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Was his life story book Mein Kanpf written by himself? 2 8/21/2015
Was he influenced by figures at the time who commanded the name that he eventually did? 2 8/21/2015
Is there something that made him anti Semitic? 4 8/20/2015
Nonsense 1 8/17/2014
Did Adolf Hitler have a abusive past which made his ways as radical? 2 6/15/2014
Orator 0 5/3/2014
Who dead adolf hitlar? are understand hitler was a great person? 3 4/13/2014
Camps of concentration of Jews 0 3/5/2014
Sir, Please, I would like to know how many camps of concentratión of jews and its names were during the period 1939-1945. My best wishes 0 3/5/2014
What are the reasons eastern europe proved to be an easy region for Hitler to conquer in 1939-1941? 2 3/4/2014
Did Hitler ever visit other European countries, either Axis or future enemy during his reign, if so which ones and when...I have never seen hin to hav... 2 2/6/2014
Where did Hitler have his weapon research labs located in WWII? I would assume they would be in Germany but i dont know what city or area. 0 2/3/2014
About hitler and the need for a new hitler 15 1/25/2014
What are the other career options that he opted for before activism? 2 4/10/2013