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(1)   A female member of a royal family other than the queen (especially the daughter of a sovereign)


  1. The female monarch, or wife of a ruler, of a principality.
    "Princess Grace was the Princess of Monaco."
  2. The daughter of a king, queen, emperor, empress, prince, or another princess.
  3. A beloved girl considered dainty; used as a term of endearment
  4. A young woman considered vain or selfish; a prima donna
    "You're a real princess." (said disdainfully)

Usage notes

  • Possessive forms: princess's (main form used by academics and book publishers) The princess's golden hair.; princess' (main form used by newspapers) The princess' golden hair.
  • A princess is usually styled “Her Highness”. A princess in a royal family is “Her Royal Highness”; in an imperial family “Her Imperial Highness”.