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Neo Black Movement of Africa

Neo Black Movement of Africa

Welcome to the Neo Black Movement of Africa discussion forum. In this forum, you may ask questions, start new discussions, and view existing posts. Click here to create a discussion account.

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  Subject Replies Date
Who bless NBM 0 06/29/15
How Many Temple Dey Inside Nbm 1 06/26/15
When did ya katakana muhammad became know in nbm 1 06/23/15
Uhuru to glorus axemen plz cn any body tel me wot hapen to our national head 1 06/20/15
Aye axe 1 06/03/15
Wu z rev jeaxy jackson 0 06/02/15
Wetin dy sup men 1 05/25/15
Make men no dy lusgard ot give Jews for here.... AYE AXE MEN!!!! 2 05/21/15
C as men wy kal dia self's wise men dy reason...c eeh all of una geht fk up oooo 0 05/21/15
UNICEF AND THE NBM……. 0 05/19/15
A Word From Lord Bizingo 1 05/18/15
Many NBM Arrests 0 05/18/15
Make men no the LG OT for this jewish background E no Bam at all ,jews and injews the feather from nowhere the align with some Sm here, make all men u... 0 05/18/15
I want letters 0 04/21/15
Egedezone 3 04/19/15
Ot no dey full basket!!! Egede 2 all glorious axe me! Need ot 4 04/11/15
Obafemi Awolowo University Massacre 2 04/11/15
How many body's form nbm 1 04/08/15
Happy Easter 3 04/04/15
Dodorima 2 all axe men ise baba k no men go fall b4 her time na who be d first head that year way d game start 5 04/03/15
Neo Black Movement - Census Results 1 04/03/15
London Zone’s - Ike Bobby Onwubuya 1 04/03/15
Black Axe Mafia - Manchester Zone 6 04/03/15
Uche Tobias: who is Uche Tobias?... 3 04/03/15
Hw wan ay up o,hw i wnt go by dat? 1 04/03/15
ITJ 0 03/29/15
I need ott 1 03/23/15
Aye axe men i lv u ppl 2 03/23/15
What strong name is trovo jan trovo 1 03/15/15
Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo 419 0 03/12/15
NBM Lied about Red Cross Partnership 3 03/05/15
D most strong men of Africa I hail ....d level I won clear una b say I won b cus some jur for my base d price me n na only one fear I get say if I bal... 2 02/28/15
The head Italian zone was unable to defend him self 3 02/27/15
How do I relate wit other axemen 3 02/26/15
Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo - Head of the NBM 4 02/22/15
Where u go dey buy Neo Black Movement merchandise abi 2 02/21/15
How did nbm started in the world 5 02/20/15
How did nbm start 0 02/20/15
D histry of JaJA jawara 2 02/19/15
BIHOP DI KING 1 02/18/15
Egedezone.com 6 02/17/15
"we do not condone Black men with white minds." 5 02/16/15
NBM Partnership with UN and Red Cross 1 02/16/15
NBM, the Nigerian Mafia 0 02/14/15
God will continue to punish all of you evil cultists 2 02/14/15
Pls who b d elders of axe men 3 02/09/15
NBM is not a criminal cult 3 02/06/15
NBM 23 02/05/15
Aye axe mehn!!!!egede me fellows i jxt enta ajegule for olodi apapa tolu bstp areal abeg mak men around dat sid locate me sharperly i won dey apapa ax... 5 01/21/15
Aye axemen 2 01/17/15
Wat is d First mother high temp 7 01/10/15
What is egede 5 01/05/15
Neo black mufment of africa 0 01/05/15
greetings to all strong men...Plx I want 2 bam NBM I live in Benin...I am been oppressed by a lot of pple in my area.I would love u all to help me pl... 8 01/01/15
AYE AXE MEN.... 3 12/30/14
Men wey burst code5this ju site without Beholden+Codein4him Cd na Mega Milton appollos 5 12/11/14
Ayes when d swem ht una bam dodos 0 12/05/14
Who is present national head 5 12/04/14
Who no come no knw as e the be 1 12/03/14
Egede to all glorious axe men 2 12/03/14
Orimado to al glorios axemen d moving train shal move without me an u 0 11/27/14
Who is the first men to take kokoma 5 11/15/14
Axemen who is the first aye to betray 2 11/04/14
Axemen who is the first aye to betray 1 11/04/14
Axemen who is the first aye to betray 3 11/04/14
Hi axe men, I am a very young talented musician 4rm benue state, idoma by tribe. I am so interested in joining the neo black movement; any member shou... 13 10/27/14
Who is chalce koma in NBM? 3 10/26/14
Https://raisean.com/axeman 0 10/24/14
Who iz d zonnal head of abuja axe forum 1 10/18/14
Hello there, am a graduate of Uniben and I will lyk to join this great movement now. Am currently in Lagos. Can somebody put me thru? 16 10/16/14
I need some orintation 4 10/14/14
Who be the first to play 400 in nbm 1 10/14/14
About the Birmingham of sub zone 0 10/13/14
About the Birmingham of sub zone 0 10/13/14
Dodo 2 wal glorius axe men world wide 0 10/12/14
In the days of elekwulele what happens 2 10/12/14
Freedom is natUral here 0 10/11/14
Message to all Confirm Ake men wey Go... 5 10/11/14
EGEDE BRODAS 0 09/27/14
EGEDE MAMA 0 09/27/14
Aye Axe Men, Aye Axe Men, Abeg i go like make my barundas weh know the meaning of this SN #Ambrose Awasadat for N.B.M.. still scratch me wetin the SN ... 5 09/25/14
Ayexmen.....wati ibigodidi Do for movement? 1 09/19/14
I want 2 see some stronomy name 1 09/18/14
Who was the first leader of the nbm 1 09/16/14
Aye axe men ot na infiniti me i knw d knw finish oh if den deaxe an aye is he a member of black axe? 4 09/11/14
Who be ibi batuta? 2 09/07/14
Ayeaxemen I greet all men wey dey dis forum.....abeg I for like make una clear me d meaning of dis S.N...aye Augustin senetto,? 3 08/29/14
Who start movement for nbm 1 08/29/14
Wen did nbm start 2 08/27/14
Dodo to "EGEDE BOSKY" you to bam. 1 08/23/14
I greet you all. 0 08/23/14
Who be the first head of nbm 4 08/21/14
I want to be a member of NBM 1 08/12/14
I d luk 4 computer men frm ifi 1 and ifi 2 2 08/06/14
Watin dey happen for d nbm headquarters, did mama Africa appears when ground de shelee? 0 08/06/14
Who are the founders of nbm 1 08/01/14
Who b d present of axemen 0 07/29/14
Who goes there 5 07/19/14
Pls hw do i join black axe,i wnt 2 blng 2 07/18/14
No Ghock yourselves 0 07/15/14
Nbm orientation 4 07/08/14
Wonna be a memeber 0 07/08/14
AYE AXEMEN 0 07/08/14
AYE AXE MEN!!! 0 07/07/14
Velentino strecher says dodorima to all glorious axemen worldwide. 1 07/02/14
If u b bam egede... 2 07/02/14
Ayeaxemen,Dodorima my rugged burundas, abeg watin ayes dey do about this Nigeria situation,we no go fit allow jews scater this our father land and our... 1 07/01/14
Aye axe men I great all bam of Africa I want make una still through me this light, who be axe heard, in UDI HT in 2007 regine And de C P and chearm... 2 06/28/14
Waytin b d meanin of erayo 7 06/26/14
Aye axe men who was the first head of the neo black movement of africa? 0 06/26/14
Dodorima to all Udi HT 1 06/24/14
Aye axe men pls make we kw dey enter our new egade men or disarm den abeg 3 06/20/14
Black race 0 06/20/14
Na axemen d reason who b de present akemiri head nd c.p nd chiarman. I need der ju name nd strong name. U cn chat wit me on 2go @dondelicacy or facebo... 0 06/18/14
Aye my axemen dodos to all glorious men. My reasoning b say jews were the impersonate 4 dis site 2 much ayes wer d touch computer mak dem creat anothe... 3 06/18/14
Forum for promoting 419 2 06/17/14
Silencer147 0 06/15/14
"The Neo Black Movement of Africa, also known as the Black Axe, is a Nigerian student cult and criminal organisation. The Black Axe is accused of resp... 0 06/14/14
I'm proud 2be a blackman in africa,potentially,dedicatedly freedom fighter. 1 06/13/14
Wetin be dey strong name and jew name of nbm national head,hm chairman,cp+hm cabin? 0 06/13/14
Make all men dey intant 1 06/12/14
Aye no d insult Aye 2 06/09/14
NBM's original ideas-goals..... 0 06/08/14
If u want 2 b a member 4 06/06/14
Nbm 2 06/06/14
Dis Na aye kulguy Jew name 2.9 for nevijas forum pls I use krf beg una Jew day for dis baground make all krf men day do am bulebule ooo 0 06/06/14
Reason for my issue 4 06/04/14
AYE AXE MEN!....egede to my national h,zonal h,all temple h,all forum cords and all glorious axe men 11 06/03/14
Aye axe men! 4 06/03/14
AYE AXE MEN 0 06/03/14
Why 1 06/03/14
I have reserched and investigated about diffrent fraternities in AfricA which I discoverwd and concluded that NBM is the BEST AND REAL one because the... 1 05/29/14
Abeg any broda 4rm Abraka Delta State here? I be KD1 product but presently in Delta 4 some good reasons...(JN Tunde) says Ddz 2 all glorious 7 Wordwid... 2 05/23/14
Korofo for all men 4 05/19/14
I wan belong 1 05/19/14
Amingos in bemuda 1 3 05/12/14
New jolley 3 05/10/14
What is the strong name nd ju name of the nationa head nd chief priest and chairman black axe 6 05/07/14
Buge 0 05/06/14
Imesikus shey as I no finish school now I no fit bam egede 1 05/04/14
Plz if there is any vice men{viper} here let me knw or u add me on 2go wit roaamaster,let me give una website,lolz 3 05/02/14
Hello brothers can anybody tell me why korofo killed his gf? 2 05/02/14
Whobe brutus brutus ghali 5 05/01/14
Ot 5 05/01/14
Hw augustineto take run tinz? 0 05/01/14
Hw can i identify my self 15 04/26/14
How can i identify my self as chief bucher 4 04/26/14
When was the year nbm was crated.in which year. 2 04/23/14
Were did nbm start ? 6 04/21/14
Jews wen dey dis rum go dey observe 0 04/17/14
How can I become n b m member I need your assist 10 04/15/14
...Me b new g fr diz axe k.r.f nd me wan dey flow o.t, me no wan be fake axe man wey no get mental..... hw we go tey arange am now, na way 4ward? 4 04/14/14
Dodos!obs,wetin be IFI 2 HT c.p ju name? 3 04/13/14
