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(1)   Sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climates
(2)   The clay from which adobe bricks are made


From , from , from (tōbe) (“brick”), from .


  1. An unburnt brick dried in the sun
    Many people in Texas and New Mexico live in adobe houses.
  2. A house made of adobe brick

    • Quotations

      • Stone sidewalks, little more than a ledge in width, ran along the base of the mean and monotonous adobe houses. — O’Henry, Cabbages and Kings
      • “Find me a nice, clean adobe wall,” says he, “and send Senor Rompiro up against it.” — O’Henry, Roads of Destiny
      • The Jawas mutter gibberish as they busily line up their battered captives, including Artoo and Threepio, in front of the enormous Sandcrawler, which is parked beside a small homestead consisting of three large holes in the ground surrounded by several tall moisture vaporators and one small adobe block house. — Star Wars script
      • 2003: The Sangre de Cristos came into view and the first soft-cornered adobe houses, and that night we ate at La Fonda with my Aunt Elsie, who worked for the Indian Bureau, and had Hopi snake dances and San Ildefonso pottery-makers and Mabel Dodge Luhan in store for us in the coming weeks. — Roger Angell, in The New Yorker, 26 May 2003