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(1)   A knowledge domain that you are interested in or are communicating about
"It was a limited domain of discourse"
"Here we enter the region of opinion"
"The realm of the occult"
(2)   People in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest
"The Western world"
(3)   Territory over which rule or control is exercised
"His domain extended into Europe"
"He made it the law of the land"
(4)   The set of values of the independent variable for which a function is defined
(5)   A particular environment or walk of life
"His social sphere is limited"
"It was a closed area of employment"
"He's out of my orbit"


< demeine, demain (rule), demeine, demaine, demeigne, domaine (power), domaine < < . See dame, and confer demain, danger, dungeon.


  1. A geographic area owned or controlled by a single person or organization.
  2. A sphere of influence.
  3. A group of related items, topics, or subjects.
  4. The set of all possible mathematical entities (points) where a given function is defined.
  5. Any DNS domain name, particularly one which has been delegated and has become representative of the delegated domain name and its subdomains
  6. A collection of DNS or DNS-like domain names consisting of a delegated domain name and all its subdomains
  7. A collection of information having to do with a domain, the computers named in the domain, and the network on which the computers named in the domain reside
  8. The collection of computers identified by a domain's domain names
  9. In the three-domain system, the highest rank in the classification of organisms, above kingdom; in other taxonomic systems, a similarly high rank
  10. In the three-domain system, one of three taxa at that rank: Bacteria, Archaea, or Eukaryota.

Usage notes

Used in a context in which domain name services, or domain name like services, are managed in a fashion that is integrated with the management of other computer and network related information. Used in the same context as the collection of information domain sense.