Why do Men who are supposed to be Freedom-fighters Oppress innocent people and deny them of their Freedom? 1 04/12/14
Why do Men who are supposed to be Freedom-fighters Oppress innocent people and deny them of their Freedom? 0 04/12/14
Aye oreintation 14 04/12/14
Where is lord partick slowmuba from 2 04/09/14
Did the black skull blong 2 axe men 12 04/08/14
What are d aye axemen ot 2 04/08/14
Hw can I be a member of d black axe confrantanity 6 04/06/14
EGEDE 3 04/04/14
Dodorima for all ask men na me eluku busher (laspotech) jue name michael . Will no go die for this movement. 6 04/03/14
Aye axe man na de way 4ward oh 0 04/03/14
Reason my matter 3 04/02/14
Ayeaxe man!!! I believe say all men on this ju site no as e dey go, plzz why some man dey funbu. 3 04/02/14
Pls i need the strong name of all the forma national head 1 04/02/14
Colors 2 04/01/14
D WAY 4WARD PART 3 and 4 1 04/01/14
Who bless the movement and how was it found 3 04/01/14
Claer road o dodorima to all glorious axe men 3 03/31/14
Aye men! I belive we dy game mak we no dy cast O.t 4 here cus ju dy enter here any how...bt aye no go run 4 ju...i dy echo I YOU BE JU FEDA!....stil j... 6 03/31/14
Aye how can I get O.t I be new jolley 8 03/30/14
MAy we never fall 1 03/30/14
Aye axe men i belive una bam bt hw cn jew dia here e no bam oo....wel i be aye brack obama ju name smartto woliwo forum ad up @michealg147 via 2go 4 m... 1 03/29/14
Jews 0 03/29/14
Aye axe men is nelson mandela a member of the Neo black movement 4 03/28/14
Aye axemen!!! Abeg I need d strong name n d ju name of our national head na aye fela anikulapo kuti d reason 4rm river benue ht 8 03/27/14
Any body whe get question abt diz movement make him add me 4 2go@swagak2 or facebook@simon anthony adore 0 03/27/14
Aye asx men. egede b roda wan know who be present national head. 1 03/26/14
Does the NBMA recongnise BS (black skull)? 4 03/25/14
EGEDE way bam,na mi b d nmba7man for my T.abeg mak una d realize say a cry of one z a cry of all.mak i pas una d hand of wiatin dy sup 4 my T.my head ... 7 03/24/14
Wetin make jew dae dis rum 0 03/24/14
Ya 0 03/24/14
Na who carre jenalt and carro enter d movement, 3 03/22/14
I love the movement 0 03/17/14
Plz broz help me.....i wnt 2 join nbm...m in akr 9 03/15/14
What is the meaning of Itj in Axemen language? 9 03/11/14
African brodas, abeg how i fit join the neo black movement of africa, any online form dey wey i fit fill and submit, stanley frm uniben 2 03/10/14
Any sn like mama makwanda 0 03/10/14
Eged na me ikomense stil d reson una bamboo 0 03/07/14
Aye axemen una 2 legid na ikomense I d gam 0 03/07/14
Bom bom 0 03/04/14
Ayeaxemen 3 03/03/14
D WAY FORWARD PART2 2 03/03/14
How can I relate any other axe men 3 02/24/14
Dodorima to all glorious Axe men, elebe done dey price again oh.. 0 02/21/14
Gloriours men 0 02/21/14
Plzzz ooh I don't like Omila 3 02/20/14
Dodorima to all men who echo aye axe men, I believe say colour jew full for this site but e get as in day be we go make way for them. Add me on 2go En... 2 02/20/14
Who is oliver tambo 2 02/19/14
In which year nbm was found? 5 02/19/14
Aye axe men Watch well!!!! 3 02/18/14
Na ikomense d rison dodos to al glorius axemen un 2 bamboo 1 02/17/14
Clear matas 1 02/12/14
What is another name den use to call chiaman 3 02/11/14
I want to belong to axe men hw can i start 11 02/11/14
Neo black movement of africa 0 02/09/14
Who bless neo black movement of africa a.k.a black axe. 3 02/09/14
Who is patrik obanta? 0 02/08/14
IKOMENSE EGEDE UNA 2 bam onto HIT 0 02/08/14
Name the offices in nbm? 3 02/07/14
IF U NEED ORIENTATION call me... 10 02/05/14
Egede na tom tom 1 02/05/14
Blackism is real 0 02/04/14
Here nobe orientation class 0 02/03/14
BLACK RACE 1 02/03/14
NBM FORM call 08065148548 3 02/03/14
D WAY FORWARD PART1 17 02/01/14
Nbm 2 01/29/14
EGEDE NA TOM TOM 0 01/29/14
I need orrentation 3 01/24/14
Science na him pure pass 0 01/24/14
Lets take NBM to the next level 3 01/23/14
NBM 0 01/19/14
Ayeaskmen??? 0 01/18/14
Broda mai name iz emmanuel i'm 4rm ondo state nd i wnt 2 join NBM abeg broda i need ur help 8 01/17/14
Plz broda mai name iz emmanuel nd i am 4rm ondo state nd i wnt 2 join NBM abeg broda i need ur help 4 01/17/14
I wnt 2 join NBM 1 01/17/14
Ayeaxemen 0 01/15/14
Broda abeg i dy akure nd i won join N.B.M plz ow can i join 8 01/13/14
UHURU STORY 3 01/09/14
BE WISE 1 01/09/14
Dodos 2 all axemen....egede where n.b.m 4 start frm a-z? 4 01/08/14
Clear rd 4 all ayes ooo 2 01/08/14
On G 0 01/06/14
Happy New Year to all Gloriouse axemen 5 01/05/14
I greet all aye Axe men 4 benin zone,d matter no pass say he don reach time way men wey dey game go position all dos ayes wey dey lugards,wey dey LP 4... 7 12/31/13
Aye axe men, na me ju name freesyle quodinator brescia forum. italian zone says dodorima 2 all axe men standing aye axe men 3 12/22/13
Aye axe men 3 12/22/13
Aye axe men 0 12/22/13
Dodo 2 all ayes, abeg which t de 4 akwaibom? 5 12/22/13
Dodo 2 al axemen ayee may solid axemen 2 12/21/13
How is the current president of the N B M of africa? 3 12/20/13
Who was the first head in Movement?...And what are the sn of the first 7hierachy? 5 12/18/13
Dodos to all axemen allover the world.....My fellows watin bi n.b.m intrinity? 2 12/18/13
Clear road aye axe me,my ju name na frank,I be chief cbn 4 12/18/13
Aiye me axe men plx i nid ot 3 12/14/13
How did 7 enter movement 4 12/14/13
Akemo h temple 3 12/14/13
I want 2 join neo black movement of africa ao do I join!am a student of lagos state university (lasu ojo) 5 12/13/13
Why u all creation of JEHOVAH AKA ALLAH worship a mere human being like u called korofo? D bible says in Exodus chapter 20:3 you shall no other gods b... 9 12/12/13
What is the penalty for forgiveness 1 12/11/13
Any colour jew dat enter dis site de gods of ayes will kill him b4 7 days no be beans no be childs play 2 12/07/13
Watin be the nane of nbm orientation book? 7 12/06/13
Aye axemen. Na me be aye Omfrajisfrajani O D J temple. Dudu 4 all ayes worldwide. May KRF bless u all. 7 12/06/13
Who no knw no go knw and who 2 knw go wot 6 12/04/13
Strong name and where dey come from 1 12/01/13
Y ayes no get secret 7 12/01/13
Who bring 4 for d movement 4 12/01/13
Treas ur bamin if u no say u b strong aki man nd u no dey claim 3 12/01/13
Who is the first head in movement,jn and sn 3 11/28/13
Dodos 2 all axemen,who is the present chairman in nbm? 4 11/27/13
Strong name of nbm 1 11/21/13
My Ot to all Bam Ake.. 3 11/21/13
Aye axe men make men no de iron pant 4 dis jew site many are called few are chossing on g 0 11/19/13
Only d wise undastand 0 11/18/13
How I fit o t place nw 0 11/18/13
I dy with my 7up always, sm them way bam i want to knw about osei tutu 0 11/17/13
Omilele ayeaxemen na only eyez get this site 0 11/16/13
Sm wey sabi,I wan kw which f dey Closest to apapa coconut,jst cam into town.email me.waiting while sipin my chil 7up,one love 1 11/14/13
I wanna do solid blending.time to dey game 3 11/11/13
Just me 0 11/06/13
Aye stron name 9 11/06/13
Aye axemen, aye axe lord.....................i hear say dem don scrab strong name danfaya. 2 11/06/13
Who is armykakabran 1 11/05/13
Aye axemen wu b jew wey bam jew 0 11/03/13
Mention 7cox of aye itj 5 10/29/13
Aye axe mens, aye why e be say men cast ID de give jews una no say jew biges de enter dis site na we axe men de cast OT our self egede i beg una make ... 8 10/26/13
Aye axe men i de give dodos to all gorly axe men egede who is de first black axe chariman strong name 4 10/26/13
Y MEN THE OMULA? 11 10/24/13
Ayeaxemen??? 5 10/19/13
Na churchest say jusus christ was an axeman? 4 10/18/13
Vietnam Manpower 2 10/11/13
What is the name of the 7 men that form the group? 8 10/10/13
Egede una bam o. Una kwn say ot infinite. I 4 lyk make una thru light 4 diz mata....weti b d diferenc b/w zone n forum?? 3 10/08/13
I wish 2 join NBM bt som men ar fake nd can i join 4rm oda sch cos me lik coded tins 8 10/04/13
Who was d hed,chirman blak axe nd c.p. In zarama hi T in 2010 (uni jos). Aye axeman, aye axe men na me b aye mutamuta baruka ju name moses bam adikpo ... 7 10/03/13
Who is N. B. M President 9 10/02/13
One of the most important of Architectural Animation Sydney 0 10/01/13
Nbm is a charitable and profitable society according to what i learnt in black race there was nothing like and killings then intellectuals were runin... 7 09/30/13
Egede hw k.r.f take enter nbm 6 09/29/13
Me na OBT product i still kians so many tins dey happen in campus so te Kfor dey our side all those bird boys don dey get nbm OT and na wetin dey caus... 16 09/28/13
Egede my broda wey dey control dis site so many jew don dey dis site 2 09/28/13
What s meaning of obonte 9 09/26/13
♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ wan Bam aye but ℓ̊ nid info on H̶̲̥̅̊w̶̲̥̅̊ τ̅☺ run A̶̲̥̅̊♍...abeg make una help. 1 09/26/13
Were b abia zone and ikorodu f 2 09/23/13
Who is d first head of black axe 5 09/23/13
Join Men For Facebook Secret Group 8 09/21/13
12. Vietnam Manpower JSC. - One of The Most Reliable Oversea Employment/Recruitment Agencies in Viet 0 09/20/13
If u nid ot jst try 2 track me 2 09/20/13
What is the anthem of aye 7 09/15/13
How did komo karume play his game? 0 09/12/13
Dodo to all glorious axe men 0 09/11/13
Waiting axe men dey call house 3 09/11/13
