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(1)   Of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis
"A crucial moment in his career"
"A crucial election"
"A crucial issue for women"
(2)   Having the power or quality of deciding
"The crucial experiment"
"Cast the deciding vote"
"The determinative (or determinant) battle"
(3)   Of the greatest importance
"The all-important subject of disarmament"
"Crucial information"
"In chess cool nerves are of the essence"
(4)   Having crucial relevance
"Crucial to the case"
"Relevant testimony"


  1. Being essential or decisive for determining the outcome or future of something; extremely important.
    The battle of Tali-Ihantala in 1944 is one of the crucial moments in the history of Finland.
    A secure supply of crude oil is crucial for any modern nation, let alone a superpower.
  2. Cruciform or cruciate; cross-shaped.
  3. Term of approval, particularly when applied to reggae music.
    Delbert Wilkins is the most crucial pirate radio DJ in Brixton.