Bubonic plague
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Is the bubonic plague the same as the Black Death? 2 10/26/2016
What are some good books that can provide more historical details about the bubonic plague? 2 10/26/2016
Prevent bubonic plague infection 1 10/25/2016
A biological weapon 1 10/25/2016
How did Medieval doctors try to cope with the plague in Europe? 2 9/25/2016
Are we at risk for bubonic plague today? 2 9/24/2016
Bubonic plague in Elizabethan era 1 9/23/2016
How did conditions of daily life in medieval Europe contribute to the spread of the disease? 2 9/23/2016
How has the bubonic plague influence European culture? 2 9/22/2015
Bubonic plague in the modern world 1 8/22/2015
The Black Death in contemporary culture 1 8/20/2015
What has made bubonic plague less dangerous to the modern world? 2 8/20/2015
The bubonic plague migration in the time of the Black Death 2 7/18/2014
Pathology of the bubonic plague 1 7/18/2014
How is the bubonic plague spread? 1 7/17/2014
What were some consequences of the Black Death? 2 6/16/2014
The bubonic plague may have come from ancient Egypt 1 6/14/2014
A student told me that people with horses were less likely to be effected by the bubonic plague, that they have a natural immunity to fleas. This does... 0 3/22/2014
Bubonic plague in China 1 5/14/2013
What are the symptoms of the bubonic plague? 2 5/12/2013
Historic testimonies 0 3/6/2012
What are some of the most famous outbreaks of the plague? 2 2/6/2012
History of the bubonic plague 1 2/4/2011
Symptoms of the bubonic plague 1 2/4/2011