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  Subject Replies Date
Corn mash whishey bottled for six months turns cloudy, water vapor at top of bottle, some almost phoresence blue particles noted at bottle top with th... 0 01/29/17
Does the mash pot need to be full when distilling? I have a new 8 gal pot I'm using and I am testing it out with 3gal of mash that's all I have right... 0 02/07/16
Made a mash Corn /DME / RYE I noticed mold growing on it left it alone for another week and the mold had become a sheet over the whole top of bucke... 0 02/10/15
My yeast got cold!help 1 02/22/14
I made some moonshine using bran flakes but it turned out all cloudy. I was wondering how do you prevent the cloudiness? It was the same when I used c... 0 11/01/13
Hello, I'm fairly new distilling, all has gone well so far. My question. Is my wash has stopped bubbling, but I won't have time to distill until Sunda... 0 09/05/13
Air lock not bublling 0 05/09/13
Why is my wash like syrup? it usually pours out like beer now its very thick. 0 05/05/13
How do I know how big my thump keg should be? 0 03/31/13
Copper plated still 0 03/07/13
New here 0 02/28/13
I have made 2 small batches of moonshine recently both taste like crap and have no kick to them. Here's what I used,2 lbs. cornmeal, 3 lbs. sugar both... 0 02/11/13
My still looks right. Although I am using a hot plate instead of an open flame. My temp is 174 to 180. Nothing comes out of the worm. It's in a bucket... 0 02/03/13
Can you run a mash wash with a pot still for flavor and temper it with runs through a reflux still for proof? 0 11/29/12
Does anyone even look at this group anymore??? 4 03/26/12
Do I have to wait for the mash to stop bubbling b4 I run it? 1 03/22/12
I am a begainer at this I have a working still and have made some apple brandy that taste great and will burn in a spoon. I have tried to make a all c... 1 02/27/12
Tried running my first batch today,kept temp at 174 for over 2 hrs and got nothing,my copper tube was hot at bottom ,near the pot,but never got warm w... 1 12/25/11
I made my mash today and put out in the green house but it will be down to 40 degrees in there tonight will my yeast and mash be ok at that temp 1 12/23/11
Will moonshine lose its proof over a period of time. 0 12/20/11
Help me find this recipe. 10 lbs white sugar, 10 lbs brown sugar, 1 pack xpress yeast 6 1/2 gallons of water.This is all i have. 0 06/18/11
O filter moonshine 0 05/06/11
What do i use as a filter 0 05/06/11
I would like an easy recipe to make watermelon and peachflavored moonshine 1 12/16/10
Is there a water heating element that can be used instead of a flame. 2 10/30/09
does moonshine show up on drug tests? 1 11/09/08