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Killing Mr. Griffin

Killing Mr. Griffin

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  Subject Replies Date
How caused the breakup between Mark and Lana? :o 0 02/07/13
Hello Kids!! I did thid last year with Mrs. Davidson!! I actually really liked doing this thing...because I finished the book before alot of people an... 1 10/27/11
Are the characters trapped by their past? 0 10/27/11
HEY!! Are we supposed to stop the project?? I thought that we were supposed to do it till the end of the year... at least, that's what Jakob said 0 05/27/11
Kat! I found it!! It's on 5/10/11 and it starts with (the discussion starts with) okay, so I've finished the book.... Okay?? It's the last entry 0 05/26/11
Are we supposed to stop now? Everyone else in the class is done with their projects, are we supposed to be too?? Any help guys? 0 05/25/11
I would really like to see Susan and David get together. Would she even go for that group now? After they pretended to like her and got her involved i... 0 05/24/11
Why do so many girls dig Mark? He's insane! It's bad enough he has admirers from afar but really, Susan, you LOVE him? He tried to burn your house dow... 1 05/23/11
Mark Diary/Journal Entry 2 05/23/11
I wonder what the other parents thought of their kids being involved in murder? We inly got to see Susan's parents' reaction, which, in my opinion, so... 2 05/23/11
What would have happened if mr. griffin would have gotten loose from the rope and escaped? would they just kidnap him again? 5 05/19/11
Susan's Moral Standing 5 05/19/11
What if their plan had actually gone, well, according to plan? Would Mark have let that happen? Or would he have found some way to make him die? 2 05/19/11
Lets say that mark was cut out of the story completely, how would you think would happen? 6 05/16/11
A new ending 7 05/16/11
I wonder what would have happened if mr griffin was a little less strict than he was. any ideas? 2 05/16/11
What do you think of Mr. Griffin as a person VS. Mr. Griffin as a teacher? 6 05/13/11
If mark sets a cat on fire, then he must have hurt some other animals in similar ways. he would probably move from smaller animals to larger ones. wha... 2 05/13/11
I don't understand what could have been going through Jeff's head to rationalize the torching of a cat. I just don't get it! How could you be friend's... 3 05/12/11
What do you think the others (Susan, David, Betsy, Jeff) would have done if Mark had threatened them if they didn't help him "scare" Mr. Griffin? 6 05/12/11
Does Mark have some kind of mental or emotional illness? I can't help but think so, especially since he has serial killer traits and lit a cat on fire... 11 05/11/11
Why did david give his grandmother the jello with the sleep medicine in it instead of telling her that he was going out and that he was going to be ho... 2 05/10/11
Okay, I finished the book, but I'm still kind of confused...when did David's dad really leave? When he was young...or still not born?? Why did Mark ki... 1 05/10/11
Killing Mr. Griffin Finally 5 05/09/11
Okay, I am pretty far in the book, about chapter 17, and I am sooo confused! Was Mr. Griffin really David's dad? Is Susan really falling for Mark? Whe... 5 05/09/11
The Loose Ends 7 05/06/11
I can't believe that he really died! I mean, I know that the book is called Killing Mr. Griffin, but really?!?! HE has a pregant wife that is about to... 15 05/06/11
I wonder what is wrong with Mark, or what happened in his childhood, that made him start down the path of a serial killer. Any ideas? 11 05/05/11
Susan's stupidity 10 05/05/11
The boy, Mark. 9 05/04/11
Kiling Mr. Griffin 10 05/03/11
By the way the cover and the back "summary" are shown and the colors of the book, I believe that the killing was an accident. Or at least that it was ... 2 05/03/11
Why would you even want to kill someone in the first place? 4 05/03/11
Describe Dave. What are his responsibilities at home? What kind of student is he? What are his hopes for the future? 2 02/09/11
Writing Project #2: By T.J. Jarrell 0 09/02/10
So after this entire experience, do you think Susan still likes David, or lost her liking for him? 3 09/01/10
It's Chapter 12, so why not delve? 1 08/31/10
Chapter 11 is so hot, it's molten! 1 08/31/10
Not that my opinion is final, but here is what I think. Mr. Griffin totally doesn't seem like the guy who would "fool around" without being married a... 2 08/30/10
Chapter 10 is sold to them! 1 08/29/10
