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(1)   A task to be dealt with
"Securing adequate funding is a time-consuming proposition"
(2)   (logic) a statement that affirms or denies something and is either true or false
(3)   The act of making a proposal
"They listened to her proposal"
(4)   An offer for a private bargain (especially a request for sexual favors)
(5)   A proposal offered for acceptance or rejection
"It was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"


(6)   Suggest sex to
"She was propositioned by a stranger at the party"


  1. The act of offering (an idea) for consideration.
  2. An idea or a plan offered.
  3. The terms of a transaction offered.
  4. The content of an assertion that may be taken as being true or false and is considered abstractly without reference to the linguistic sentence that constitutes the assertion.
  5. In some states, a proposed statute or constitutional amendment to be voted on by the electorate.
  6. An assertion so formulated that it can be considered true or false.
  7. As a special case, textbooks often, and papers sometimes, label an assertion which is provably true, but not important enough to be a theorem, a proposition. Normally this is part of a numerical reference system (Proposition 3.2, Lemma 3.3, Theorem 3.4)


proposal, suggestion proposal, suggestion proposal statement


  1. To propose a plan to.
  2. To propose some illicit behaviour to, often sexual in nature