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  Subject Replies Date
My name is vivek chandrakant bhogate. cast: hinu vaishyavani gotra : atri muni gion : kankavli dist: sindudurga i dont know my k... 0 04/14/14
I am jaykrishna gandhi my surname is gandhi ,gotra is vashistha and we are originally from tonk (rajasthan)and now settled at Indore.We do not know ab... 0 03/20/14
My name is jitendra kapoor cost panjabi khatri . plese sages my gotra and my kul devta or kuldevi 0 03/10/14
We are bias agarwal ( garg gotra)from khurja ( UP) and our great grand father name was Lala Inderman. We understand our family roots are from Haryana ... 0 02/20/14
My Surname is Naik, Gotra Vishwamitra. We are from Kasargod now settled in Mumbai.We would like to know our Kuldevi and Kuldevata? Your earliest reply... 0 02/11/14
Hello, My name is Rupali Suryavanshi. My DOB is 22 june 1980, time : 3.20 AM, place of birth- mumbai . is it possible to identify my kuldevta fr... 0 01/20/14
My surname is midha please tell the name of my kuldevta 0 01/09/14
Am don bele teli my surname is johari i dont know my gotra and kuldayvat pls tell me 0 01/04/14
Hi! everyone I am Amit Sharma from Jammu, J&K. My forefathers migrated from Mirpur Pakistan in 1947 to Jammu. Since I am not in the know who is my ... 0 12/31/13
I want to know kuldevta of chanana 0 12/23/13
I want to find my in-laws kuldevta details 0 12/11/13
My name is saurabh kapoor want to know about my kuldevi and need her picture too 0 10/23/13
Kuldevi and Kuldevat 0 09/13/13
Kuldevta and kuldevi 0 09/09/13
I want to know my kuldevta and kuldevi my name is gunjalmy village is shivapur in kudal 0 09/09/13
Vashishta Gotra , Khedekar Surname. who is the Kulswamioni and Kuldaivat. 0 08/21/13
My caste is TEli and my surname is Khobaragade. please tell me about my kuldevta and gotra 0 08/15/13
My name is Manoj Pujari & I am From Manglore I want find my kuldevta 0 08/13/13
My Kuldevta name 0 08/13/13
Iam a khatri punjabi my surname is chopra who is my kuldevi and where is my kuldevi temple in idia 1 08/07/13
I am a Pathare Prabhu our Kuldevi is Prabhadevi of Dadar, I have no knowledge of our Kuldevta, can some one guide me 0 07/19/13
Hi.I am kishana from rajasthan my sirname is goyal (gotra- giyan)by cast hindu raj damami & not sure about kuldevta please informe how to know about o... 0 07/16/13
I am ramesh bhilare. My native is lohare talk wai Dist satara, wants to know kuldaivat and kuldevi. 0 05/29/13
My surname is jadhav.my cast is tillori kunbi& devak name is Audumbar.please tell me about my kuldevi 0 05/29/13
My family name is Lamsal. Batshya Gotra. may I know who is my KulDevata and Istha Devata ? Thanks 0 05/21/13
My surname is parab From kankavli.Please tell me about my kuldevta. 1 04/23/13
My Self Samir Dawda by cast we are belonges to Lohana family my Surname is dawda also write a Davada. basicaly from Vilage:Nakhatranan district KUTCH(... 0 04/05/13
My name is swaroop Harishchandra parab, my village is nardave, taluka kankavali, dist. sindhudurgm, maharashtra & i want to know who is our kuldevata,... 0 03/23/13
My name is Ganesh Ramdas Manapure, at post tal. Nagbhir, Distt. Chandrapur (Maharashtra)Surname : MANAPURE (Caste Teli). I would like to know our kuld... 0 03/14/13
Hi, I want to know who is my kul devota. My grandfather came to India from Birat village in Sylhet district of Bangladesh. My surname is roy and go... 1 02/17/13
My native place is near kishangarh,dist. ajmer,rajasthan.iam rajasthani saraswat brahmin.my surname is pathak,we in our family dont know the location ... 0 02/12/13
Heiio, i want know my kuldevi. my grand fathers name was durgaprasad shukla, and grand mothers name kasturi. both was expired on 1.950 to 1953 0 01/15/13
Who is kuldevta of toshniwals 0 12/30/12
I am alpesh vaghela i am from gujarat our kuldevi is bahuchara mataji. our cast is gujarati machhukathiya darji. our surapura at viramgam. i want... 1 12/30/12
I want to know my kuldevi. My name Kiran M. Bhosale from Kankavali. 0 12/23/12
