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Hello, I am new to the creation of coil guns and would love to build one some day but do not know enough about them yet. I have noticed that most peop... 0 1/28/2015

Printed circuit board
Pcb manufacture and assembly 0 1/28/2015

French Foreign Legion
Are there any REAL Legionaires or former Legionaires here? 0 1/27/2015

Will rinehart true duels from a 05 Electra glide 88ci fit on a 07 street glide 96ci 0 1/27/2015

Hydrogen peroxide
I may know some people with sexual problems. Does 35% hydrogen peroxide cure sexuality such as homosexuality and pedophilia? 0 1/27/2015

Hello. My name is Pawel and i have a big problem. I have a code in matlab witch use nchoosek function. for n = 5 for m = (1:n) c =... 0 1/27/2015

Time travel
What do you think of James Kitchum? Real or fake? 0 1/24/2015

Oldsmobile 98
My question is that the oldsmobile 1954 strafire 98 convertible made 6800 that year can anybody tell me how many of those were red and white exterior... 0 1/24/2015

Third-generation Chevrolet Camaro
I have a 1983 camaro berlinetta i removed the top dash panel and in between the windshield and firewall on the passenger side i saw this molded into t... 0 1/24/2015

Neo Black Movement of Africa
Aye axe mehn!!!!egede me fellows i jxt enta ajegule for olodi apapa tolu bstp areal abeg mak men around dat sid locate me sharperly i won dey apapa ax... 4 1/21/2015

The 4th China (Guangzhou) International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2015 2 1/20/2015

Vocational education
I don’t meet the academic entry requirements – will you still consider my application? 1 1/19/2015

How to configure Cisco Catalyst 3650 24 Port Switch 0 1/19/2015

Neo Black Movement of Africa
Aye axemen 0 1/17/2015

U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield
Does anyone remember having to serve your 1st. to or 3 weeks at U-tapao with the Security force? I think it was the 635 the Security police. How can ... 0 1/15/2015

U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield
How far from the perimeter was the Red Horse hooches? 0 1/15/2015

U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield
Augmentee for Security Duty 0 1/15/2015

Alderson Federal Prison Camp
Looking through old family paperwork I found a letter dated May 23, 1938 from the Alderson FPC concerning my great grandmother. Where can I get infor... 0 1/14/2015

Singer/ Songwriter John McAndrew Will Lift Your Spirits With The Upcoming Release of His New Album 0 1/13/2015

I have asbestosis, on oxygen 7 years. 4 nebulizers a day along with 2 more breathing treatments. have had numerous scans and pet scans. crackeling all... 0 1/13/2015

Department of Labor and Employment (Philippines)
Ask ko lang po i'm regular employee i was absent dec29, 2014 , no more available leave , monday to friday pasok nmin , may bayad po ba yung dec 30 , 3... 0 1/12/2015

Burmese (cat)
My 12 year-old Burmese femaale had bald patches at the base of her tail which I think are due to her chewing at herself. She is perfectly well otherwi... 0 1/12/2015


Neo Black Movement of Africa
Wat is d First mother high temp 3 1/10/2015

I have a q-jet that i just rebuilt and the air idle screws have no effect on rpm's. I currently have both screws turned all the way in and the engine ... 0 1/10/2015

H. A. Wheeler
About Alton R Barbour 0 1/9/2015

H. A. Wheeler
About Alton Randolph Barbour. To all! Hes been charged for more Felons. 0 1/9/2015

Unwrap Core 0 1/9/2015

I have an allis chalmers wd45 diesel engine i am putting together from a basket,my question is the #s on the connecting rods are supposed to be away f... 0 1/9/2015

Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation
How long have the Navajos around and how can you tell if you are Navajo? 0 1/8/2015

Sparta 0 1/7/2015

The Beiderbecke Affair
Alan plater's legacy 0 1/6/2015

Smooth Jazz (radio network)
Looking For An Elegant Night Of Live Jazz Music? Come Check Out Cheryl Barnes at H.O.M.E. 0 1/6/2015

Structure as input argument to scifunc_block_m in xcos 0 1/5/2015

Neo Black Movement of Africa
What is egede 3 1/5/2015

Neo Black Movement of Africa
Neo black mufment of africa 0 1/5/2015

HMS Keppel (F85)
Hms keppel was involved in an incident on 15 October 1964 in the Denmark straits the led to damage and return to rosyth for repair. Does anyone have ... 0 1/4/2015

Texan schooner Independence
Wikipedia and other sources state that the Independence carried 7 guns. six 6-pound guns in broadside and one 9-pound gun mounted in a pivot. This all... 0 1/3/2015

8th King's Royal Irish Hussars
8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars Military Band 0 1/2/2015

Valery Chalidze
Cantoresque 0 1/2/2015

Neo Black Movement of Africa
greetings to all strong men...Plx I want 2 bam NBM I live in Benin...I am been oppressed by a lot of pple in my area.I would love u all to help me pl... 4 1/1/2015

Vocational education
Please provide me top universities for MS in Australia? 1 12/30/2014

Neo Black Movement of Africa
AYE AXE MEN.... 3 12/30/2014

World War II
How many Italian aircraft and aircrews were destroyed and lost defending France and the Low Countries in the Battle of Britain and Blitz against Allie... 0 12/29/2014

I have a stihl 210 chainsaw that does not seem to have a spark to the plug. I stopped at my local dealer and was told it would be $90 to fix. I seldom... 0 12/28/2014

Chevrolet Chevette
How do you get a 1985 Chevette to start after JUST tuning it up 0 12/27/2014

Chevrolet Cavalier
Value of 1998 cavalier 0 12/27/2014


Princess Luisa Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este
In Russia the People is slipping. There is no Restavration of Monarhie. And no a Princess for some Romanovskiy,s line. Even no helpers to make matrymo... 0 12/25/2014

Conflict theory
Conflict theory 0 12/24/2014
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