha ho to kya yeh usne apne aap kiya hai hamari bas ki bat to nahi ki hum us pavitra... 3 11/15/09
2010 ka babaji ka kaya program he ji pls some one tell me radha swami ji 1 11/13/09
I m 23 yrs old . mujhe ye jan na hai k abi hum namdan nai le skte kyoki i m un married so mai kya simran kiya karu jisse mai satguru ko pa jau? or nam... 3 11/13/09
I m 23 yrs old . mujhe ye jan na hai k abi hum namdan nai le skte kyoki i m un married so mai kya simran kiya karu jisse mai satguru ko pa jau? or na... 5 11/13/09
Main naam daan lena chahta hoon par yeh nahi janta ki naam daan ki parchi kab milegi? 2 11/09/09
Just one question... 6 11/08/09
Can someone inform me as to when Babaji"s live satsangs Audio and Videos will be available in the RSSB book stores. I am still waiting for them to ... 2 10/28/09
Radhasoami ji, Does anyone know any website of Babaji"s satsangs held till now anywhere in India or Abroad? I am very anxious to read his satsangs ... 2 10/28/09
Radha soami ji, I am an initiate from Babaji for the last 7 years. Cud some 1 plz tell me the method of listening bhajan. I mean the actual way of i... 2 10/25/09
Can i get accommodation in dera, by posting my request here? Please let me know. 2 10/22/09
My mother age is 43. but voh kehti h mera simran me man nai lagta. kya kare 3 10/17/09
Baba ji aap adult students ko naam kyo nai dete 7 10/17/09
Please say me how to control MANN. Now a days my attention is not in meditation. please give me some tips 13 10/11/09
Request for hostel accommodation for four persons for two day [10 Oct to 11 Oct 2009] 0 10/09/09
The Sewadar In-charge Accommodation department Radha Soami Satsang Beas Dera Baba Jaimal Singh District Amritsar-143204. Subject: Request ... 0 10/09/09
Radha swami ji plz reply me as soon as possible radha swami parul 1 10/06/09
Radha swami ji mera simran nh banta babji mara maan nh lagta kya karu mare kram bhut jada gande hain plz baba ji mugh par meher karo aur simran ka... 2 10/06/09
Meri mother 43 years old hai unhe namdan liye hue 20 sal hogae hai par,unka kehna hai k " mera mun nai lgta mai kya karu. maine (Charan singh g) se n... 2 10/03/09
I m 20 yrs old . mujhe ye jan na hai k abi hum namdan nai le skte kyoki i m un married so mai kya simran kiya karu jisse mai satguru ko pa jau? Radh... 2 10/03/09
I m 20 yrs old . mujhe ye jan na hai k abi hum namdan nai le skte kyoki i m un married so mai kya simran kiya karu jisse mai satguru ko pa jau? Radh... 1 10/03/09
I m 20 yrs old . mujhe ye jan na hai k abi hum namdan nai le skte kyoki i m un married so mai kya simran kiya karu jisse mai satguru ko pa jau? Radh... 2 10/03/09
I m 20 yrs old . mujhe ye jan na hai k abi hum namdan nai le skte kyoki i m un married so mai kya simran kiya karu jisse mai satguru ko pa jau? Radh... 1 10/03/09
Email id 4 10/03/09
Alone 3 10/03/09
Where is the Radha swami dera in Melbourne. 4 09/30/09
Where is the Radha swami dera in Melbourne. 3 09/30/09
Radha Soami Ji I happened to be in beas on satsang held on 27/09/2009 . I am totally lost that how hard is for BABA JI to make people understand a... 3 09/29/09
I attended babaji few satsang and i used to go with my parents to patel nagar satsang bhawan in india. I got married in 1986 and went to USA. i visi... 4 09/28/09
Hi this is amit frm pune 5 09/25/09
I am trying to find a meeting place or Satsang group in Southern California that I can attend. Does anyone have any information on where meetings are ... 7 09/21/09
I belong to a satsangi family,i m18 yrs old,i m addicted to some bad habbits like chewing tobbaco & my family is nt happy wid me,i mtrying to leave th... 7 09/20/09
I have read about rssb n sikhism .rssb is using the major aspects of guru granth sahib.eg greatness of guru. what is new n uniqe of rssb.rssb also us... 6 09/19/09
Radha soami g mare naam gurmeet ha dera baba jamal singh witch baba jamal singh ji di picture kyo nahi lghyi ghyi ki oh ik fuji san oha hather us... 2 09/13/09
Baba jamal singh ji some life data with pictures 0 09/13/09
Dear Sir, I Want some Help That How i Get Accomodation in NRI Hostel I m Residing At China I want ti Take my family So u Help me out how i get accom... 1 09/13/09
Bhajan main mann nahi lagata 3 09/12/09
How can i get accomodation in hostel in beas 4 my family in december. tell me any side for that. 4 09/11/09
What is the need of santmat in this human life 6 09/10/09
Tne NAAM is unwritten law and unspoken language 3 09/04/09
The Sevadar Accommodation Department, Dera Baba Jaimalsingh, Beas. Sub: Request Accommodation to me and my family members from 16th oct 09 to 27... 6 08/31/09