Information about first washing machine 0 09/10/13
To all sm 4 your information, never u post any gash in this public forum, if u no get anytin to talk just find book read or find your girlfriend discu... 0 09/09/13
How will i join aye axemen confraternity? 15 09/06/13
Is it possible 4 who is not in school b an axemen aye 13 09/05/13
Wht is the 3 trinitys of Nbm. Aye axemen, Na me jew name utonwa de reason. Na my craya code be bis 07034675423, na my 2go account stil be dis Uto2slow 1 09/04/13
Were did josehfkilando come from 0 09/03/13
What is the different between temple and canter 3 09/03/13
Full number of nbm aiye me axe man 2 09/02/13
In which year did n.b.m started 3 08/31/13
Aye axe men!!! na be aye ibiwatingo KK.H.T,(china bass.) Ayaz e no get as e dey be,we don here say shotting mmadu and killing mmadu dey 4 nija city c... 4 08/27/13
How many men start nbm and their strong name 5 08/27/13
Na OT don leak 2 08/26/13
Dodos to all SM all over the world 3 08/24/13
Aye dey kpai aye? 2 08/23/13
Who be de first head,chief priest and chairman for NBM 10 08/23/13
Aye ibiwatingo (kenneth kawunda high temple) 4 08/23/13
Aye axe men? na me be aye ibiwatingo (kenneth kawunda high temple), aye aze men? dodo to all glorious axe man,ayex i beleive say OT no dey finish,i w... 9 08/23/13
I luv NBM I am at calabar I wnt some1 to carry me along 8 08/23/13
Were did nana shakiri came from 2 08/22/13
How did lord nelson mandela become a member of NBM? 15 08/21/13
OT no dey finish oo 0 08/20/13
Who was the first chairman black axe 4 08/15/13
Who was d head nd chairman black axe of zarama high temple in d year 2010? 2 08/14/13
Information 13 08/13/13
Why is nbm matters discussed here? 0 08/12/13
Plz ΐ jst wan 2 join NBM 08062786318 6 08/10/13
Why ayes like killing intend of make peace in the school and area they are living and like to make start fight 4 08/09/13
Neo black movement of africa 2 08/06/13
Make wise no dey post OT 4dis forum again, na inju plenty 4 here. Make bam egede man enta egedezone. Na rubish b dis site. 2 08/06/13
How do u call money in nbm 10 08/04/13
08035385356 3 08/04/13
Pls,i need the name of the founder of NBM,their bush name,the ones wey still dey alive and how many post oba akezua hold for him time 2 08/01/13
What is Aye? what is Neo? Why Africa? who formed Neo black? 1 07/31/13
Abeg brodas i won join axe men but i know ave d idea about who to me bcos na feck pple just dey town dey fum men but 4 me i join d real men.i dey loya... 4 07/30/13
Please tell me more about lordy nelson mandela? 0 07/30/13
What are the names of does who found nbm and how many are they? 7 07/27/13
D mean of aye axemen 3 07/26/13
Gritin to all wisemen worldwide i believe NBM is d only mvt. dat i choose to belong, which i love wt ma hrt. NBM na d mvt others na yeye. Dodorima to ... 2 07/24/13
I need 2 know about jaja maluda...who is he 2 NBM and why is he so porpuler 1 07/21/13
R.I.P MY RUGGED NO 1 KOOLOOO! 2003..KRJ HT! 6 07/20/13
Ayes una well done ooooo 1 07/19/13
What is the name of does who start nbm 1 07/19/13
FJ says dodorima to all solid amigos 1 07/19/13
K.k. 1 07/15/13
Dodos to all men in dis arena........... make una still clear me where be Kt Ht? 3 07/15/13
Wat is the name of person that bless the neo black movement of africa aka black axe. 3 07/13/13
Dodorima to al glorious axe men, my C.P una tu bambela o!@ a tym no tym o!! He nor get as he dey b pas we al blieve say men O.T nor dey finish, I 4 l... 2 07/13/13
How movement tal enter nbm 0 07/12/13
We need self orinetaion 4 07/12/13
Solid reliable egede way dey adeyemi joint 4 OD!highlight may we yarn.na egede okakriss dey cry! 1 07/11/13
What is meaning of nbm body 3 07/10/13
I reside in ejigbo and would love to be a member of 777... Need someone to link me 7 07/10/13
I greet you all 1 07/09/13
Dodos to all men,our metal no go lost. Zuma ht u bam,I wan follow they cook the jellof for that way,bt I dnt knw that way A̶̲̥̅̊₪D̶̲̥̅̊ men for that w... 6 07/08/13
I greet all men when day this forum. Yes NBM was found in 777 ok, the question is this. What are the names of those that start up this movement? 6 07/07/13
HAPPY 77!!!!!!!. 1 07/07/13
Wud lyk to join d movement,always ad soliderity 4 NBM even wen I was in sch but cudnt cz most of d egede men I knu seemed to av 4goten d meaning of SE... 11 07/07/13
Una bam yakata,this forume to sexy. 0 07/06/13
Dodos 4all egede men way game 3 07/05/13
All aye go die 10 07/05/13
Dodos axe men 0 07/04/13
7/7/77 happy xmas in advance 1 07/04/13
Jo name carternzer i wan no the 8men wa form nbm 1 07/04/13
Dis and other many ways is how we sell out d secrecy of our movemnt. Wetin consine "dodo" and social ntwrk. Pls talk plain. 3 07/03/13
List 7 s.n 3 07/01/13
Aye axe men, abeg na 2ru say black bra na aye N T 5 06/27/13
Aye axe men, jo name vaman, abeg i jst trasfer 2 bauci 4rm my J O B plz eny S M in bauchi or eny body knw hw i fit join or met eny S M plz let me knw.... 0 06/27/13
Aye axe men, jo name vaman, abeg i jst trasfer 2 bauci 4rm my J O B plz eny S M in bauchi or eny body knw hw i fit join or met eny S M plz let me knw.... 0 06/27/13
The strong names in nbm 11 06/27/13
Men hail Men, I beg wetin be the name of HM and ZH 2 06/26/13
Mind d way u talk about black axe 1 06/26/13
Who are the 8 men that formed the NBM 4 06/25/13
Aye Axe men ju name Ambassdor dodorima to all bam aye. 1 06/24/13
One egede man ask me say which year i bam, and i go dey very happy if any men fit clear me how i go take reply cos what i saud to him was that i bam f... 6 06/24/13
Ikenka ht 5 06/23/13
Weten aye kabozubanda do for black axe 1 06/23/13
Dodo 2 all axe mens,me na new bam,way de need o t 7 06/23/13
JOLLY!!! 6 06/20/13
Barudaz!gum me whr T dey face? 10 06/20/13
Wat is nbm 4 06/19/13
Dodorima to all axe men, hw did this movement started? 5 06/18/13
Dodorima to all glorious axe men world wide,i don try to browse my strong Name on d internet but yet to get correct ans. D strong name na coco waziri.... 3 06/17/13
SOWETO DAY!!!!. 0 06/16/13
Nsofang 0 06/15/13
I be elder for Idomi forum. I beg i wan still gum dis O.T. Who fit name the names of those men were form NBM for me 8 06/15/13
Etung forum 0 06/14/13
Etung forum 0 06/14/13
Who fit teach me aye language?abeg i nid am and e dey urgent pls...........na beg i dey beg all d broda hood 7 06/13/13
Griting ma bam bros Egede 4 u all................ 4 06/11/13
Pls nbm ao i want be axemen naa? 9 06/11/13
Dodorima to all glorious axemen my question is I want u to give accordingly the ranks in axemen 2 06/11/13
Aye axe men.hw many type of egede dae nbm? 2 06/11/13
Dodo 2 all amigos.hw aye basi bagada take play he game? 0 06/11/13
I grt all solid amigos.i beg,me want 2 knw hw aye basi bagada take play movement. 0 06/11/13
Aye xmen,na me be aye omotigaba zambezi H.T.i want to know weitin aye omotigaba stand 4,als weitin he do 4 nbm. 4 06/10/13
Abeg watin be the name of those nine men were form NBM? 5 06/08/13
Axe 0 06/07/13
Dodos to all glorious axe men,watin dey sub 4 udu national head never hear d marra ,how dem go dey get ayes down.the scores don too much na only one s... 4 06/07/13
I want to be a member of neo black movement.i am a graduate and currently reside in Abuja.ive read alot about this organization and i must confess,im ... 3 06/06/13
Use ur head 1 06/06/13
Eye....dn dey priz again....@ak city 1 06/06/13
Nbm mata 0 06/03/13
Name 20 temple u knw 10 06/02/13
AYeaxemen dodorima to all glorious Axemen.my question is who was the Aye ap0lo Kifeculayer. 1 06/01/13
I want to be come a member 3 06/01/13
What is ot axe men 3 05/31/13
Ayeaxe men em no get as em dey be pass ooo, pls i wan no which country brutut brutus gali come from and how em take play em own movement 3 05/29/13
Aye Jaja Malunga 2 05/28/13
What's my no. 4 cardinal point Gun? 0 05/27/13
How i go create zonal temple for my zone as a LORD/ 1 05/25/13
What is neo black movement of africa ? 5 05/24/13
Hw many egede dey movement? 1 05/23/13
Aye axe men 0 05/23/13
Aye axe men .i great all glorios axemen.na who day carry 7 go temple 6 05/21/13
Gretings 0 05/20/13
Who b dose 9men patron? 0 05/20/13
Aye axe men ,aye 1 05/20/13
I greet all glorios axemen aye me brother cleair me were aiye down water com 2 05/20/13
Dodorima o una bam o who be de 1st man to play 4 for nbm. 3 05/17/13
About Temples Aye axemen in Lagos State 15 05/15/13
How can i get the current NBM chating websit 3 05/14/13
NBM mata 2 05/14/13
Aye wisemen aye7men 1 05/12/13
Egede mei bros abeg wetn be aya xmen 7 hierarchies 16 05/11/13
Body Image Perceptions 0 05/10/13
Ayax men ! Dodorima to all men way bam egede na me jur name divine strong name ojukuw1400 ayax men 17 05/08/13
Griting ma fellow bam bros 5 05/07/13
Any tight man here add me 4 2go james7070 for yarns. 0 05/06/13
Nbm 1 05/06/13
What is egede intro? 1 05/05/13
Aye anthem 9 05/04/13
I wan kwn hw 2 speak OT 3 05/03/13
Egede una bam 1 05/02/13
Name khiriji head caipe chairman 1 05/01/13
Name khiriji head caipe chairman 1 05/01/13
Khiriji profile 1 05/01/13
Greetins 2 all black axe men.am really enterested 2 b a member so hu wil help me 1 05/01/13
EGEDEZONE.COM 7 04/28/13
A mst read Observation!! 9 04/27/13
Define Aye 1 04/26/13
ALL BAM RUGGED7 1 04/24/13
