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  1. A rectangular area of land, marked for studying its plants, animals, soil, natural processes, etc.

Etymology 2

1683. Probably from or , originally from . So called because the basic quadrat, the em quadrat, has a square face, having the same width as the height of a line of type.


  1. A quad; a blank metal block used to fill space in lines of type.
    • 1683, Joseph Moxon, Mechanick Exercises: Or, the Doctrine of Handy-Works. Applied to the art of Printing., v 2, p 222–23:
      If his Title be ſhort, he Sets it in the middle of the Line, by Setting Quadrats on both ſides: If his Title be long, he Sets the middle Line in the middle: If it make three or more Lines, he Indents the firſt with an m Quadrat, and the other with two m Quadrats.


  1. quadratic, square
quadrat kilometr = square kilometer.