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Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission

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  Subject Replies Date
Mt 643 oil leaking out of bell housing 0 10/11/17
I have a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 6.6L duramax with Allison transmission. My transmission is given me 5 codes po711 transmission temperature sensor ci... 0 06/04/17
I have a school bus Int with maxforce engine and a 2000 series allison trans.after a repair to the wheel chair lift the raNGE INHIBIT LIGHT COMES ON A... 0 10/14/16
Concerning 2003 Silverado 3500: about 50% of the time I start the engine, the transmission warning goes off and the message reads transmission hot. ... 0 08/21/16
I'm working on a 2006 f-650 with a push button shifter that is completely inoperative any suggestion on how to go about to repair this problem of mi... 0 07/29/16
Gen 4 1000 / 2000 no shift 0 04/09/16
Shift hard from 1st to second gear 0 03/05/16
Kelly Fisher’s Appearance at GBE2016 0 11/30/15
Where is the backup light connection for the Allison 4500? 0 10/04/15
The 10th China Guangzhou International KTV, Disco, Bar Equipment and Supplies Exhibition 0 09/02/15
The 7th Guangzhou International Theater & Cinema Technology Facilities Fair 2016 0 09/02/15
China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair 2016 0 09/02/15
China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair 2016 0 09/02/15
GBE2016-- The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Billiards Exhibition 0 09/02/15
AT 545 trans. Rockwell D140 differential- breaking diffs. 0 08/18/15
Hello, I have an Allison MT 653 Transmission that had recently changed the front seal as well as the copper washers on the bolts to stop a leak but ha... 0 06/28/15
Transmission Service light is coming on 0 06/07/15
I have a 05 International 4300 with allison transmission 5th gear takes a long time to shift...any ideas? thanks 0 08/06/14
I have an 08 f650 with a allison transmission. Check Trans light comes on and it won't do the downshift brake effect. If I turn the truck off then ba... 0 05/31/14
Guys I need your help. I have a 2001 International 4700 series with an Allison trans. I was driving it yesterday and all of the sudden it stopped shif... 0 04/30/14
Have and 2009 GMC 6500 with allison transmission, some times gear selector blinks and transmission is neutralice, i need to shot off and re start to e... 1 12/08/13
95 F800 1 08/28/13
I have 2005 silverado with allison trans. 53,500 miles i pull a 33' fith wheel 10,000 lbs. problem has developed inn the shifting, when in the tow/hau... 0 04/29/13
I have a Peterbuilt 330 with an auto Allison transmission. While driving, the check engine light comes on and the transmission sticks and won't shift... 0 01/31/13
05 f650 cummins and allison.as soon as key is in start position tranny fuse blows in fuse box.Happened after washing truck,maybe no connection. 1 01/21/13
No t code only regen light is on but 2012 peterbilt will not back up any idears 0 11/20/12
Side play tolerances on a 6 speed allison? 0 05/17/12
What are the tolerances for side play on the yoke of my 6 speed allison transmisson. Its in a 2009 gmc duramax? 0 05/17/12
Is there any way to tell when you properly seat the rear yolk seal in an HD4060? A mistake ends up costing $70 for a new seal each time :-( 0 05/03/12
I have a 2003 gmc 2500 hd and it does not want to shift into overdrive all the time. mainly when it warms up please help 0 12/27/11
Cold weather trans shift issue 0 12/13/11
What do the letters ATW on dash stand for the are back lite and wont go off? on a Magna Country coach with a allison transmission thanks 0 11/27/11
I have an Allison MT643 transmission in a 1999 Winnebago Motorhome. On the very rear of this transmission there is a fly wheel about an inch thick ... 0 11/17/11
Doe anyone Know what code 0843 isbe side a malfuntion in a pressure swhich by the way where is it 0 10/19/11
Is it possible for an Allison transmission in a year 2001 2500HD Silverado 8.1 3/4 ton 4x4 with 65,000 miles with synthetic fluid flushes every 25,000... 0 08/23/11
I have a allason HT 740rs it developed aa slight leak so we pulled it thinking front seal or the pump seals and upon trying to inspect wich it was we ... 0 08/16/11
I have a 1970 2 ton GMC truck with 427 motor and an Allison 4 speed automatic transmission , It was rebuilt not to long ago but never driven, reveres ... 0 06/23/11
Is there a ajustment on a 5speed for the E-brake. Mine doesnt hold any more,I have driven some with it on. It is on a 38ft. moterhome,2005 ,on a workh... 0 05/02/11
I have an International 412 Scraper, Love the machine. Lately it pulls a little and then loses clutch pressure. It is full of fluid. What do I do? 0 03/03/11
Looking for source of power to reverse lights for a 3060p in a 2003 peterbilt 340? im only getting 8 volts to rear of vehicle 0 03/02/11
Why can I start my motor and shift my v731 ATEC push button in any drive and still have the do not shift light on. I own a Transit bus 1980 RTS and I ... 0 02/05/11
Anyone know what tranys they put in gmc 6500 dump need trany pan no tag on trany its an atomatic 1 01/05/11
I have recently rebuilt an allison 653 for a feed mixer truck and the customer has bolted on the pto and installed the transmission,he never made a mi... 0 01/03/11
I own a 1988 Boyertown trolley with 8.2 Detroit Diesel engine....my tranny is made by Allison....it seems to slip until the engine is warmed up....wha... 1 12/27/10
Have a 2000 model internatinal 4700 with allison trans. when driving it will act like it is in nuetral and the range inhibited light comes on. but whe... 0 12/20/10
How often should I change the transmission fluid? 0 12/06/10
On a 2005 durmax w/ Allison transmissiom seems to work fine ,untill use tow bottom ,then seems to be slippng ? 0 12/02/10
I lost reverse,and overdrive in my 2001 duramax 0 11/28/10
I have a 2001 2500HD Duramax that is leaking transmission fluid betewwn the transmission and the transfer case any ideas 2 11/27/10
I just bought a 2002 gmc 2500 4x4 and it whines. Is this normal 3 11/23/10
Im haveing problems with my allison trans.when it gets hot after driving and workking all day it acts up.shifts fine when moveing.comming up to a sto... 0 11/23/10
I have a Allison model# 6061-4 Transmission, serial # 54813,part # 6833064, needing any info. on it please. it is on a 6063 detriot engine. what is th... 0 08/02/10
I have an old euclid S7 scraper with an allison 4spd torqmatic transmission, modle CT3340 and it is slipping in 4th gear, also seems like it is slugg... 0 08/02/10
05 2500 hd 8100 gmc w/ allison: left farm after dropping of cattle, truck is having a hard time gettin thru 2- 5, seems to carry more rpm's than I am... 0 06/15/10
How to change t handle shifter indicator 2000 allison transmission 0 04/28/10
I am working on a 1999 Bluebird Wonderlodge Private Coach with an Allison Electric shift transmission. Drove it 300 miles and parked it in the shop... 1 04/19/10
How to change out the back up light switch 0 03/30/10
How do I change out the back up light switch on a 1991 automatic transmission for a GMC top kick truck. 1 03/30/10
How to fix red shift indicator on t handle shifter? 2 03/29/10
Allison CLBT 750 I understand this is an epicyclic system. Can anyone advise how many stages there are, what numbers of teeth on the various ge... 0 02/25/10
I have a 96 gmc with a mt 653 auto and can drive it a few miles normaly and then it will downshift into second gear for a few miniutes and then down t... 0 11/18/09
How much horsepower and torqe can a 08 stock allison transmission handle saftley 0 09/07/09