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Why is the Elizabethan era considered to be a Golden Age in English history? 2 10/27/2016
How is the Elizabethan era romanticized today? 2 10/25/2016
How did people enterain themselves during the Elizabethan era? 3 6/15/2014
What were some popular Elizabethan festivals and celebrations? 4 6/15/2014
Why was it called the elizabethan era? 0 1/21/2014
Why did torture being in Elizabethan era? 0 11/17/2013
When did torture being 0 11/17/2013
What were there christmas traditions? 0 11/16/2013
What things were happening world wide during the elizabethan era 0 11/3/2013
What were medicine and science like in the elizabethan era? 0 9/12/2013
What were some scientific achievements of the era? 4 5/12/2013
What was the laws like and illegal sysrems 1 4/8/2013