Hostel accomodation from 24/09/2009 to28/09/2009 for 5 adults and 4 children 5 08/26/09
Is the marriage is imp in the life cycle of the satsangi? As i dont wanna get marry due the personal reason of not any sexual relationship with anyon... 6 08/25/09
Show me the way 8 08/17/09
I want to more about radhaswami 4 08/17/09
Radha Soami G ,what is wrong with me? 3 08/16/09
Radha soami ji. aapka koi ans nahi mila ji.. 3 08/14/09
Radha soami ji.aapka ans mila but main kuch samjha nahi......pls thoda sa detail main batayenge...regarding drink. 6 08/11/09
Radha soami ji aapka ans mila. buhut acha laga aaj se hi aapke ans ko dhyan mein rakh kar simran par beth jaunga.ek aur q.main naam daan lene se pehle... 8 08/11/09
Radha soami ji.simran main bilkul bhi dhyan nahi lagta hai pehle to bethne ka aalas aur bhethne ke baad dhyan bhatakta hi rehta hai pls koi solution b... 9 08/09/09
RADHA SOAMI JI Baba ji i desire to know that do you say no to do puja at the home 5 08/07/09
To about radha soami satsang beas 3 08/07/09
Strange material at site 3 08/04/09
Radha soami ji, Babaji Charan Singh Ji used to initiate pregnant ladies .There was as such no rule that naamdaan should not be given to pregnant la... 3 08/03/09
What hould i do in such position? 5 07/31/09
The moon , sun and stars inside us 5 07/31/09
Plz solve my confusion 8 07/30/09
At First , it was said that no picture of Baba Jaimal singh is available in Dera. But now there is picture of Baba Jaimal Singh on the site RSSB. Fro... 5 07/29/09
I have been initiated by babajee since last 10 years . Had been trying to meditate but can not concentrate . Know babjees blessings and love can do wo... 5 07/23/09
Radhasoami ji, my parents are satsangi from there childhood n so i am, imarried to a non satsangi family, which follows there rituals but dnt believe... 5 07/22/09
Radha swami ji i am married since 3 years and my marriage happened in unusual circumstances.i did not want to get married at that point of time since... 16 07/22/09
Radha soamiji muje beas anahai or saraime rukna hai to muje kya karana hoga pleas muje bataiye 3 07/21/09
Radha swamiji main satsang me jati hu lekin satsang ke waqt mera man hi nahi lagta mera mann bahar ke khayalomehi bhatakta rehata hai 3 07/21/09
Radha soami ji kuch salo pehale mera bhai guzar gayatha jiske karan meri maa bahot bimar rehti hai fir meri shadi hoker tut gayee to jiske karan meri ... 3 07/21/09
Radha soami ji, How can I get Nam dhan from baba ji 3 07/16/09
Regarding marriages registration 3 07/13/09
Radhasoami ji, Marriage ke baad mein Bhajan Simran ko time nahi de pati...mera maan bhout hi bachen rahta hai...mere inlaws non satsangi hari...mein c... 10 07/11/09
Why the people less than age of 25 is not able to take naamdan 11 07/10/09
RADHA SWAMI Baba ji. BABA JI,marriage se pehle satsang or sewa par jate the...par marriage k baad satsang nahi ja pati,,,because mere inlaws satsangi ... 5 07/09/09
Radhasoami g baba g mera quest hai surat kya hai.teapa naam d kamai kiss laye karde han. 3 06/25/09
Baba g mere mein gussa bhaut jayada hai cntrl ne hota kissi tarah v.meine bhaut koshish ke apne ko sudarne ke kissi tarah mera gussa shant ho jaye.apn... 4 06/25/09
Radha Soami Ji 4 06/24/09
Is it required that he/she should marry/remarry in her life time....does married life disturb way of paramarth... As this is india there will be lots... 4 06/19/09
Sewa kya hoti hai tell me sewa kyu karni chaiya es ka fyda kya hai 8 06/10/09
I am still waiting for the replay to the question I asked on 31st May of this year. Why dont your panth teach people to live a life which is without ... 6 06/09/09
I do bhajan with such sincerity but still I do not get the desired results. babaji knows everything about all his souls. Why does not help come? Why d... 4 06/01/09
I have seen lot of good thngs about Radha Soami panth and quite impressed about it. The problem I have seen is that you only stress on meditaation, ... 6 05/31/09
Radha swami ji mera naam vinita hai mein rajasthan mein rehti hun. beas mera kam aana hota hai .kya aap mujhe babaji jo satsang mein farmaate hein wo... 6 05/20/09
Loose temper 3 05/01/09
What is the meaning of radha soami 6 04/27/09
Love 3 04/25/09
Radha soami ji, my question is if god is inside the human body. then why sant kabir ji tried to search god in forests.? ... 5 04/25/09
Radha Soami, i want to book the room from canada what is the procedure to book the room. i book from mail or online internet form 4 04/13/09
How to get accommodation in base 23 03/26/09
Radha swami ji 6 02/28/09
Is there a place for homosexuality in satmat? 20 02/22/09