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(1)   Street names for marijuana
(2)   Slang terms for inside information
"Is that the straight dope?"
(3)   Carbonated drink flavored with extract from Kola nuts (`dope' is a southernism in the United States)
(4)   An ignorant or foolish person


(5)   Give a narcotic to
"The athletes were dope by the coach before the race"
(6)   Add impurities to (a semiconductor) in order to produce or modify its properties
"The resistors have been doped"
(7)   Take drugs to improve one's athletic performance


  1. Any viscous liquid or paste, such as a lubricant, used in preparing a surface.
  2. An absorbent material used to hold a liquid.
  3. Any varnish used to coat a part, such as an airplane wing or a hot-air balloon in order to waterproof, strengthen, etc.
  4. Any narcotic or similar drug which produces euphoria or satisfies an addiction; particularly heroin, although sometimes amphetamine
  5. Any illicit drug especially marijuana
  6. Information.
    What's the latest dope on the stock market?
  7. A stupid person.


  1. To affect with drugs.
  2. To treat with dope (lubricant, etc.).
  3. To add a dopant such as arsenic to (a pure semiconductor such as silicon).
  4. To use drugs.


  1. Great, amazing or extraordinary.
    That shit is dope!