(1)   A conference (usually with someone important)
"He had a consultation with the judge"
"He requested an audience with the king"
(2)   A gathering of spectators or listeners at a (usually public) performance
"The audience applauded"
"Someone in the audience began to cough"
(3)   The part of the general public interested in a source of information or entertainment
"Every artist needs an audience"
"The broadcast reached an audience of millions"
(4)   An opportunity to state your case and be heard
"They condemned him without a hearing"
"He saw that he had lost his audience"


  1. A group of people seeing a performance.
    We joined the audience just as the lights went down.
  2. The readership of a written publication.
    "Private Eye" has a small but faithful audience.
  3. A following
    The opera singer expanded his audience by singing songs from the shows.
  4. A formal meeting with a state or religious dignitary.
    She managed to get an audience with the Pope.

Usage notes

  • In some dialects, audience is used as a plurale tantum.
    The audience are getting restless.

Related terms

  • audimat
  • audim√®tre
  • auditeur, auditrice
  • audition
  • auditoire