Na me be aye.jew name osaretin..abeg make all axe me use their sence 4 dis site o..rmb u code oh!0147 8 04/21/13
How can i be a black axe 1 04/21/13
Dodorima to all axe men all over the world 1 04/21/13
How can i be a memebra of black axe 1 04/21/13
ABt Marcus udor 1 04/21/13
What is the name of were axk men meet in this world 3 04/17/13
Aye axemen y men d reezin say wakolu no d nbm but y somemen d get order forum 1 04/17/13
Ayeaxemen na mi bi juw mane s.k dodorima to all glorious axemen.abeg make all men list 10OT 4 mi 1 04/16/13
Who be okorofo 1 04/15/13
Aye axemen wey bam wt OT. Dodorima 2 04/15/13
What is korofo? 2 04/13/13
Any Egede lord to show me way? 1 04/13/13
Dodorima to all the glorious Axemen. Na me jew Seven Bullet when dey yan so. Any brother fit clear me the seven stages when i go pass before i go be s... 10 04/13/13
Dodorima to all the glorious Axemen. I be jew when want be a brother. Any brother for Delta to show me way? 3 04/13/13
My senior brother them, I yan una greeting. Hw i fit take join NBM for Delta State? 2 04/13/13
Egede mi bros at a time, time no dey he get light when i for like make men clear men naibi who are the founding fatherz, and who be the surviver among... 1 04/13/13
Dodorma to all my berudas .abeg can someone help me to recite nbm anthem cos i dey south africa nd amigos there demand that i must recite nbm anthem b... 2 04/12/13
Add me up @fbsamuel or 07058676789 4 sum o.t 1 04/11/13
Black is Beautiful 0 04/11/13
Aye 2 04/11/13
Iam abuja now. Can anybody tel me abuja and how to meet my barudas? 1 04/11/13
Axemen,dodorima 2 all lordys by power of korofo u no go lake,abeg he 1 ot wey never gum my head,make u clear me. 1 04/10/13
Neo black movement of africa 0 04/09/13
I want to yan wit mi bros them 0 04/09/13
Am chukwuebuka studying political science i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̅ Enugu state university of science and technology (ESUT) am ┏̲A̶̲̥̅̊┓̲ final year student....M̅... 2 04/08/13
Egede my fellow, i greet you all. dodorima for una 0 04/08/13
Abi lordy for lagos zone 2002 I don lose contact since I born again. U fit link me with any of my brodas 4rom R.O (adoPoly) between 1997 to 1999 1 04/07/13
Orientation wise 8 04/03/13
Egede to all glorious 7men... pls am aye mogongo frm udi high temple.. i nid an o.t to guide my movement... aye axe men.... 9 04/03/13
How do i join Axemen from kaduna state 14 04/02/13
Glorious Axemen i greet una bt y axeman go dy intiminate follow Aye ?? 2 04/02/13
I want to know names of Tempules 2 04/01/13
Over galant me 1 04/01/13
Nbm movement of solid men 0 04/01/13
Evilmerodach calm down 3 04/01/13
Aye mi barundaz no man go fall b4 im time oooo 1 04/01/13
Any AXEMAN of Ikoro H T 1 04/01/13
AYE AXEMEN ! any solid rugged axemen for germany here? 0 03/31/13
Hapi to meet mai BERUDAs 2 03/29/13
Glories to all ayes 3 03/28/13
Aka m.o.b 0 03/28/13
Aye axemen, i greet una my fallow barudas, make k fo clear road for you and me as sm. Jew name Iwong m.o.b my reasin be say make ayes the keep their... 5 03/28/13
Multiplication branches 2 03/28/13
Where is kiriji ht 28 03/27/13
Dodorima 1 03/26/13
Dodos to my baruda wey bam,na jew name voke dy reason.I one knw wetin aye down-water play for the movement 1 03/26/13
Aye xmen make u na no dey loss guide o.t 4 here enemies dey among...nd all go born bucket 0 03/26/13
Were d 1st temple dey in nigeria and which school 7 03/26/13
Aye axe man...i wnt knw abt Don Domingo di montoya...Aye axe men. 1 03/22/13
Ayes eiye kill una father and mother .. why egede dey break 4 every temple . whey una god dey korofo make thunder fire am. habacryer airlord . see axe... 15 03/22/13
Egede to all glorious axe men world wild, na me b jew omega, i want ask, eh d proper for a strong man to oppress, he fellow aye because of say he no g... 9 03/21/13
Axemen dodorima 4 all glorious axemen una bamoooo. my question be sey as 4 benue wey neva get zone lyk unity. ayes wey graduate 4 dis 'T'as LODs, if ... 2 03/20/13
Unn 0 03/20/13
Dodorima 2 al glorius axemen,na me be jew name victor,my question no pass say i want mke my brundas throw me d light on how C.R.O,take enter movemen... 0 03/18/13
I d first o 4 03/18/13
Which year and which temple kojonana obiri yeboah 2 03/18/13
I want to be axeman 9 03/18/13
AYA AXE MEN 0 03/17/13
Wit my 99 interigency 0 03/17/13
Sm1 tell me about aye valentino d stresser that is my strong name. 2 03/17/13
Clear me 0 03/17/13
Clear me 0 03/17/13
Any orede cal me wit dis number 07062629881 4 03/16/13
Any orede cal me wit dis number 07062629881 0 03/16/13
Aye axe men, na mi b ju name ambassdor dodorima 2 all axe men world wide i beg aye dey kill aye becos cord kill his fellow aye at nkpor zone, abeg te... 6 03/16/13
I greet u all my fellow axe men am june name butter I just want to know hw d name aye nana ferrata came about? 0 03/14/13
All about aye nana ferrata 1 03/14/13
Aye axe men abeg who b d 7 men wey start dis movement 4 03/12/13
Dodorima to all ma axe-men na me be ju name authonomous i yarn hw did charlse kokoma batray dey movement in d days of our fandin fadaz 2 03/12/13
2All Glorious Axe men. 4 03/12/13
Any jew gay deY Here 3 03/06/13
Any axemen here 5 03/04/13
Die it all of u!!!.. na aro scatter scatter dey cap.. all of una na obonte.. ogbu egede dey yarn 68 03/02/13
Egede pls what is d name f d 7 men dat found our NBM 3 03/01/13
Egede na dodoz o! I greet 2 02/28/13
I luv u all ma lords and sm dem, i need epi xo which website can i find it? 1 02/26/13
Present state of NBM 3 02/25/13
What is aye 2 02/20/13
Vulture 4 02/19/13
Aye axemen, aye mi bros, na me be Lord odinga-oginga formal ikenga high temple present ewekoko high temple, juname gmurder a.k.a bad son from a good f... 11 02/18/13
I love ayez a.k.a blackaxe with passion. 1 02/18/13
Idiot 5 02/18/13
Aye AxeMen dodorima 4 all da bam ayes, HIT AYES, GLORIOUS AXEMEN, make da make way 4 all da head, coodinator, nd other exco, NBM my question no bi pas... 3 02/17/13
Wat is the name of the first tempel ln nbm africa 11 02/17/13
Dodorima 4 all ma axemen; please who be macosgade in nbm? 3 02/17/13
Use ya HEAD, and stop dis Rubbish on here 1 02/16/13
What is our anthem please? 5 02/16/13
My fellow barundas i de match my struggle 4 sweden but i no no were i fit locate strong men...me na somalia lord n i like still flex with my barunda a... 3 02/15/13
Oke osisi adala 0 02/14/13
Aye Axe men 3 02/13/13
Who was jersey makoko ? 0 02/12/13
Dodorima ma aye lords 0 02/10/13
M broda mak una dy copot jews dy plenty 4 here una dy cast nbm,any ikht here yab i drop ur numb mak i cry u 3 02/10/13
Who ask who b basi bagada ur ot dnt gum me o 1 02/10/13
Who is basi bagada 5 02/09/13
Barudas so una no,no say ju fit involve 4 here? mak una no dy cast nbm o ntn shake 7 1 02/08/13
I heil o...me brodaz 1 02/08/13
Dodorima to all axe-men, pardon me if i am not allowed to use the word, i am a jew man but i love axe-men always. I wish with all my heart to be full ... 9 02/08/13
Dodorima 2 my national head"aye areonakakafor"clear road"woo dy lace buckle 3 02/07/13
Dodorima 2 all axemen 1 02/07/13
Why enugu road dey like this? 1 02/07/13
In da world of .......is a sin? 2 02/06/13
Aye axe men no be small tinooo bt make we doam like dis if no fit tell seven tins u see 4 temple no yarn so we go no our self or we try kill that pers... 7 02/06/13
Why dis movement come be criminal orgnisation 3 02/06/13
Aye my felo bros nid orentasion 4 02/05/13
Aye axemen my felo bro watin de sob 3 02/05/13
Aye axe men my ? No pass say were aye kofi aruna n were 2get is histy 4rm.i hail all glorious axe men in d house.agemo says dodo 2 02/05/13
C.o.e 4 02/05/13
Aye axe men,aye axe men. Na me b Lord omoinyalinya,adamawa high temple, jew name Sam,anambra Zone,aye axe men. My questions are: 1.I need to know mo... 15 02/05/13
Axe men de grt una 1 02/05/13
WHERE B DIS? 1 02/05/13
Er de beg all men dnt yan ot 1 02/05/13
(AKAIVA SPIRITUAL SQUARD CALABAR)a lot here are our enemies.take note our folow axe men.enemies& jews.we knw hw2 deal wit dem here.d type.their typin ... 1 02/01/13
(AKAIVA SPIRITUAL SQUARD CALABAR)dt day u belong in d forest.remembr ur oath.any Aye shuld dare use OT here again.u wil b d only 1 to die in d motor a... 2 02/01/13
(FRM REUBENITE)NBM worldwide dne warn Men ova OT 4 ds side.una no wnt here.NCP dne reasn&consult ova ds mata here.we dne do our normal mata.any Aye we... 1 02/01/13
Is it rite for benin zone ask nabourhood lords to come but pelsi. whenever de are holding height 0 01/31/13
Aye axe men na jew name rainbow strong name bizi bizingo who b dyna nd who kill dyna 4 01/31/13
Aye axemen 0 01/30/13
Dodorima to all glorious axemen wen dey dis forum,my question no pass say weti b d seven stages wen person dey pass wen e wan bam egede 1 01/30/13
Who b kahadanbi Asalachi 4 nbm 0 01/29/13
Who goes there? We na wise o, so make we dey behave wise o... Notin sake 7' 0 01/29/13
Clear road o, na jew name daniel dey reasn.. Nbm na skul of tought oo. I stil fit fetch for una ocean, make i tey gallant lyk una. Egede hw many colou... 1 01/29/13
What are the name's of those seven men that start this game? 5 01/28/13
Oh ye brothers y!! 0 01/27/13
Aye axemen 1 01/26/13
Wetin eye dey do 4 ikorodu forum. 14 01/25/13
Aye axe men! Na me b aye ebiwalata soweto high Temple aye axe men!and myquestn is hw do I Identify as a lodi? cos ijust gradguated last yr 4 01/24/13
