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(1)   Produced or growing in extreme abundance
"Their riotous blooming"
(2)   Full of juice
"Lush fruits"
"Succulent roast beef"
"Succulent plants with thick fleshy leaves"
(3)   Characterized by extravagance and profusion
"A lavish buffet"
"A lucullan feast"


(4)   A person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually


  1. dense, teeming with life
    • 2006, Stefani Jackenthal, New York Times
      Some of the world’s best rain forest and volcanic hiking can be found within the lush canopied Caribbean trail systems. Chock-full of waterfalls and hot springs, bright-colored birds and howling monkeys, flora-lined trails cut through thick, fragrant forests and up cloud-covered mountains.
  2. luxuriant, delicious
    That meal was lush! We have to go that restaurant again sometime!
  3. beautiful, sexy
  4. amazing, cool, fantastic, wicked
    Your voice is lush, Lucy! I could listen to it all day!
  5. smooth, above cool, fantastic, wicked
    This is a lush beer, I could drink it all day!