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Information about Major General Thomas J. Wood 0 5/1/2019
How was the nullification crisis resolved? 0 3/2/2019
What were the key causes of the American Civil War? 23 2/20/2019
What could Gen Thomas L. Crittenden have done differently at Battle of Chickamauga to make the outcome different? 0 11/4/2018
Gettysburg Address 3 9/20/2018
Was robert e lee insane at gettysburg? 3 9/12/2018
Would the south have lost at gettysburg if not for picketts charge? 1 9/12/2018
150 Year Old Mystery 0 4/25/2016
Is it true that blacks fought on both sides? 1 1/3/2016
This is more a question on Civil War Art. It is a silohette of a soldier on a prancing horse. Not sure if it is Union or Confederate. The artist is F... 0 11/13/2015
Ohio Cavalry Soldiers in the West during the Civil War 0 10/17/2015
Whatis the significance of "forty acres and a mule?" Who first used the term? 0 9/27/2015
Loren Holllis served in the Civil War for both Wisconsin and New York. He used and alias name and I have several questions: 1.) It appeared he was ... 0 7/2/2015
Sons of confederate veterans, yes or no?? 1 6/30/2015
What was the importance of the battle of Oriskany and General Herkimer in the Civil wat? 1 4/30/2015
I have what I believe to be the actual handwritten General Lee's Lost Dispatch "Special Order 191"papers.Although I understand the enormity of this fi... 2 3/25/2015
I have a small cannon that was given to me, please excuse the measurements because i have to view it from through a window. The barrel is about 48 ... 0 1/15/2015
During the reconstruction period, after the Civil War, about 1878 there was a 'local war ' in the Jackson Square area of New Orleans. I would like mo... 0 12/2/2014
I have a Badge/ribbon, The top is a flat Brass bar with a clasp/pin on back Brice's Crossroads on front. it has a red ribbon with confederate blue ... 0 11/30/2014
How did the government humiliate the 54th? 1 8/16/2014
Hi there, Can anyone give me any information on David Taylor (1825-1896) who served with the Signal Corps during the Civil War. Many thanks, John uk 1 7/6/2014
Hi there, can anyone let me know which regiments from New York state fought at the battle of Weldon Rail Road Va in 1864. Many thanks. John from U... 1 7/5/2014
Who was the commander of the union army in the battle of spotslyvania? 1 5/13/2014
I am doing research paper on Great grandfather's inprisonment at Andersonville but I don't have info when he was released. When was Andersonville empt... 1 5/12/2014
How did the beliefs of the Quakers influence the evolution of Pennsylvania in terms of it's economy and social structures? 0 5/11/2014
What were the names of all of the weapons used in the american civil war? 2 4/18/2014
Civil war 2 4/16/2014
During the "War Between the States", the "North" or "Union" was receiving foreign aid due to it's industrialization. There were other countrys involv... 0 4/14/2014
What was combined cassualities of both sides 3 4/7/2014
What was the purpose of design for the civil war kepi? 1 3/7/2014
What does the threat (nullification crisis) lay the groundwork for and how does it explore the idea of sectionalism? 0 3/2/2014
Percival Drayton 2 1/7/2014
Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, figured that the Union's blockades would anger at least two major foreign nations that were buying goo... 3 11/22/2013
I'm writing a historical fiction novel that takes place during the civil war. It is going to be about a blind girl living in the south. There are ma... 5 8/20/2013
Lessons from the American Civil War 2 6/30/2013
What were the silent features of the peace agreement of American civil war? 0 6/30/2013
Who were some of the key military figures of the Civil War? 5 5/14/2013
How was the war fought on the western frontier? 2 3/7/2012
How did warfare change in the aftermath of the Civil War? 2 2/5/2011
What were some of the factors that led to Union victory in the war? 6 2/5/2011
What were some of the most decisive battles of the Civil War? 3 2/5/2011