Wu goes there?na me b junam fatai 4rm o.h.t i beg i need nbm anthem.my lm jst lnt me since d year wey i carry cross.any babuz wey he gum make him tra... 0 01/24/13
Aye axemen,,,pls where did aye nanashikire come from? 0 01/23/13
Why is black axe a criminal cult 5 01/22/13
I axemen 0 01/21/13
Make all strong men here no dey yarn again please..so that we go still have our OT. 1 01/20/13
I hail all axe men here..I want ask if here is save for our yans bocos i no belive say every one here na axe man..how do ayes no who dey yan..to hide ... 3 01/20/13
I greet men na jew name nosa dey reason with men 2 01/20/13
Aye axemen!i dey take papa korofo beg all sm 4 dis forum,make we no dey yarn ot at all 4 dis plc coz jew dey enta d forum.(jew name adex)08122898715,o... 11 01/20/13
Aye axeman 1 01/18/13
Aye axemen! 0 01/18/13
Clear bam 0 01/18/13
Where nbm start 1 01/18/13
I hail al sm hear, dodorima i u al. Who can tel me d ful meanin of dodorima? 10 01/18/13
Aye axe men.the mater no pass say my forum for asaba cable forum my formar OCHEMBER and his C.D.wan 4 01/16/13
Corrent clapate 0 01/16/13
Lords registration 1 01/15/13
Aye axe me 1 01/15/13
Dodo to all axe men 0 01/15/13
Aye axe men Aye axe men who be code for this discussion forum? 0 01/15/13
My bam wise all ova is their any tin lyk African Baby Ayez(vipers)? 2 01/15/13
Aye axemen! I grit all bam and legit axemen...abeg who fit clear me as charles kokoma take betray d movement in the days of d founding fadaz 2 01/15/13
Aye axemen! Men hail men o, una too bambela...OT plenti like water and no egede fit shark am finish...abeg who fit clear me how charlse kokoma take be... 2 01/15/13
Why men they bam who dey nor fit coordinate? 1 01/13/13
Dodorima 4 glorious ask men. 1 01/13/13
(FRM REUBENITE)To al d enemies in ds site.we knw each&every1 of u.dnt b astonish.we wil destroy each&every1 of u spiritualy.ur soul wil b torment afta... 2 01/09/13
I D,first 7 01/08/13
If someone bam,d person is not with his LM. How do i regster my self? 5 01/06/13
How many men found viper and what is there name 1 01/02/13
Wetin aye's the call Ominus? 5 01/02/13
Dodorima to all Axe men all over the world 1 01/02/13
Aye strong men,Abeg mek una put mouth 4 BAM lords wey dey use dia I.T.J 4 office.Abeg mek we no dey Koron bagger O.T 4 01/01/13
Aye axe men !! Egede my broda abeg i wan knw askia muhamend do for movement of África $ where e for come axe men! I hail the house. 2 01/01/13
How do i join ayees and is it dat ayees dont have there own language ie when they are speaking, non ayee member will not understand. they mostly spea... 3 12/30/12
Aye axe men dodos τ̅☺ all sm wey dey dis forum make papa. K guild every one of us abeg I nid infor on how strng name kolagbon exit Ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ wia he cum... 4 12/30/12
Dodos all men 0 12/30/12
Aye axemen egede mi brodas i want knw who be national head 11 12/26/12
Egede 2 all axemen worldwide 2 12/24/12
Who be aye adekunle fajui in nbm 2 12/23/12
Glorious axemen 3 12/21/12
Which year neo black movement originated 3 12/20/12
Dodo 2 all nbm 1 12/19/12
Who is Don Domingo de montoya in neo black movement of africa? 1 12/18/12
Which country is aye monokwame motash from 2 12/18/12
Na true say som men d run ominus? 0 12/17/12
Ma jew name na sammykuzzy strong name na oruru frm idg ht,i wnt knw get more ot,no b evrytin ma lm dey put me 2ru,abeg i wnt any agede wey bam yan ba... 7 12/13/12
Aye axe men.....ddrima 2 all glorius axe men world... 1 12/13/12
The fight does not end untill it is ended "Michael" 0 12/12/12
Were is ubanta obete from? 2 12/11/12
What is the correct spelling of the strong name ubanta obete and where is he from i want more info about him, 3 12/10/12
Doos 4 all axe men,egede my lordis i still d wuna side,i back i want no all nbm celebrating days,mouth, date. 0 12/10/12
Egede to all aye x men 1 12/09/12
Dodorima to u all 2 12/09/12
Dodoz 2 all gloriouz axe men,..abeg mak we no d lg o.t o,kolor jewz full here o 1 12/08/12
Dis is aye so so soweto 0 12/08/12
how did yakata mohammed became known in neo black movement of africa? 2 12/07/12
Ayee axe men, dooz to all axe men. Make men no dey lose guid for dis site ooooooo, i take kfo urge all men, men no go fall befor dere time ooooooooooo... 2 12/06/12
Hw can i b a member? 5 12/05/12
Axe na confam,sori no dey una show,i cm in peace! make any lord brain me on hw e b! i wan bam axe 3 12/05/12
am new in d forum,some o.t. will be a way forward. 2 12/05/12
I greet you all my brother in the house,by the power of KRF no men will fall before their time.can someone explain detail about patrice lumumba histry... 1 12/05/12
Who is kobozubaka 0 12/03/12
Where nbm start frm 4 11/29/12
Spiritual Head, Calabar aye High Temple 16 11/29/12
(FRM REUBENITE)AYE AXE MEN.mi brodas i dne talk concernin OT 4 ds puplic site.enemies d login wit ju's.bt,som men stil d talk plenty.any Aye wer d use... 6 11/26/12
Grnts to aLl glorious ayes, I need yan wit som1 abeg. 1 11/26/12
How is jesse macoco 2 11/26/12
We all no say nbm na skull of tout abeg i go lyk mak men wey dey game chipin me ot make i take follow up na my intelecial stage i dey.. 6 11/23/12
I b cmfirm sm i need my folow barhonda 2 11/23/12
Aye wer no get ot na fake axe man 3 11/23/12
Aye me folows scraches o abeg i wnt knw if odubu high temple day game ??? 3 11/23/12
I want to be a member of nbm help out guys 5 11/23/12
Dodorima 0 11/22/12
Mek una clr me 1 11/21/12
Who is d first man 2 nack egede in nbm 19 11/20/12
I want to bee axe man 5 11/20/12
What Qualifies you to be a certified LORD as a black axe member? 4 11/18/12
Please,is an axeman with a University Diploma certificate be classified as a certified LORD? 1 11/18/12
If you fell say you get O.T come KBHT 2 11/18/12
Egede to all glorious axe men worldwide ayes una bam oo abeg i for like make one potential egede ma for the room clear me on the present national H,... 4 11/18/12
Aye axe men..! Aye axe men...1 abeg make una clear me wether sub zone fit rock jolly. 1 11/17/12
Fraternal gritns to all Axe men. ths is my Q: does an Axe head have any jurisdictions.. 1 11/17/12
(FRM REUBENITE)2 d general public.if u hav any questn2ask.ask concernin FREEDOM&OPRESION.also tings in AFRICAN COUNTRY.dnt impersnate or feel dt u cn ... 3 11/13/12
Freedom 2 reason without JEW"s Or Obote's 3 11/11/12
I just wnt to kn why some people fool their self. Even those that are not axe men ask question in dis forum nd also answer question. Look at one foo... 2 11/11/12
Wen 7men z talkin anoda 7men knw plenty obonte da eyya y? 1 11/11/12
Clear road 4 any egede wen won ans dis my quetion I won no hw dem tak start dis movement. 4 11/11/12
The Journey:So Far? 0 11/10/12
Grtins to all glorous axe men world wild. 0 11/10/12
Unification 0 11/10/12
Men in the u.s mostly east coast...... 0 11/09/12
Aye axe men! With due respect, i want make my barunda tell more about aye nana shekiri 6 11/09/12
Colour jew wey nor wan mind him self HERE whey u know say u nor belong to BLACK-AXE u wan come impersinate sm.,una go fall down dis year....na solid m... 6 11/08/12
How can I get our jolly 3 11/03/12
Any neo black i​​n̶̲̥̅̊ USA 0 11/03/12
I beliv say nbm na skul of tot 1 10/31/12
Aye axe men! Na why we dey observe zero hr 3 10/23/12
Aye axe men........ Waitin dis jews de do 4 here we no blame ona say de rite free abi no mata alah makachikoropho make i catch u we go knw.. i greet a... 7 10/23/12
(FRM REUBENITE)NBM cnt b out frm campus.i mean higher institution.NBM was formed bcos of opresion by others confrat in d campus&in d society.if NBM de... 4 10/20/12
Hw oda cnfra lyk pc bin tek comot 4 T n wetin prompt dem 2do am? 0 10/20/12
AM NEW IN UAE 4 10/18/12
How can i become a black axe member? 3 10/17/12
Dodos to all Axe men judes na jew name agada47 na my strong name, I Beg I want to be edge so I need solid bembella wey go bus me more edge ot on line ... 9 10/17/12
(FRM REUBENITE)To d general puplic.if u wnt2b an "AXE MAN" u mus b in school.meet any of d member in ur campus.u wil b interview by a proper AXE MAN.c... 0 10/16/12
Ratata to all aye axe men? Judes na jew name I love nbm so much and I will like to be member to fellow they jolly for the movement, what am I going to... 3 10/15/12
Cllllleeeaaaar ROAd oooh EGEDE papa's Korofo pickin dem una 2 Banbellla Doodo..... 2 10/13/12
Wey cali men now? 0 10/09/12
(FRM REUBENITE) To d general puplic.pls NBM would nt spare u if u seem usin d wrong orientatn2impersnate.4 doin dt u r riskin ur dear life.even i.i wi... 0 10/09/12
(FRM REUBENITE)My folow Axe Men.y u hv b careful wit wht u type in here.i bein de wit julius wer hm dey d login ds forum discusion.i knw se a lot of O... 0 10/09/12
With Due Respect 0 10/09/12
I am him 0 10/08/12
I stay in lekki,avery new to dis sites...I need to meet real Solid Amingo to clear me how to become solid 7 even am out of institution,if that's possi... 6 10/08/12
(FRM REUBENITE) am so much hapy dt am an "AXE MAN" i find out d truth of each&every orientatn of al d confrat in d campus.den i chose "BLACK AXE" bt, ... 5 10/08/12
(FRM REUBENITE)A REGISTERED MEMBER OF D NEO BLACK MOVEMENT OF AFRICA WORLD WIDE.NBM dnt hav Junior.d r on their own.if u wnt2b a member.meet any of d ... 2 10/08/12
