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(1)   A small cut
(2)   A V-shaped or U-shaped indentation carved or scratched into a surface
"There were four notches in the handle of his revolver"
(3)   The location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks
"We got through the pass before it started to snow"
(4)   A V-shaped indentation
"Mandibular notch"


(5)   Notch a surface to record something
(6)   Cut or make a notch into
"Notch the rope"


Recorded since 1577, probably a misdivision of an + otch, which noun stems from oche "notch," itself from the verb ochier "to notch", of unknown origin


  1. A V-shaped cut.
  2. Such a cut, used for keeping a record
    The notches in that tribe's warrior axe handles stand for killed enemies.
  3. An indentation.
  4. A mountain pass.
  5. A level or degree.
    This car is a notch better than the other.


  1. To cut a notch in something
  2. To record a score etcetera by making notches on something
    The tribe's hunters notch their kills by notches on each's axe's handle
  3. To join by means of notches
  4. To achieve something
    The team notched up many wins.