(1)   A bodily process occurring due to the effect of some foregoing stimulus or agent
"A bad reaction to the medicine"
"His responses have slowed with age"
(2)   A phrase recited or sung by the congregation following a versicle by the priest or minister
(3)   The manner in which something is greeted
"She did not expect the cold reception she received from her superiors"
(4)   A statement (either spoken or written) that is made in reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation
"I waited several days for his answer"
"He wrote replies to several of his critics"
(5)   The speech act of continuing a conversational exchange
"He growled his reply"
(6)   A result
"This situation developed in response to events in Africa"


  1. An answer or reply, or something in the nature of an answer or reply.
  2. The act of responding or replying; reply: as, to speak in response to a question.
  3. An oracular answer.
  4. (liturgics) A verse, sentence, phrase, or word said or sung by the choir or congregation in sequence or reply to the priest or officiant.
  5. (liturgics) A versicle or anthem said or sung during or after a lection; a respond or responsory.
  6. A reply to an objection in formal disputation.
  7. An online advertising performance metric representing one click-through from an online ad to its destination URL


  • 1338: Robert Mannyng, Middle English Chronicle
    What was his respons written, I ne sauh no herd.
  • 1842: Alfred Tennyson, The Two Voices
    Then did my response clearer fall:
    "No compound of this earthly ball
    Is like another, all in all."
  • 1874: James Sully, Sensation and Intuition, p. 17.
    There seems a vast psychological interval between an emotional response to the action of some grateful stimulus and the highly complex intellectual and emotional development implied in a distinct appreciation of objective beauty.

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