(1)   The act of subjecting someone to an influencing experience
"She denounced the exposure of children to pornography"
(2)   Abandoning without shelter or protection (as by leaving as infant out in the open)
(3)   Presentation to view in an open or public manner
"The exposure of his anger was shocking"
(4)   The act of exposing film to light
(5)   A picture of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material
(6)   Vulnerability to the elements; to the action of heat or cold or wind or rain
"Exposure to the weather" or "they died from exposure";
(7)   Aspect re light or wind
"The studio had a northern exposure"
(8)   The disclosure of something secret
"They feared exposure of their campaign plans"
(9)   The intensity of light falling on a photographic film or plate
"He used the wrong exposure"
(10)   The state of being vulnerable or exposed
"His vulnerability to litigation"
"His exposure to ridicule"


  1. The condition of being exposed, uncovered, or unprotected.
    Limit your exposure to harsh chemicals.
    Get as much exposure to a new language as you can.
  2. That part which is facing or exposed to something, e.g. the sun, weather, sky, or a view.
    They rented a cabin with a beautiful southern exposure.
  3. Lack of protection from weather or the elements.
    The vagrant died of exposure.
    • 1993, Paul Chadwick, The Ugly Boy, Dark Horse Books
      As all of you know, a great tragedy occurred yesterday. Arthur Harcourt died of exposure sometimes in the morning in the woods off Mount Tom Road.
  4. An instance of taking a photograph.
  5. The piece of film exposed to light.
  6. Details of the time and f-number used.
  7. The amount of sun, wind etc. experienced by a particular site.