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(1)   The profession devoted to governing and to political affairs
(2)   The study of government of states and other political units
(3)   The opinion you hold with respect to political questions
(4)   Social relations involving authority or power


From the adjective politic, by analogy with Aristotle’s "τα πολιτικά" ('affairs of state').


  1. The practice of responding to conflict with dialogue.
    This issue should be solved with politics, not weapons.
  2. Set of policies relating to governmental and legal matters
    I don’t like his politics.
  3. Campaigning or arguing for a set of policies, or maneuvering for power
    I want to go into politics.
  4. The study of disputes between rival political factions.
    Favoritism is the only use of politics. Richard L Kempe
  5. Political affairs of life, party politics, local politics.
    He’s thinking of going into politics, e.g., trying to become a Member of Parliament.
  6. Political views or beliefs.
    What are your politics?
  7. rivalry between political parties
    They’re not concerned with welfare: it’s all politics!

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