(FRM REUBENITE) to dos dat wnt2knw d meanin of Egede&d colour of NBM.even d code.ds is d oportunity. EGEDE means FREEDOM.u al knw d colour. D SECRET C... 2 10/08/12
(FRM REUBENITE)MY FOLLOW AXE MEN.I GREET U ALL.pls wit due respect.i wnt pause OT as i d yarn.ds site is a puplic rum.any1 cn login.d enemies r here.b... 18 10/08/12
I greet u al.d real Axe men 0 10/08/12
Please some one should update me on the USA convention 2012 0 10/06/12
Glorious axemen! 2 10/06/12
Jew name smooth 0 10/05/12
Santhos payama 0 10/05/12
Na jew name godwill dey yan wich site way i go get online egede 1 10/04/12
What an amazing fact about N.B.M 0 10/03/12
Fellow aroba mk u na play me the biography of dan walter kog 1 10/03/12
Aye axemen na jewnane uncle dey scrach wht is key of nbm 1 10/02/12
Who was kojo nana obiri yeboah? 0 10/01/12
I need o.t 5 10/01/12
My fellow axeman. There is dis guy in my area na eiye. Me and am get clash. Nd e say e 1 fly cum meet me, i need sum bullet nd strong men 4 dis mata. ... 4 09/30/12
My felow axemen i need O.T. Dodorima 1 09/29/12
NBM Temples in africa 2 09/27/12
Who can tell me the names of all temples in nbm? 9 09/24/12
Who was jaja opopo 0 09/24/12
Egede bam bam,dis is dekated to all glorious axemen,na jew name 2yc abeg wen axe weir axe weir weir we. 3 09/24/12
Who was jersey makoko 0 09/24/12
When nbm was formed eget one magazine they published,wetn b d name of dat magazine! 1 09/23/12
7 men! 0 09/23/12
What is the name of the temple in Accra ghana 2 09/20/12
Who was d fander of nbm 2 09/18/12
How can aye b play into a temple if he balm from another temple. 7 09/12/12
How can i know an axe outside the state. 2 09/12/12
How can know an axe outside the state. 0 09/12/12
Customdissertationwriters.brandyourself.com , custom dissertation writers 0 09/09/12
Dodo';)2 al my barhonda 0 09/08/12
Aye axemen 0 09/05/12
Dodorima all my freedom fighter brothers . I want to become egde pls help me. 4 08/31/12
I b uniben student dat year,finish 2010.Me lyk bam aye,na d frat me gbadun pass b dat,imagine I use abt 7yrs observe,nw I wan b man nd I wan roll with... 3 08/28/12
Dodorima to all backman i de ebute metta west now and i need to no my brothers 8 08/21/12
Truth 2 08/19/12
Egede na true, y strong men blive in lies. 2 08/15/12
Aye axemen 7 08/15/12
Reinforcement 0 08/14/12
Can a temple aye atend nbm national covention 2 08/14/12
Pls i jus gain admission in unilag and i want move with men 1 08/12/12
Aye 7men! 0 08/11/12
Name d 7 rivers 4 me pls, aye axemen dodo. 25 08/10/12
Which temple is d highest temple? 3 08/10/12
Waiting b s.o.b egede mens? 2 08/10/12
Hu gos there 0 08/10/12
Y sum ayes no d fit fall out hit witout 400? 4 08/09/12
Who b d 2nd office 4 nbm? 1 08/09/12
B7 ambeloko ht 0 08/09/12
Egede who b 0 08/07/12
Eiye wnt pribe 4 my way egede mens? 0 08/07/12
Bargas no get say 4 my way. 0 08/07/12
Aye axemen me na present head of black skull i wnt aye up i wnt bame aye. 5 08/07/12
Aye axemen egede mens waiting d sub? 0 08/07/12
Waiting b s.o.b egede mens 2 08/07/12
Black Skull dey 4 black axe o.t so.dodorima 4 Axe men. 1 08/06/12
U goes there 3 08/05/12
Y e b say sum Aye's d para any hw. 8 08/05/12
4ward afrika,no sleeping on bicycle! abeg any core egede 4 rum wey get strong salay wey fit track me codedly? I witness 2 all strong nbm 3 08/04/12
Any current gingering song of axe men? 2 08/04/12
Aye mi axe men... 3 08/03/12
Wetin b s.o.p 0 08/03/12
Egede mens e no get as e d b over bame d worry mens 4 my way mens feel like h.i.t, egede mens hw e d b na question? 2 08/01/12
Dodorima 2 all blackman i wan bcom an axemen wat wil i do 7 08/01/12
Aye axe men 1 08/01/12
What is d meaning of egede? 4 08/01/12
What is n.b.m leaves egede mens? 0 08/01/12
Dis questn na 2 all glorious axemen. Y we dey use code 4 hear nw? Jews dey around o, abeg na wise we b make we dey rizn. Dodos 3 08/01/12
Aye axemen orientation infinity, egede mens 1 aye feet crest n.b.m office base on say all office are desorve? 0 08/01/12
Aye axemen dodorima 2 all glorious axemen world wide, egede men pls 2 face na axeman i b jaw? 2 08/01/12
Hw many office d n.b.s 4 07/27/12
Hw many rivers d africa 1 07/27/12
Dodorima too all blackaxe movement i dey grt oooo plz my fellow egede i need o.t plz 8 07/27/12
Dodorima too all blackaxe movement i dey grt oooo plz my fellow egede i need o.t plz 5 07/27/12
9th China Guangzhou International Game & Amusement Exhibition 2 07/26/12
How can i 0 07/26/12
Aye muru kwambe mutachi is he a africa man 2 07/26/12
Dodo's 6 07/26/12
I hai all glorious axe men all over the world o. abeg na who dey hold metal (seven) for forum, between co-ord and chairman? una bam o. 5 07/25/12
To those obonte 5 07/23/12
Who be dat aye bam jew jew bam back risin me i belive dis ot no gum 3 07/22/12
My fellow blackaxe abeg i need ot 2 07/19/12
Who wrote ihuru 1 07/19/12
Aye axe men.when is our black night 0 07/18/12
Wat is nbm uhruru,who wrote it 4 07/17/12
How can i relate 0 07/16/12
Send me OT 8 07/13/12
Egede i beg i want downlaod aye epi music 5 07/11/12
My fellow dodo 4 una i need o.t 2 07/10/12
Aye axe men. Dodorema 2 al gloriouse axe men al over d world. Dis is opi forum,b1 ht. 0 07/08/12
I nyd present ot o, coz i bliv say ot dey flow lyk water. My felow members 4 ofuobi ht i dey hail o 2 07/08/12
As we d blacks take dey so mk we put hand 2geda bring up our new born babies, d vipers nd vancats. Y we we dey runaway 4rm dem? 2 07/08/12
I love axe men 2 much to the coil 0 07/07/12
Vipers nd vancats na our born babies so mk we go closer 2 them coz dem b itj 2 us 2 07/07/12
Dodorima 2 al d victorous axe men. Y we no dey co-odinate wit vipers nd vancats 6 07/07/12
Dodorima 2 al d victorous axe men. Y we no dey co-odinate wit vipers nd vancats 0 07/07/12
How can i download this epi music 3 07/07/12
Dodorima 2 al glorious axe men. Jolification activated. Hapy birth day NBM al over d world. 0 07/07/12
Grit all dey ayez wer dey diz rum bt @ a tym sum sm dey fk 4 diz site dey jzt dey pour out ot sum ju der diz rum oh mak una do well oh na jew name pro... 1 07/06/12
Aye AXEMEN, beg i for like make we stop to dey boast sum kind code base on, this site is a public site, please let be wise, dodorema to all glorious A... 0 07/06/12
Any letast up date from benin zone? i.e what is the letast from benin any from benin zone can please email me at okodomij@yahoo.com thanks 0 07/06/12
What is new now? 0 07/06/12
Ethics of being free 0 07/04/12
Greetings 2 07/04/12
Dodorima 2 all aye xmen una bam o,mefollow wetin be nbm magazine 2 07/02/12
I grit all sm 4 dis 4rum,who na dey 4get say any man wen let dis movement down kk go squize life out of dat man,abi?why obote go dey break code here?m... 2 07/01/12
When dis nbm start 1 06/28/12
Gritins 2 al men abeg egedes wetin b d minin of neo 1 06/28/12
Vitry 2 all men wetin b lp 2 06/27/12
Stainz07 dy reason say all strng's 4 dis forum 0 06/26/12
@ a time ehn my men una dey forget say nbm na unwritten code jews dey background na stil get there code una cum stil dey burst code 3 06/24/12
Aye axemen...dodo 2 al glorious axemen world wide,may kf continue 2 guide n protect us...ise...ayemibros,mercyful egede men una bam...abeg i wan knw d... 3 06/24/12
My greeting2al Glorious Axemen al ova d world.d men dt volunteer2fight against opresion.may dos who lost their life in d proces of FREEDOM found peace... 1 06/22/12
Who be dey 1st head of nbm 1 06/20/12
All dis jew's way go dey here dey 0 06/17/12
My wayrin dey 4 ali 7 forum 3 06/17/12
If ur a black skin man and u don't say good about NBM,ur a fool cos u don't know who fights 4 u.zht 0 06/15/12
If ur a black skin man and u don't say good about NBM,ur a fool cos u don't know who fights 4 u.zht 0 06/15/12
Stop using. ayes OT publicly is against the rules..eyes will not mercy u if. they get u,who so ever 4 06/15/12
Those that ask Question are not axmen, ayes knows them self. and our glory sill shine for ever,iZHT 1 06/15/12
Read well 2 06/15/12
Read wall 2 06/15/12
FREEDOM 1 06/14/12
Ayes men, Dodorima to all glorious AXE MEN world wild. 0 06/14/12
Ayeaxmen na be ayenanasheki dodorima two us axmen what i want two no the sorry of ayenanashekiri kfo on g 2 06/14/12
The current President of the Neo Black Movement of Africa? 2 06/13/12
How did Neo Black Movement of Africa aka started 2 06/13/12
All we need is Freedom 1 06/11/12
Ma follow barudas i need new updated ot nw. 2 06/11/12
Aye axe men,na b aye barack obama,wetin b egede. 13 06/05/12
Wetin b egede 2 06/05/12
Aye's r wise men.d r dangerous whn d is a cry of opresion.d spare no 1 whn u r impersonatin.i wil nt spare u,if i got u impersonatin as a NBM MEMBER.R... 0 06/04/12
Abeg my brodas.mk una no se Ju&C J d login.mk we dscus FREEDOM.no use OT abeg.i b proper NBM membr4 calabar.REUBENITE KKF 1 06/04/12
Abeg my brodas.i believ se ju&C J d login here.una tink se ju no fit login or dos oppresors?mk we reason FREEDOM here.boko haram d oppres Africa Desti... 0 06/04/12
Nbm colour na green white green.d code is 528 3 06/04/12
My jew name na odige n i LD n i really wat be a member of dis forum 0 06/03/12
Cmim back home after so long n met many sum aiyes bt dey nt in sch n dey r carry jew 2 jolly til nt in like dem,as a lord dat appreciate ote (u most d... 1 06/03/12
