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What killed the dinosaurs? 236 1/20/2019
"Charles Darwin revealed how evolution works, but not what it really means." -from *The Present.* 1 4/6/2018
If i se person said u be me wot ans 0 1/22/2018
The best encyclopedia about dinosaurs ever made! 0 9/20/2017
WHAT RELLUY HAPPENED TO THE DINOSaur and when did they die thats my Question 1 2/19/2016
If dinosaurs still inhabited the earth on this very day, do you think we as mankind would be able to adapt to natures surroundings, or has technolog... 1 1/3/2016
Egg or chicken 1 11/2/2015
Are birds dinosaurs? Are (feathered) dinosaurs birds? 1 5/13/2015
What/who created the dinosaurs and why 2 5/10/2015
Hello, I'm Razor Jaws 0 3/29/2015
Can someone tell me the inches of the Stegoceras(it's a dinosaur). 0 1/8/2015
How do you say Parasaurolophus? And what are they? When did they live? What do they look like? I dont know. My friend keeps on saying "parasaurolophus... 2 12/23/2014
Dinosaur Toy 0 11/1/2014
What theory is most explained? i dont know wut theory 2 belive, also how many theories r there? 4 10/5/2014
I just want to know if wild animals suffer from post war trauma, if so is there any rehabilitation programs for such animals say in Southern Africa, e... 0 9/8/2014
The disapperance of dinosaurs 1 7/6/2014
Do you know what a parasaurolophus is? 1 6/12/2014
Does anyone know anything about the prehistoric cavemen and/or insects? i relly need to do my reasearch 0 6/12/2014
What is the stygimoloch?(like herbirvore,carnivore,ominivore) 1 4/15/2014
Tell me how you say Baryonx, cuz i do! 1 4/14/2014
Im a 10 year old dinosaur loving girl! 0 2/4/2014
Greatest dinosaurs 6 2/2/2014
How did Apatosaurus dinosaur defend it self? 2 1/14/2014
How does Scipionyx dinosaur moves 1 12/8/2013
Can you tell me, about 3 pictures, where Dinosaur used? Anushka 1 11/18/2013
Meteor kills Dinosaurs? 9 10/29/2013
Was it really a meteor shower that killed the dinosaurs? 11 9/18/2013
Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Spinosaurus aegypticus. 11 8/21/2013
Is it possible that the earth slowed down, so only the young could adapt to new conditions. the dinosaurs are still here we see the differanse but h... 2 7/3/2013
Are all the reconstructed bone structures real or are they faked? 3 5/14/2013
Are there any dinosaurs that still exist today? 6 4/11/2013
How was the name dinosaur arrived at? 4 1/3/2011