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(1)   The point of intersection of lines or the point opposite the base of a figure
(2)   The highest point (of something)
"At the peak of the pyramid"


, from


  1. The highest point of something.
  2. The highest surface on the skull.
    1. Informally; a corner.
      1. (angle) The common point of the two rays of the angle.
      2. (polygon) The meeting points of two sides.
      3. (polyhedron) The meeting point of three or more faces and an equal number of edges.
      4. (polytope) a point where the corners of three or more cells meet and connect to each other.
      5. (curve) a point on the curve with a local minimum or maximum of curvature.
    2. One of the elements of a graph joined by zero or more edges to other vertices.

  1. A point in 3D space, usually given in terms of its x-, y-, and z-coordinates.
  2. The point where the surface of an optical element (e.g. lens) crosses the optical axis.
  3. (nuclear or particle physics) the interaction point.
  4. where the Prime Vertical meets the ecliptic in the west.


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