Hi! I am shweta I wantto know who is my kuldevta according to my kudli. Date of birth = 05-09-1984 time= 05:07 pm place= nangal dam(p... 1 12/06/12
My name is shrikant Birth date-20-04-1975 Time-7am Place-Mumbai I want to know my kuldevata's name & place. 0 11/29/12
Hi my name is Rahul Rehal from jalandhar, punjab...please can anyone tell me who is my kuldevi or devta 0 11/03/12
Hellow, i want to know my kuldevi, kuldev and gotra. my name is SANMITRA SHRIKANT CHAVAN. my village at post SATARDA, taluka SAWANTWADI, dist. SIN... 0 10/25/12
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My name is vekari kanti premji am from gujrat baladia bhuj kuch i want to know my kuldevi 0 10/15/12
My name is alkesh kandalkar & what is my kuldevata 0 10/15/12
Who is kuldaivat of surname THAKURDESAI, karhade brahmin ? 0 09/11/12
My name is soni punjabi ,i am born in mumbai , I would like to know about ny Kuladevata, Kuldevi. 0 08/22/12
My name is shrikant Katkar , Guhagar Ratnagir, I would like to know about ny Kuladevata, Kuldev 1 08/14/12
Namaste, My name is Savita Nair. I am Nair born in Mumbai. My native place is Trichur, Kerala. I do not know my gotra. Can anyone please help me wi... 0 06/01/12
My name is Shashibhushan Shukla. Iam Kankubja brahmin. My native place is Unnao (U.P.). My gotra is bhaaradwaj. May any one tell me the name of my kul... 1 02/28/12
Kuldevta 0 02/14/12
Can a boy from shiva kuladevta marry a girl from Venkateshwara kuladevta 0 10/25/11
My name is Sunil Baban Kolatkar.i am Kumbhar.pls tell me our kuldevi & kuldev location also 0 09/05/11
My name is suchitra rushikesh kulkarni.i am bramhin.pls tell me our kuldevi@lokation also 0 04/28/11
My name is Gajanan Rajaram chandewar. my religion is Hindu,My caste is Teli please tell me my kuldevta or kuldevi 0 04/19/11
My name is rashmi kulkarni. we basically 4m karnataka...but nw shifted 2 maharashtra...we knw our kuldevi is ambabai 4m kolhapur but we dnt knw our k... 0 04/06/11
Hello my name is rakesh kumar sood and i want to know the kuldevta and kuldevi of gondal gotra. Please reply me about my question as soon as possibl... 0 03/28/11
I want to know about the Kuldevta of parab family from Sindhudurg district of Maharastra. 0 03/17/11
My name is Nitin Angchekar.I wantto find out a Kuldevta or Kuldevi of family. So i need yoyr help 1 03/11/11
Mednyanesh rajaram battin want to know my kuldevta 0 12/12/10
My sarname is Bhadekar my village ratnagiri please tel me kuldevata and kuldevi 0 11/29/10
I WANT TO KNOW KULDEVTA OF RANE Village - Hindle Dist - Deogad Tal - Sindhudurg Gram Devat - Kalbhairav 0 11/21/10
Kuldevta 0 08/05/10
I am a punjabi, we belong to multan in pakistan. our caste is Bhutani. i don't know our kuldevta. kindly tell our kuldevta. 1 08/05/10
Tell me my kuldevi battin family from ahmednagar my fore father came from chinna maldepeta in andra pradesh any info pls contact 0 07/22/10
I want to know our Kul devata Originally Kandalgaonkar Rane 0 05/19/10
Please let me know who is our Kuldevta. I am a Punjabi (khatri) right now living in Delhi with my Family since around 1980, my surname is Arora. My fo... 0 04/27/10
Please tell me My Kuldevata, Kulsomani. 0 03/01/10
My native Place is sarkalwadi, Taluka koregaon, District- Satara. I am stating in Mumbai. How to find Kulevata, Kulsomani. If you now so pl... 0 03/01/10
I want to know about my kuldevta. My surname is Parab which come from surname Prabhu. My village is Kalsa-Dhamapur but we are migrating from Karnataka... 0 01/05/10
Hi, I am Mrs Sunetra Mainkar. We are Karhade Bramhins. We have so far been worshipping Mahalaxhmi of Kolhapur as our kuldevi. We have recently been... 0 12/27/09
Namaskar, I want to find our Kuldav and Kuldevata and where the Location is? It is Rao Rane Family. From some of the elder person it is known... 0 11/17/09
Hi, I belongs to nothindian kanoj brahmin family can any one tell me who is our kuldevata/ kuldevi? 0 10/10/09
Need to find kuldev and devi 0 04/19/09