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(1)   Equal in amount or value
"Like amounts"
"Equivalent amounts"
"The same amount"
"Gave one six blows and the other a like number"
"An equal number"
"The same number"
(2)   Closely similar or comparable in kind or quality or quantity or degree
"Curtains the same color as the walls"
"Two girls of the same age"
"Mother and son have the same blue eyes"
"Animals of the same species"
"The same rules as before"
"Two boxes having the same dimensions"
"The same day next year"
(3)   Same in identity
"The same man I saw yesterday"
"Never wore the same dress twice"
"This road is the same one we were on yesterday"
"On the same side of the street"


(4)   The language of nomadic Lapps in northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula
(5)   A member of an indigenous nomadic people living in northern Scandinavia and herding reindeer


From (fem.), (neut.), and/or from in the phrase swā same (swā) "in like manner, in the same way (as)", both
from , from . Compare Swedish , Danish , Russian , Gothic , a weak adjectival form, Sanskrit ; and Ancient Greek , Old Irish .


  1. Identical.
    Are you the same person who phoned me yesterday?
    I realised I was the same age as my grandfather had been when he joined the air force.
  2. Similar, alike.
    You have the same hair I do!
  3. Used to express the unity of an object or person which has various different descriptions or qualities.
    Round here it can be cloudy and sunny even in the same day.
    We were all going in the same direction.
  4. A reply of confirmation of identity.

Usage notes

  • This word is usually construed with the (except after demonstratives: "this same.." etc.). This can make it difficult to distinguish between the simple adjective and the adjective used absolutely or pronominally.


  1. The identical thing, ditto.
    The same can be said of him.
  2. Something similar, something of the identical type.
    She's having apple pie? I'll have the same.
    You two are just the same.
  3. It or them, without a connotation of similarity. Often legal.
    The question is his credibility or lack of same.
    Light valve suspensions and films containing UV absorbers and light valves containing the same (US Patent 5,467,217)
    Methods of selectively distributing data in a computer network and systems using the same (US Patent 7,191,208)