As an axeman i stand against any form of intimidations n oppession 0 06/03/12
Na me be d son of Korofo d son of Ayes,jew name DungaP,strong name Asimini,i want to ask Egede wey bam,d new Ots wey dey on board. 6 06/02/12
Dodorima to all glorious Axe men ..I believe seh orientation nah water , I need egede anthem ,pls here is my email address adetunjiadewale986@yahoo.co... 22 05/27/12
Where is the world head quater of nbm 2 05/24/12
Where is obanta ht 6 05/24/12
Who is bubuyayer in nbm 0 05/24/12
Who is the founder of black movement of africa and where is he from 3 05/23/12
Hw many temples ar in benin zns 0 05/21/12
How many temple form a zone? 3 05/20/12
What is the colour and code of nbm 7 05/18/12
Wat is d code n colour of nbm 4 05/18/12
I want to be a member of aye axe men. By dekanal . 3 05/18/12
Hw cn i become 7mens member? 2 05/18/12
Abeg ds is puplic rum my brodas.u cnt knw who is who.J&J C de login abeg.even me i cnt use NBM orientation here bcos ds is a puplic rum.na Reubenite4c... 1 05/15/12
Who started this movement? 0 05/14/12
E b lik say men dy hid bcos of ot,lik e no get hw e b,i 4 lik mak dem clear my xcos 4 EHT.Eti osa high temple both old nd new. 2 05/13/12
Dos who feel dt u cn got N.B.M OT here&used it aganist N.B.M membr.or impersnate.nor used it2implicate N.B.M.u r in danger.we wont spare u.N.B.M is nt... 12 05/12/12
Na Reubenite.KK F.CALABAR.As far as am concern.ds men no b Aye's.y u d used OT 4here?una no knw se J&C J de login4here?na wa ooo 0 05/12/12
Reubenite 1 05/12/12
Aye axemen,watin s.n. Murukwambemutach do for n.b.m. 0 05/10/12
What is d meaning of jesse macoco 3 05/09/12
Which site areift get 7men music 2 05/09/12
Who be all these men whn just dey muzz here? Una go just dey burst code anyhow i no blame una sha na d person whn carry una join na im i blame.. I beg... 2 05/08/12
Axemen y una jst d cast ot lyk dat? Ju name Daniel ifi ht 3 05/06/12
Reubenite 0 05/05/12
If u no se,u no b Aye.u der here de impersnate.or feel se u fit get NBM orientation2cary go trak Aye.B VERY CAREFUL. 0 05/05/12
I want know how forum dey form? 1 05/05/12
Me solid axe-men how many temple dey nigeria now?dodorimal to all glorious axemen 7 05/05/12
Casuale 13 05/04/12
Ot 4 05/04/12
What is the mean reason or benefit of this movement??? 4 05/04/12
No level una go continue to dey beg for freedom 7 05/04/12
Abeg NBM de 4 romania bcs i de 4 romania naw i won meat sum men 4 romania base on 1 or 2 tings na jew name boyo de yan. 3 04/28/12
Mk una dey on (G) 0 04/28/12
Way4ward 0 04/25/12
Scores of the last war 5 04/25/12
Whats crackin 23 04/24/12
To all glorious ayehx 1 04/24/12
I greet al d real freedom fighters here.bcos i knw se ju plenty here.na it mk i no wnt use OT.na Reubenite frm calabar d yarn.KK F.abeg mi brodas mk w... 4 04/21/12
Wetin d hapen here sef?y Aye's d used NBM OT 4ds place.una no se ju fit d login?papa "K" d para o 1 04/21/12
Una d fck up4ds sid.na here una supos used orientation?julius d login na mi brodas 0 04/21/12
Haw can i be a member of the new black movement? 3 04/21/12
Ayez or lordy them wey any were europe,mak help me na jew carry me entr,pls i wan see ayez o.... Na sweden i dey 0 04/20/12
Ayes men am new in dis game i nid an OT and clear road orient 5 04/20/12
Amigos i grit u...dodorima 2my bros...orna dy terere 2much 4dis syt..jews dey cODE..HE WHO PRICE..MUST PAY...egede 2al kpo 1 2 04/19/12
Axemen na me be aye sirfarja mafraja.,,,,,,,na hw many temple de dis conutry 5 04/18/12
Why are we dulling 0 04/17/12
Oboy watin dy xup 4 d zanguard na..still on n.b.m race..need orientation alart ur boy..obama..strong name martin louta king..4rm ubeclef high temple..... 7 04/16/12
Aye axemen na me be aye latamoburu, kiriji HT dodorima 4 all axemen worldwild,bass on OT wise na where ayelatamoburu come from. 6 04/13/12
Agede 0 04/09/12
Casted intro 0 04/08/12
Aye axe.........men! Na mi b jew name enas4 4rm ekeneme HT, i jst show 4 dz 4rum dzcustion 1 04/06/12
Aye axe.........men! Na mi b jew name enas4 4rm ekeneme HT, i jst show 4 dz 4rum dzcustion 0 04/06/12
I b itj for d hood i just rite jamb dis year so,i don ta for d system ned som clear rd an ot ma email na millraz@ovi.com 4 04/01/12
I know ew abt adez, ut am, ew in d system need sm oti an giaration 0 03/30/12
Wat iz 7oti? 1 03/30/12
Am new in the system,i nid clear road gyration nd ot 2 03/30/12
Ayeaxemen.....na mi be aye patricckslomuba..at a time no time..hooooo.by the greace of KF...no men..,go fall.......hoooo,all aye wen dey press compute... 1 03/30/12
Egede 2 al glorious axmen world wide,i don see say some sm just dey lg 4 dis site,imagin some ayees go dey ask sily ques 4 dis place.any egede wey wan... 4 03/28/12
Aye axxxxemen na me b aye arch bishop desmond tutu......i need orientation pls,segyz22@yahoo.com 6 03/21/12
Dodos 0 03/19/12
Dodrima to all the glorious men in the world! 5 03/18/12
7ooooooooooooooooooobuznez 0 03/17/12
My name is fegor,4rm delta,i love d movement,n i want 2 bam,i knw so many sm,n they jst kip playin me,collect abt 20k 4 form witout carryin m 2 t...i ... 7 03/17/12
HiT 1 03/16/12
Serious axe buznez base on way forward. 1 03/16/12
Way forward buzness 0 03/15/12
To Real Men. 2 03/15/12
Dodos to all glorious axe men.Egede to my H Ad T and my cord cd plate. Na Jew name negro.If u no belong u better comort here. 2 03/15/12
FReeDoM! 6 03/15/12
Axe buzness base on way forward 2 03/14/12
1way forward 0 03/14/12
Aye axemen wetin b d meaning of Aye Obakoso cos dat is my sm name 4 03/14/12
Aye axemens,jew name victor sai dodorima 2 al gloriou axemen world wide 1 03/14/12
Aye axemens,ma folo bro,at a time,i 4 lyk mak una klear m 5 item wey ayes d kari do cc? 8 03/14/12
I want to be an axemen how can it be possible for me cos i don't know any black man 7 03/13/12
Egede u bam oh.na j name kingsley dey yan @mansughter.make we reason 2ru email.any wise way want reason wayfwd.ot,and any oda nbm issue shld reach me ... 10 03/13/12
4 WISEMEN Alone 3 03/13/12
4way forward 0 03/12/12
7way forward 0 03/12/12
Aye axemen aye i won ask wetin be d the meaning of SHAKA DE ZULU bcos dat na my sm and i won no d meaning.???? 4 03/12/12
Aye axe men.i just enter dis forum 2day nd i no jst dey hppy d way ayes dey loose guard ot 4 site.hw una want tak know say evrybody 4 dis site na stro... 11 03/11/12
Neo black movement of africa 2 03/10/12
Way forward 0 03/10/12
STRONGEST T 1 03/10/12
My bam bros dodo 4 all axe men mak una clear me dis doubt na were ewekoko H.T dey 6 03/09/12
Clear road my fellow bro,[seven storng name of d men who start movement]una bam. 0 03/09/12
Who was the first head in nbm 9 03/08/12
Nothing shak 7 pls is yakata mohammde an african which country him from 2 03/08/12
Who was yakata mohammde in neo black movement of africa aka black axe 1 03/08/12
Why do ayes so much belive dat 1 day d black man will be free with an axe. 0 03/08/12
Why do ayes so much belive dat 1 day d black man will be free with an axe. 0 03/08/12
Initiation values 2 03/07/12
During initiation wat will they do 2 u, nd wat question will they ask u 2 03/07/12
aye dan walter biography 0 03/07/12
What is a shape of a tempo? 1 03/06/12
My fello 4 my hood they carry bam jb wen them no even de acader.wetin d hood supose do am 0 03/06/12
Aye axemen me i won ask una....sey nbm get constitution ? 7 03/05/12
Can i join aye axemen becos an axemen wey no get mental no b comfirm one 0 03/03/12
Egede 0 03/03/12
My fello sm abeg i love dis movement i wan belong wetin i go do. Una bam 2 03/03/12
Bros watin dey sub na micheal dey yan i beg make una help me answer dis question, if ur friend and also ur fello sm sleep with ur younger sister of ab... 5 03/02/12
Way forward 0 02/29/12
Way forward 0 02/29/12
SR 71 black bird is this a boeing plane and if you know any facts about him let me know 0 02/25/12
Egede 0 02/25/12
Lets speak like SM 2 02/24/12
Aye axe abeg my brodars help me trace my strong name (aye bubuyeye)waiting him fight for and where him come from make una text am come for me 08160382... 2 02/22/12
Aye axe abeg my brodars help me trace my strong name (aye bubuyeye)waiting him fight for and where him come from make una text am come for me 08160382... 0 02/22/12
Glorious Axe men 0 02/19/12
Una think say na childs play 1 02/17/12
Egede i Hail ooooo 2 02/16/12
Respect 0 02/13/12
Ayee axe.........................men, glory dey 4 nbm o, mak una stil show me luv bas on my t, ayee jafe domulu.dodorima. 0 02/09/12
Ayee axe.........................men, glory dey 4 nbm o, mak una stil show me luv bas on my t, ayee jafe domulu.dodorima. 0 02/09/12
Want 2 knw latest ot 0 02/08/12
All men u na bam o, i don o okpolo c say jus dey dis websid, na my t i wnt knw we e com 4rm o. jafe domulu. E b aye 4rm efi2 ht. Ayee................... 2 02/05/12
Any egede 4 kenya? 0 01/29/12
Any egede 4 kenya? 0 01/29/12
Here is not an orientation class as 4 u that is askin nd answerin questions of NBM u are due 2 b ju! 3 01/28/12
Tony camry 0 01/28/12
very calm nd gentle 0 01/28/12
Egede una bam o,k.fo greet ol nf una.abeg na how many ppl 4rm dis muvment nd na 4 whr dem 4rm nd wetin reali intigate d 4rmin of d muvment.dodos 0 01/27/12
I greet u all men wey say YES 0 01/21/12
I hail all aye dodorima am 4 holy graund temple i belive that 147 na numb and we are the snake* black movement of africa adodo ayeee xmen. 1 01/19/12
