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I'm researching the best kind of grass to plant on a soccer field in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Anyone have information about that? 0 11/16/2016
Afganistan (taliban) 0 10/11/2015
How many people live in that death zone 1 4/28/2015
Why is Afghanistan name spelled so funny 1 1/11/2015
The US Should Maintain a Long Term Military Presence in Afghanistan. 3 1/8/2015
Have a huge Passion to be a company OWNER? 0 12/28/2014
I ask people why there is a coalition of armed forces in Afghanistan and their reply is that they do not know.(try it) I certainly hope all those youn... 2 12/16/2014
For how long has civilisation been existing in the area of todays Afghanistan? 2 7/18/2014
Hallo all milirary man in afganistan 1 6/25/2014
How determind the east or west of afghanistan 1 6/15/2014
When did present day Afghanistan take shape? 2 6/14/2014
Start 1 5/14/2014
What is the size of the Arghandab District? 0 4/26/2014
Women 1 3/30/2014
The Afghan hostilities seem to have more to do with Pakistan, WUWT? 1 2/27/2014
Futures brokers in KSA 0 2/2/2014
Plan to end the war 2 2/2/2014
I am looking for thed Thermal conductivity of soil in Kandahar. for electrical underground cable. please answer me. 0 1/14/2014
I am a postgraduate student of political science: Is there anyone that can assist me by providing information discussing the connection between Russi... 2 12/20/2013
Name some of the people who achieved world fame through their involvement in arts and science 4 5/13/2013
What was the battle with the Sikhs all about that gave Pakistan its area back? 2 4/11/2013
What are the traditional sports in Afghanistan? 4 1/3/2011