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(1)   Of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
(2)   Being or located on or directed toward the side of the body to the west when facing north
"My left hand"
"Left center field"
"The left bank of a river is bank on your left side when you are facing downstream"


(3)   Toward or on the left; also used figuratively
"He looked right and left"
"The political party has moved left"


(4)   A turn toward the side of the body that is on the north when the person is facing east
"Take a left at the corner"
(5)   The piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's left
"The batter flied out to left"
(6)   The hand that is on the left side of the body
"Jab with your left"
(7)   Those who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare
(8)   Location near or direction toward the left side; i.e. the side to the north when a person or object faces east
"She stood on the left"


From , left, lift, luft; from , left, allied to .


  1. the west side of the body when one is facing north
  2. remaining
  3. pertaining to the political left; liberal


  1. The left side.
  2. The ensemble of left-wing political parties. Political liberals as a group.
    The political left is not holding enough power.
  3. A punch delivered with the left fist.


  1. permitted, allowed to proceed.
    We were not left go to the beach after school except on a weekend.