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(1)   Degree of psychological or intellectual profundity
(2)   Extent downward or backward or inward
"The depth of the water"
"Depth of a shelf"
"Depth of a closet"
(3)   The intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas
(4)   (usually plural) the deepest and most remote part
"From the depths of darkest Africa"
"Signals received from the depths of space"
(5)   (usually plural) a low moral state
"He had sunk to the depths of addiction"


  1. The vertical distance below a surface; the amount that something is deep.
    Measure the depth of the water in this part of the bay.
  2. The distance between the front and the back, as the depth of a drawer or closet.
  3. The intensity, complexity, strength, seriousness or importance of an emotion, or situation.
    The depth of her misery was apparent to everyone.
    The depth of the crisis had been exaggerated.
  4. The total palette of available colors.
  5. The property of appearing three-dimensional.
    The depth of field in this picture is amazing.
  6. The lower of the two ranks of a value in an ordered set of values.