(1)   Capable of being treated as fact
"Tangible evidence"
"His brief time as Prime Minister brought few real benefits to the poor"
(2)   Having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary
"The substantial world"
"A mere dream, neither substantial nor practical"
"Most ponderous and substantial things"- Shakespeare
(3)   Being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory
"Real objects"
"Real people; not ghosts"
"A film based on real life"
"A real illness"
"Real humility"
"Life is real! Life is earnest!"- Longfellow
(4)   Being value measured in terms of purchasing power
"Real prices"
"Real income"
"Real wages"
(5)   Coinciding with reality
"Perceptual error...has a surprising resemblance to veridical perception"- F.A.Olafson
(6)   Not to be taken lightly
"Statistics demonstrate that poverty and unemployment are very real problems"
"To the man sleeping regularly in doorways homelessness is real"
(7)   (of property) fixed or immovable
"Real property consists of land and buildings"
(8)   Being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something
"Her actual motive"
"A literal solitude like a desert"- G.K.Chesterton
"A genuine dilemma"


(9)   Used as intensifiers; `real' is sometimes used informally for `really'; `rattling' is informal
"She was very gifted"
"He played very well"
"A really enjoyable evening"
"I'm real sorry about it"
"A rattling good yarn"


(10)   An old small silver Spanish coin
(11)   Any rational or irrational number

Etymology 1

From , from , from , of unknown origin.


  1. A commodity; see reality.
  2. One of the three genders that the common gender can be separated into in the Scandinavian languages.
  3. A real number.


  1. That can be characterized as a confirmation of truth.
  2. That has physical existence.
    No one has ever seen a real unicorn.
  3. Having been adjusted to remove the effects of inflation; contrasted with nominal.
    My dad calculated my family's real consumption per month.
    What is the real GNP of this polity?
  4. Relating to the result of the actions of rational agents; relating to neoclassical economic models as opposed to Keynesian models.
  5. Being either a rational number, or the limit of a convergent infinite sequence of rational numbers: being one of a set of numbers with a one-to-one correspondence to the points on a line.
  6. Relating to immovable tangible property.
    real estate
    real property
  7. That is an exemplary or pungent instance of a class or type.
    This is a real problem.
    Some say he is a real hero.
  8. Genuine, not faked.
    These are real tears!
  9. Genuine, not artificial.
    This is real leather.
  10. Signifying meritorious qualities or actions especially in regards to enjoying life, prowess at sports and success wooing potential partners.
    I'm keeping it real.

true actual authentic, genuine, heartfelt, true authentic, genuine
imaginary, unreal fictitious, imaginary, made-up, pretend (informal) imaginary feigned, sham, staged artificial, counterfeit, fake, sham


  1. Former unit of currency of Spain and Spain's colonies.
  2. A unit of currency used in Brazil, and formerly in Portugal.
  3. A coin worth one real.