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Under the Weather

Under the Weather



(1)   Somewhat ill or prone to illness
"My poor ailing grandmother"
"Feeling a bit indisposed today"
"You look a little peaked"
"Feeling poorly"
"A sickly child"
"Is unwell and can't come to work"


  1. Somewhat ill or gloomy.
    • 1907, Andy Adams, Reed Anthony: Cowman, ch. 9,
      I met a stranger, a quiet little man, who also had been under the weather from malaria.
  2. Somewhat intoxicated or suffering from a hangover.
    • 1907, Louis Joseph Vance, The Brass Bowl, ch. 5,
      I was a bit under the weather last night: out with a party of friends, you know. Dare say we all had a bit more than we could carry.
  3. Experiencing adversity.
    • 1873, Mark Twain, The Gilded Age, ch. 19,
      The Hawkinses are under the weather now, but their Tennessee property is millions when it comes into market.