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What was Da Vinci's first painting? 4 5/12/2019
Did Leonardo da Vinci did all those powerful degree`s or he was just given. I don`t think so the people from italy,are misinterpreting history so the ... 1 4/20/2019
Did he believe in God? 23 2/21/2019
Unique being 0 11/9/2018
Who is Leonardo da Vinci? Is he a member of NBM too if yes what kind of impact does it take in the movement patain the freedom 0 7/7/2018
The truth is the way to a paradise on earth. 0 4/6/2018
Who is Leonardo da vinci? 1 5/20/2017
What do think about this website? www.leonardodavinci.artweb.com www.leonardodavinchi.artweb.com www.albrechtdurer.artweb.com 9 2/13/2017
What were the inventions that Da Vinci is credited with forevisioning? 3 9/24/2016
This is hardly an original question but, was he homosexual? 1 2/28/2016
What did he do for a job 2 2/16/2016
What was Leonardo da Vinci philosophy towards life? 5 9/14/2015
What was Da Vinci called the archetype of the renaissance man? 2 7/19/2015
How come he never built the things he dreamed of like the armored tank? 8 4/5/2015
What was Leonardo's creative process> 1 4/1/2015
Wat inspired da vinci to paint monalisa smile? 4 2/6/2015
Did he do good in school becausehe looks like he was a good stundent 5 12/10/2014
Averroes,Avicenna can't be compared to davinci 3 11/21/2014
Did you ever no the he wroght his letters in freach back words. Why did he wright them back words? 3 10/27/2014
Who was Leonardo's wife? Any children? Names. 12 9/3/2014
Leonardo is A Muslim? 4 8/20/2014
Intelligence, Giftedness 4 7/4/2014
Does anyone know who leonardo da vinci Mum was called 1 5/19/2014
Was he ever been insane in his lifetime as a genius ? 5 4/28/2014
Is leonardo da vinci a relative to vince van go 3 4/13/2014
HOW? 0 4/12/2014
Is it possible that Leonardo da Vinci was gay 5 3/29/2014
Leonardo Lock of Hair and Ring 1 2/25/2014
Tel me stuf.......... 5 2/12/2014
I am doing a research paper on art history. I am needing to find two pieces of art and their artists based out of Spain between 1500-1600's. Both pa... 1 2/11/2014
Where was lenonardo da vinci born? 7 2/10/2014
Was he the founder of the elliminati 2 2/8/2014
WAS mONA lISA A SELF PORTRAIT?????? 1 2/3/2014
How old was he when he died 2 1/23/2014
Cause of Leonardo's death? 3 6/20/2013
Did leonardo visit CYPRUS 4 6/11/2013
What was the long term effects of leonardo da vinci 2 3/1/2013
What was the name of his mechanical lion? 1 1/3/2013
Da Vinci and the Shroud of Turin 6 8/7/2012
What is Da Vinci's Vetruvian Man all about? 4 1/2/2011
Is it true that Leonardo Da Vinci's first painting made his master put the brush forever? 6 1/1/2011