If Mark and the other hadn't of gotten caught what would Mark become in the future? Just continue to be a serial killer? or do something more terrible... 10 08/27/10
Do you think if given the chance Mark would have done it differently? I'm for sure the other's would but I'm not sure about Mark.. 16 08/27/10
So, Lana didn't really turn in Mark? I think Mrs. Griffin did most of the investigating, but I'm not for sure. Does anybody else know what exactly hap... 7 08/27/10
Does anyone find it crazy Susan says she's in love with Mark when he's bruning her house down? 19 08/26/10
The end of this book is so frustrating. There were so many things that we should have found out! Like what happened during the trial, if Mr. Griffin w... 7 08/26/10
Would you consider the group of kids a CULT? Led by Mark? betsy seems too follow mark at the end like he was God or something. And, Susan acted like h... 2 08/26/10
I think we should've found out officialy if Mr. Griffin was David's father, agree? 10 08/26/10
I hate how we never found out what happened between Susan & David. And at the trial. I really liked this book besides these two factors. 5 08/25/10
Susan's parents 4 08/25/10
Susan: In the End 3 08/25/10
What kind of punishment do you think Mark should recieve after everything he has done? 5 08/25/10
The Brown Sweater 2 08/25/10
Why do you think Mrs. Ruggles kept the ring even after she knew it wasn't David's fathers? 2 08/25/10
Do you think Mark killed Mrs. Ruggles? 4 08/25/10
Did the ending drive you insane too? 3 08/25/10
I think Mark is the only person that would go as far as to kill an elderly woman just to get a ring back. It's kind of ridiculous, if you ask me. 2 08/25/10
Jeff takes a lot from Mark, much like everyone else does. Mark pushes Jeff around and I mean it really doesn't make sense. Jeff is the star athlete, a... 1 08/24/10
Do you think Lana will tell the cops her former boyfriends name (Mark)? This would give them a lead on who put the body back there considering no one ... 4 08/24/10
Chapter 14 6 08/24/10
Irma Ruggles (David's grandmother) is very smart! I don't know if it's because she's lived so much longer than anyone else or what. Either way, she's ... 3 08/24/10
Chapter 14, So they are going to go get the car, will it be too late? Will someone have already taken it? 4 08/24/10
Chapter 10 1 08/24/10
Chapter 9 is so benign! 6 08/24/10
Chapter 9 2 08/24/10
Chapter 6 1 08/24/10
Did anybody else think that Dolly Luna was an actual teacher instead of a substitute before chapter eleven? 8 08/23/10
The body 1 08/23/10
Chapter 12, Why does Susan not realize Mark made a mistake in telling her that he checked his watch? He had know watch when they captured him and Mrs.... 3 08/23/10
Chapter 8 is is up for debate. 2 08/22/10
Chapter 7 is fresh from the thinker! Get it while you can! 1 08/22/10
Chapter 6 annotations 2 08/22/10
Chapter 5: Coming and going 0 08/22/10
The Ending. *Spoilers!* 0 08/20/10
Has anyone else thought about Mark starting the fire that killed his father? I mean he set the cat on fire. That gives us two things, one, he likes t... 3 08/20/10
Should the kids be Charged with Murder? B/c they didn't really kill him, it had to do with his heart condition, of course you could argue that they di... 7 08/20/10
In the beginning of chapter nine, why does Susan say that her dad could help them? She keeps repeating that same statement, and I don't really know wh... 6 08/19/10
Will Susan start to realize that David is really a jerk? 4 08/19/10
Do you think the group would put the entire blame on Mark for the death of Mr. Griffin? 1 08/19/10
Why does everybody think that Mark will have the answers to everything? In my opinion, the kid is crazy, and I would never trust him. 10 08/19/10
Will the group get away with burying the body? And what are they doing with Mr. Griffin's car??? 6 08/19/10
Chapter 6, So Doesn't Betsy, Jeff, and Davy seem to become more like Mark? David drugs his granny, betsy's mad b/c she didn't see them capture Mr. gri... 3 08/18/10
How do you think Mr. Griffin even died? I mean, what was the cause of his death if he was blindfolded (without a bag over his head) and didn't have an... 5 08/18/10
Chapter Eight. 3 08/18/10
How do you think dealing with Mr. Griffin's body would have been different if Jeff and Mark had found him first ? 5 08/18/10
Do you think Mr. Griffin being tied up and not being able to take his pills could've been a factor in his death? 3 08/18/10
