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(1)   The act of selecting someone or something; the exercise of deliberate choice
"Her election of medicine as a profession"
(2)   A vote to select the winner of a position or political office
"The results of the election will be announced tonight"
(3)   The predestination of some individuals as objects of divine mercy (especially as conceived by Calvinists)
(4)   The status or fact of being elected
"They celebrated his election"


From eleccioun, from electionem (verb: eligere).


  1. A process of choosing a new leader for a country where all eligible people cast a ballot to choose a leader or decide an issue. The majority rules and the new leader is the one who has the most votes. There are variants, such as the electoral college system of the United States, but the popular vote usually decides the victor.
    The parliamentary elections will be held in March.