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(1)   Carry out or perform an action
"John did the painting, the weeding, and he cleaned out the gutters"
"The skater executed a triple pirouette"
"She did a little dance"
(2)   Give a performance (of something)
"Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight"
"We performed a popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera"
(3)   Perform a function
"Who will perform the wedding?"
(4)   Get (something) done
"I did my job"


performen < AF performer, alter. of MF, OF parfo(u)rnir "to accomplish" from par- + f(o)urnir "to accomplish, furnish" of Germanic origin akin to OHG frumjan "to provide", . See frame, from


  1. To do something
    The scientists performed several experiments.
    It took him only twenty minutes to perform the task.
  2. To do something in front of an audience in order to entertain it.
    She will perform in the play
    The magician performed badly - none of his tricks worked.
    The string quartet performed three pieces by Haydn.