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(1)   Belonging to this earth or world; not ideal or heavenly
"Not a fairy palace; yet a mundane wonder of unimagined kind"
"So terrene a being as himself"
(2)   Found in the ordinary course of events
"A placid everyday scene"
"It was a routine day"
"There's nothing quite like a real...train conductor to add color to a quotidian commute"- Anita Diamant
(3)   Concerned with the world or worldly matters
"Mundane affairs"
"He developed an immense terrestrial practicality"


  1. worldly, profane, vulgar as opposed to heavenly
  2. ordinary; not new
  3. tedious; repetitive and boring


  1. A person considered to be "normal", not part of the elite group.
    • 1996, "Angel of Death", furries vs. mundanes (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.fan.furry)
      Some people just think your a sicko or something for enjoying the art. I know that alot of the time, I would rather see some nice nude furrygirls instead of pictures of nude mundanes.

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