Chapter 4 is up and running!! 1 08/17/10
Chapter 3 is up for discussion!! 1 08/17/10
David is really starting to turn in this story. First he seemed as though he was a very good kid who was hardworking and loved his family. Now he has ... 2 08/17/10
Chapter Five. 6 08/17/10
Why does Susan not think about Mark having beer and a joint? Betsy, jeff, and David are proably used to it, but wouldn't susan find it has a surprise ... 2 08/17/10
At the end of chapter six, the book said that Mr. Griffin had yelled "Run" right before the bag went over his head. Is this implying that he knew that... 1 08/17/10
Mark seemed way too comfortable after kidnapping Mr. Griffin. Do you think maybe he had attempted this with another teacher or some other random perso... 3 08/17/10
Do you think Susan's guilt will get the best of her? 4 08/17/10
Chapter 3: Mark knows how to read people very well. Using what he knows about them, he can interpret ways that will best manipulate them. Dave doesn... 1 08/17/10
Mark 1 08/16/10
The students are really kind of selfish, don't you think? 3 08/16/10
Does anybody else find it sad that Mr. Griffin won't see his baby boy being born or turning into a teacher and then an adult? In my opinion, it's kind... 8 08/16/10
Will Mark or Betsy or Jeff die in the end? 3 08/16/10
After the whole ordeal is over with, do you think the group(Mark, Jeff, Betsy, David, & Susan) will stay together, or seperate back into what it was b... 3 08/16/10
Chapter Four. 7 08/16/10
Chapter 13 0 08/16/10
So far, I have read to chapter 12, and they have buried Mr. Griffin, and put his car in the airport parking lot. How much longer will they get away wi... 1 08/16/10
In chapter 11, do you think Mr. Griffin's wife will believe Sue's lie about the other lady? 1 08/16/10
Chapter 11 1 08/16/10
Because Susan was the last person to see Mr. Griffin, they want to ask her some questions. Will she break? 2 08/16/10
Not gonna tell anyone? 0 08/16/10
In chapter 8, how did Griffin die if they weren't there? Is it there fault? 2 08/16/10
Chapter 7 1 08/16/10
Glad Susan felt bad. 2 08/16/10
When they kidnap Mr. Griffin, they put a bag over his head, does he suffocate? 1 08/16/10
Is Mr. Griffin that bad? 1 08/16/10
Chapter 5: Will Mr. Griffin's wife remember that Susan was who he was meeting with and figure everything out? 3 08/16/10
In chapter 3, they tell David they won't hurt Mr. Griffin, so how do they accidentely kill him? 1 08/16/10
Chapter 3 6 08/16/10
Chapter 2 10 08/16/10
Character--perfect perfect storm 8 08/16/10
Have you'll noticed how much foreshadowing is in the book? Chapter one takled about the dead bird. This scene/image SCREAMS "SOMEONE IS GOING TO DI... 4 08/16/10
Annotation and project discussion... 2 08/14/10
Do you think David is supposed to pretend to like Susan so she will go along with their plan or if the feelings are true ? 7 08/14/10
I already started reading chapter three, and in the middle of it, David's home-life is discussed. It just occurred to me, what exactly was David think... 2 08/13/10
HEY!!! I Don't think it works very well with the chapter-specific discussion forums b/c it's too hard to tell who is responding to whom. Do you know... 2 08/13/10
How can Jeff and Betsy easily follow mark? I would'nt, I mean sure their his friends but kidnap a teacher? 2 08/13/10
I wonder if Mark has more of a vengeance for Mr.Griffin then the other students do. He seems like he knows exactly what to do. And then when he sets t... 4 08/13/10
How do you think Susan gets caught up in the murder? 4 08/13/10
OMG! The Students are bloodthirsty,and its Mr. Griffin's blood they want! Why, why, WHY????!!!! 9 08/13/10
Chapter 2 Questions and Discussion 15 08/13/10
Chapter 1 Questions and Discussion 28 08/13/10
Will David start to like Susan? 4 08/13/10
I wonder what this book is about? i dont really like reading but i dont know how i will like it? 2 08/12/10
Questions/Comments/Suggestions? 8 08/12/10
Writing Activity #2 2 08/12/10
Drama Activity #1 7 08/12/10
Writing Activity #1 2 08/12/10
Leadership 3 08/12/10
Responsibility 0 08/12/10
Revenge 0 08/12/10
Peer Pressure 0 08/12/10
Acceptance 0 08/12/10
Why did David lie about killing Mr Griffin? 2 08/12/10
Why does Susan agree to Mark's lie? Why does Mark want her to lie? 2 08/12/10
Susan 2 08/12/10
Describe mr.griffin's wife 3 03/09/10
Why did Mark and Lana break up? 2 02/17/10
Who wanted to get into a good college? 2 11/18/09
Why does mrs. ruggles think the ring is davids dads 3 10/18/09