I hail all cordinated axemen 0 01/01/12
Egede way no cordinate him self, Tju's/ price a'm who's fault is't,the truth is bitter,............. 0 12/23/11
Oh!my baba korofo wodiwodi second fire u wil b my comfirter egede b my saviour,guid us kfo 8 12/23/11
Aye axemen 0 12/23/11
Aye axe men, na who b d egede were d java all dis jiu wit java OT. 1 12/16/11
Were d movement start 4rm in Africa,if u say 4rm south africa,den knw dey use axe&seven eraki,dey knw bearing Aye or xmen over dere.So were d movement... 0 11/30/11
I gr8 al egede men.clear road 4 al men. I stil bliev say Ot na water u no fit pick al.i wat mak my folow amengo clear me .if men won born T .wat is d ... 7 11/21/11
Pls mk una tel me d first head 4 nbm 8 11/16/11
Can i download The Black Ohuru 0 11/15/11
Nbm 0 11/11/11
Aye axemen 0 11/09/11
I would love to get contact of members from the united state, plz help, email @ toni4urluv86@yahoo.com 0 11/03/11
At a time i so much believe in black axe ooo,at a time egede ot infinity dey game ooo,my bam amigos i won know d first temple in nbm? And to trace my ... 4 11/03/11
At a time i so much believe in black axe ooo,at a time egede ot infinity dey game ooo,my bam amigos i won know d first temple in nbm? And to trace my ... 3 11/03/11
At a time i so much believe say d movement start 4 south africa in soweto ghetto base on 1 side,and at time bra enlightenment dey game ooo,wati b d na... 1 11/02/11
At a time i so much believe say d movement start 4 south africa in soweto ghetto base on 1 side,and at time bra enlightenment dey game ooo,wati b d na... 1 11/02/11
Pliz all axe men.egede 2 al of una.i b smal boi of 17yrs.but i won join una.pliz no b smal mata i dey yan oo.i beg na abeokuta i dey.ma email na hp_dy... 2 10/31/11
Pliz all axe men.egede 2 al of una.i b smal boi of 17yrs.but i won join una.pliz no b smal mata i dey yan oo.i beg na abeokuta i dey.ma email na hp_dy... 0 10/31/11
Aye axe men 1 10/28/11
I b ayee i wan hook up whith my bro dem where them dey ayaaaaaaax men 0 10/26/11
I want to be an ayes am in lagos i realy like it i dey besaid ikorodu high temple dis my email oluwatosinajibawo@yahoo.com 4 10/23/11
Aye axemen 1 10/19/11
Dodo to all men 0 10/19/11
Aye axe men 0 10/15/11
Pls aye x men hw do belng 2,smbdy tel abeg. 2 10/15/11
AYE 4 10/14/11
Wat is d difference btw black bra nd nbm 7 10/14/11
Wat does it takes 2 b real in d game 0 10/14/11
BE WISE 0 10/13/11
Father K. says Egede tu all my amingos world wide.Abeg i take kf name beg all my fellow AY nt 2 L.G OT gv any jew or color jew 4 dis site again.Na jew... 7 10/12/11
Dodorima 2 all glorious axemen world wide.Na jew Kenneth7 4rm odudu high temple.I hail my fellow Ayes all over d world.Three of my brodas na Ayes.I wa... 2 10/12/11
What is the name of the national head in nbm? 1 10/12/11
Ayeaxemen !!! na strong name Idris Aluma de halla from germany. We the German zone Ayes de host our B-Night on the 5 december 2011 so Ayes way de arou... 3 10/10/11
I hail all the Aye x men, egede 4 u. Who dey botton agbada 4 there? Aye x mennnn 0 10/08/11
Aye axeman aye axemen i hail i dey new 4 d game n wan suprise my lm wit my ot level. Make ona put me 2ru.on G 4 09/18/11
The men when them formed d movement,who place 7 for thier head? 0 09/18/11
Abeg waitin be d meaning of EGEDE 5 09/18/11
Egede 2 all glorious axemen wei dai 4 dis discussion forum! I cum i bow y amingo's go d feed jew's n colo jews ot online. Ayes don d holla HT's n stro... 40 09/14/11
Fayinka 0 09/12/11
Dodorima 2 all axe men world wld 2 09/04/11
Dodorima to all men in d temple abeg i won gum o.t 4 08/09/11
Mey bros me LM no dey around due to ikd crisis & i want me ot 2 wise up 1 06/25/11
As a strong man, who was Nelson Mandela and wat colour did he paint in his house? 4 06/20/11
How can i become a member? 0 05/29/11
Where is bubuyeye from 1 04/29/11
Am a female.how can i become one of d member of nbm in dubai .but am not in school 9 04/19/11
Send me black axe orientation 39 04/02/11
Who make me be aye and watin make me say i be aye ..? 4 03/27/11
I LOVE BLACK AXE THAN I LOVE MY SEIF....Aye axemen!!!!! 1 03/27/11
Egede 2 all glorious axe men, abeg my barunda's make una help me trace my strong name Aye bubuyeye. If u get am txt me 4 08032858036. Dodo's 0 03/16/11
Abeg my fellow amingo help with this ot i won know 7 egede river i won know were my ask dey and how to trace my bamming make korofo be with u wei go h... 3 03/13/11
Who make me be aye and watin make me say i be aye ..? 1 01/23/11
Wondering if its possible for a graduate to involve in the struggle...hope its not too late to belong to the strong movement 1 12/07/10
Aye axemen! Abeg make any wise wey dey FJMHT or bamuda HT relate to me via 08063524981 or thru agucasidy@yahoo.com . Dodorima to all axemen world wide... 3 11/24/10
Why are some jews like me can not mind their business 5 11/17/10
Dodorima 2 u all who be d first head,cype and chair in nbm 2 11/15/10
AYE AXEMEN 8 10/28/10
Wate b d meaning of bubuyeye 1 10/27/10
When was neo black movement found 4 09/20/10
I want to know more strong name 4 09/20/10
What is the meany of bubuyeye 3 09/20/10
Aye axe mennn, orimado 2 all glorious wise men over d world 2 08/08/10
I want 2 see some strong name,s and their meanings 71 07/24/10
Egede My brodas...make una nor dey talk private matters for here.....This is not wise 4 07/06/10
Am Austin From Leakilo HT now Akadaing in Okemili HT please any one from Okemili HT call 07039840766 cause i really want to start wabanku here in Okem... 0 07/06/10
Am Austin From Leakilo HT now Akadaing in Okemili HT please any one from Okemili HT call 07039840766 cause i really want to start wabanku here in Okem... 0 07/06/10
Who fit tell me the frist 7 temple 12 06/17/10
Dodo 2 all 7 men in london and in the world 6 06/09/10
Can jew name double 4 of canada zone email me 2ru ciera345@yahoo.com.base on shaggy matter 2 05/12/10
Ayeeee axe mennnn! 2 all axemen world 0 05/05/10
Abeg any axe men from eti-oni get back to me dodorima to all men in kuaya cloths 4 05/03/10
Amaechi, you too much. thanks. 0 04/28/10
I am stii a ju, i was dupe by my friend who promised to take me to where i will barm. he said i will purchased the form for 2000 which i gave to him.... 4 04/26/10
I want to join the axe men.any one who can link me should call me on this number 08038755006. i am real. 9 04/26/10
Who is dan fire please egede brothers enlighten me cus i ve been on this question for a long time now and that strong name still remain a mystery to m... 5 04/26/10
Pls my father is a lord and my brother is a lord also.hw can i b a member frm delta state poly oghara pls reply on time.tanx 5 04/22/10
Is it a problem or out of the nbm guidlines to seek knowing ur brothers? cos i am somessed and confused 1 04/16/10
Wetin dey hapen 4 TASUED? E be like say those T.gs wan dey form kitikiti................. 2 03/30/10
Aye axemen...................... 0 03/30/10
Aye axeman Dodorima 4 u 9 03/14/10
Reasoning 0 03/01/10
Who is tambo mbeki 4 02/09/10
Who was d 1st head,cipe,chair. 9 02/09/10
Who where the seven men that started nbm. 2 02/09/10
Where is pondo ponto from. let me know about pondo ponto 2 02/09/10
Dodorima 3 02/02/10
Orientation 77 01/20/10
Egede wetin dey hapen?i need flow. 4 01/05/10
I want to gain access by chating with any strong so dat we can reason and share ideas as an axeman 4 01/05/10
Do they kill 2 01/04/10
Egede my broders i blive say strong man no supose ask when was nmb founded,abeg make we dey mind d kind coment when we dey post here ohhh,cos krf dey ... 4 12/20/09
Aye axemen where i fit get black huhuru 9 12/18/09
I am student of Anambra state university,uli.Anambra state.I wan t to be an axeman.This is my number-08138370853.Send txt to me & i'll cal 5 12/13/09
Aye axemen! Abeg I wnt any axeman in NAU or udi high temple 2relate wt me @ Agucasidy@yahoo.com. I need ur hlg. Egede remains unbrkable. 2 12/12/09
I'm in unizik& needs sm1 to leg me 2d temple. Just 4rm mi hrt I wnt 2blend aye. I luv dem. I wnt 2join axemen & lift d barn dat says 'OPRESN & INTMDAT... 7 12/12/09
WHAT IS 7CEMENTAL 2 12/02/09
Greetings to all the bam bales of NBM dodorima ooo... 3 11/27/09
Egede waiting they sub...i want to know Somalia HT 2 11/27/09
I was a member of the black skull in makurdi benue state and i no much things about the axe men more than a member do but i am not a member but i wont... 11 11/24/09
Who is sam ka poe poe 1 11/17/09
Egede wetin dey surb. 1 11/06/09
I dont understand 5 10/22/09
Any website where barunda's dey chat? I'm yet to discover one. 6 08/28/09
Junior ayes,yocowa temple 16 08/20/09
Why is it that when someone volunterily accepts to be a member, he must be beaten almost to death before he will be initiated? Some even don't survive... 11 08/07/09
L want to be fully blended in orientation. how can l achieve that. 4 08/04/09
The name neo black movement of africa i love and the aim i love so much but becoming a member is very scarery cause of the news i was told that is inv... 105 07/20/09
I want to knw how i can get the full oritentation of NBM? 23 07/20/09
How can one be a member of NBM? 66 07/20/09
Who was julius bukandi and how was can i get a full orientation about the movement as a member 12 07/09/09